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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman you will watch anjana is angry and says to laxman that you have not seen the power of a mother. Anjana looks angrily at a mountain and its bursts. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

The episode starts with mom anjana and father doing pranam as lord ram and sita walk towards them/ they walk and everyone come behind them. Hanuman does pranam too. Lord ram says mata I am very happy to meet you and hanuman’s parents are our parents. Mat anjana gives them blessings. Mom says I hope hanuman served you well. Lord ram says yes mata, it is because of him that everything was possible, from saving sita to killing ravana and shatanand. Mata then says hanuman I am sad and yu did not show the power of a mothers milk and when you were there why did devi sita and lord ram have to kill shatanand and ravana? Mom says hanuman you are very powerful and have your mothers milk and you did not show the power by killing them yourself. Laxman looks and thinks why is mata anjana so eager to show the power of her milk? Mata anjana looks at laxman and says you do not know the power of mothers milk and I will show you, she looks at a mountain where a river flows, the river cuts through and mountain breaks and it flows towards them in speed. Everyone say if its not stopped we will die and drown. Mom then stops the river. Mom says see this is the power of a mother’s milk. Lord ram says mata, hanuman has done a lot for me and I am very thankful to him and to you to because you gave such birth to such an intelligent and powerful person. He is not just powerful but intelligent to because he did not kill ravana and shatanand as he was tied to my decorum. Laxman says mata I am sorry but I did not mean to insult you, hanuman protected everyone and he is the most powerful being and intelligent too. Mata smiles and has tears of happiness, she says I know son laxman. Hanuman then says mata now give us permission to leave because lord ram’s brother bharat is waiting and if we don’t go in time then.. mom then says but hanuman you did not eat the food made by my hands and I will be sad if you go so soon because you have come just now. Hanuman is about to tell when lord ram stops him and smiles and says hanuman today we all will eat mata anjana’s hands food as its been a longtime no one has eaten any food. Everyone say yes we will eat food. Mata anjana smiles.
In the lawn of the house, everyone is served as father serves banana plates and the food is served. Lord ram then eats it and then hanuman eats it from his mother’s hands. Everyone is happy and is mata anjana too. There bharat says sun is going to be set in a couple of hours so put the logs on fire and if brother ram doesn’t come in time I have to fulfill what I promised.
There everyone finishes the food. They all take permission to depart. Hanuman then takes the blessings of his father and then mother. Mother anjana kisses hanuman on his head and hanuman hugs her. Then everyone depart.
In pushpak vimaan, sita says lord if we don’t reach on time brother bharat will sit in burning fire and the sun will set in some time now. Lord ram says don’t worry sita, hanuman will reach to bharat before we do by his speed faster than the rays of sun. hanuman will give bharat a message that we are coming and convince him to stop. Lord ram stops the pushpak viman and hanuman comes down too. Lord ram then tells hanuman that he has to go fast to bharat and stop him and tell him that they all are coming now. Hanuman says for that I need the dust of your feet lord ram. Everyone smile and hanuman touches the feet of lord ram as he keeps feet on his hand. Hanuman takes dust and lord ram blesses hanuman. Hanuman says jai shree ram and takes off. Lord ram takes off with the pushpak viman.
There the sun sets and bharat walks towards the burning logs kept. Everyone try stopping bharat but he says I have to fulfill my promise as brother ram has not yet come. All the 3 mothers say bharat please stop and ram will come. Shatrugan tries stopping bharat but in vain.
Hanuman then is in sky and says jai shree ram/ there everyone listen this and look in the sky. Bharat looks in the sky too. He then says it is hanuman!! Hanuman lands on ground and says pranam to te mother’s and says pranam to bharat. Hanuman says brother bharat I have a good news and lord ram sent mere to tell you that he is coming anytime now in pushpak vimaan with everyone else and he has told you to stop. Bharat smiles and says but hanuman brother ram did not come and I have to fulfill my promise and step into the fire. Hanuman says brother bharat lord ram has entered ayodhya with everyone and I have brought the dust of lord ram’s feet with me. I know you will give importance to the dust of lord ram’s feet just as you give him and that way even your promise has been completed with lord ram’s promise of coming in time. bharat smiles and says that is right hanuman. Bharat takes the dust and puts it on his head. He tells shatrugan to do the arrangements in ayodhya as brother ram is coming. Hanuman says now lord ram must be taking blessings of rishi bharadwaj and then he will come here, so give me permission and I will go and come back with lord ram and everyone. Bharat says okay. Hanuman does pranam and goes.
There lord ram and everyone take blessings of rishi bharadwaj and rishi says my eyes are eager to see hanuman too and the whole world talks about him. Hanuman lands. He takes blessings. Rishi says hanuman with you faith in lord ram and serving him, you have done a great work and lord ram defeating ravana and shatanand. Lord ram says rishi, all the monkey army and everyone have served me just as much with their heart. Rishi says yes maharaj sugreeva and his army have served you. sugreeva says we monkey have some use today as we are known and have served lord ram and it has been an honor. Rishi says I give a blessing that from now, all monkey will get everything to eat blessed by mother nature.
There in evening, bharat I standing with lord ram’s slippers on his head and waits for lord ram. Lord ram comes in pushpak viman with everyone and hanuman comes too. Lord walks towards bharat with laxman and sita and smiles. Bharat is very happy.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :lord ram tells kaikeyi to give him her blessings and not keep him away from her blessings at least. Lord Shankar says see parvati how ayodhya lights today in joy. Parvati says but there Is still some iniquity flying over ayodhya.

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