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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram looking at the kheer and he thinks it looks like just like sita’s hand made kheer. Lord ram eats the kheer and smiles and is happy, he eats more. Hanuman sees and thinks I am so lucky to see my lord ram so happy after a long time. There sita looks at the statue of lord ram and closes her eyes saying happy birthday. There the demon caterpillar sees and says now is my time to go and eat those children as no one is in the ashram.
Valmiki and other rishi’s of the ashram are praying at the ganga river. There hanuman thinks why do I think like luv and kush are in danger? Hanuman thinks I have to go from here now as even before I felt like there is some evil lurking around the ashram.

There the demon trusn invisible and into a caterpillar and crawls inside the ashram, he comes inside the ashram. He becomes visible and small. Suddenly a woman comes and sees the caterpillar, she says it is going towards the kids, I shall throw it away. Woman takes a sweeper and throws demon away. The demon is angry and says now I will not let anyone stop me, demon comes to his normal form and the woman is scared. Demon says before you say anything I will take your life, demon pulls the life out from the woman and throws her down. then he heads towards the children and looks at them, he says you both look so tasty, I will come and eat you. Suddenly luv’s hand hits the demons face and he is angry, he says you slapped me? I will not leave you. There hanuman flies and thinks I did not wanted to leave you like this lord ram but luv and kush are in danger I have to protect them. Hanuman lands down. the demon has turned in a caterpillar and he gets inside the pram, suddenly he is thrown away as he tries to touch the child, the demon comes to its form and says some divya power is protecting them.

Hanuman sees the demon and says how dare you get in there?! I will not leave you, come out otherwise I will kill you if you try to hurt the kids. Demon laughs and says monkey, you cannot do anything to me, I know you cannot step in the ashram, so be a witness to me eating these kids. The caterpillar becomes invisible and is near the pram, hanuman throws his gadha from outside on the demon but the demon eats it too and says now I have the gadha too, the monkey cannot do anything. Hanuman says I cannot stay here, I have to break my promise and throw that demon away from luv and kush. Hanuman runs into the ashram, then he says no demon! Hanuman kicks him, the caterpillar goes flying, hanuman says I have to stop him from falling or it will create a sound that will wake up mata sita as after a longtime I have seen her in deep sleep. Hanuman uses his tail sakha and holds the caterpillar and goes out. Caterpillar says I will show you now what I am?

Caterpillar calls all his other demon caterpillar’s and they surround hanuman, hanuman is surrounded and the demon goes invisible again towards the ashram. Hanuman says I cannot leave track of that demon and let him near the kids. Hanuman claps with his hands and the wind blows away caterpillars, then he beats some and rotates and throws away rest. As the caterpillar goes inside, hanuman gets in the ashram and holds his throat. Demon says leave me monkey, I will kill you, demon uses his powers to hurt hanuman but nothing happens and he says none of my weapons worked on this monkey. Hanuman punches the demon and it goes flying, hanuman uses his tail again to stop it from creating sound. Hanuman then stops it and it slips away, hanuman uses his tail and holds the demon and beats it here and there on rocks and trees, the sound wakes up sita and sita sees hanuman she comes near the pram and says are my kids okay?

Sita sees they are fine. Hanuman beats the caterpillar with his tail and says you tried to hurt luv and kush and even woke up my mata, I will not leave you. The sound brings valmiki to the ashram and he says what happened? He sees hanuman. Hanuman kills the demon. Hanuman turns and says are luv and kush okay? Hanuman comes near pram but sita says go behind hanuman and go away from here. Hanuman says mata I am sorry, but don’t say that. Valmiki says sita don’t say this, he has protected the kids and he also took kheer for lord ram but he did not tell anything about your truth to lord ram. Hanuman says yes mata, I promise I haven’t said anything. Sita says if anyone saw you like this here they could go and tell lord ram which could make him come here and break his promise, I don’t want to see that. Hanuman is sad.

Sita says how could you take the kheer to lord ram? You both have done a mistake. Sita says lord ram ate the kheer and now he must be in pain because of remembering me. Hanuman kneels down and says I am sorry mat, I did not understand that I did 2 mistakes. Sita says you broke the promise so now I say you shall not stay here hanuman, you have to go from here. Hanuman cries and takes one end of sait’s saree and says I am sorry mata, please don’t give me such a huge punishment. Sita is sad and has tears but says son hanuman I cannot take risks, I will myself teach my kids how to protect themselves and when they will meet lord ram, the future will be decided then till then shree ram needs you, he cannot know about his sons.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : a powerful demon sees the plight of all the caterpillars and says what is this? You all failed because of a monkey. There hanuman punches the demon, nothing happens to him.

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