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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with sita telling hanuman that if you don’t go from here when I come, then I will leave this ashram. Hanuman cries. Sita goes inside the hut. Sita sees from the window and I sad, she cries looking at hanuman. hanuman gets up and is crying, he says pranam to Valmiki and goes crying and sad.
There the centipedes take the body of shishupakshi and keep it. they say lets go to our boss’s friend. The centipede’s go. they enter a cave, a demon comes and says you centipedes woke me up. I will kill you. a huge demon comes and says stop you stupid! They are not some ordinary centipedes, they are the army of shishupakshi. the demon says I think shishupakshi is in danger, that is why they have come. The demon calls his brothers, then he comes ahead and says I have to myself go and see what has happened to shishupakshi, no one can do anything to me as I am very strong, the brothers say yes you are mahasur mulkasur. mulkasur goes.

There he disguises himself as a rishi and says I have to see where shishupakshi is. Mulkasur walks ahead and sees shishupakshi in his centipede form dead. Mulkasur is shocked and is angry, he says I am sorry friend I couldn’t come more early to save you, I wil avenge your death, whoever killed you will die, my friend. Mulkasur uses his powers and sees how shishpukashi was killed, he sees hanuman and says who is this who killed him? hanuman comes and says rishi, why do you want to know? Rishi says, I am just a rishi, I was seeing who he was and how he died. Hanuman thinks this person is not a rishi but is disguised as one, I think he is some demon. Mulkasur then comes to his actual form and looks at him angrily. Hanuman looks at him. mulkasur says demon, you killed my friend, I will not leave you. hanuman says I knew there was some demon power which would be threat to mata and her sons, I will not leave you. in flashback, hanuman is crying and going back to ayodhya but his shadows come and say hanuman don’t go, will you leave mata sita alone and unprotected? You have to go there without mata noticing it, there is some evil in the forest. Hanuman says I will not leave you mulkasur. hanuman punches mulkasur but nothing happens, hanuman is shocked. Hanuman thinks these tremors can make mata come here. there sita feels some shaking and says what was that? is that a bad sign as a threat to my sons? Sita says I will go and bring flowers from the forest, sita goes.

Mulkasur attacks hanuman, hanuman retaliates and pushes him behind. Mulkasur takes the form of a stone but hanuman throws him back. Hanuman thinks I shall take mulkasur away from here. hanuman takes mulkasur and flies away. Mulkasur says monkey where are you taking me? Hanuman takes mulkasur far away from the ashram. Hanuman says this is fine, hanuman then hits mulkasur with his gadha but nothing happens to him. mulkasur becomes a pointed stone and throws away hanuman, hanuman goes flying in the sky very far away and is not able to control the speed. Hanuman says I brought him away from the forest but this demon pushed me back. Hanuman is still flying back, then he stops, mulkasur comes and puts him down near the forest near the ashram. Hanuman hits his gadha on mulkasur but he becomes invisible and disappears. Hanuman thinks none of my powers are working on this demon, he look strong. Mulkasur becomes a pointed ball and hits on hanuman but hanuman pushes him into the ground and mulkasur goes inside. There sita is in the forest and she feels the tremors and says what was that?

I think there is someone here, is it hanuman? sita then says no it cannot be hanuman as I spoke so rudely to him and ordered him to go so he must have gone. Sita walks ahead to see who it is?. There mulkasur becomes a bull and goes towards hanuman but hanuman hits his gadha on mulkasur and punches him, mulkasur is thrown back. He says hanuman, I can change into anything and you cannot defeat me, because I have a wish from brahma dev that I cannot be defeated, but I give you a chance to join me as you are a great warrior so we together can rule the world. Hanuman says dharma never befriends adharma and you will die. Mulkasur then sees sita who has come near to see who it is. Hanuman sees sita and says mata sita came here, hanuman runs and hides behind a tree. Mulkasur is shocked to see sita and he becomes very scared, mulkasur says this is sita, mulkasur remembers the killing of shatanand by sita, he turns into a crow and flies away scared from sita. Sita sees the demon and says who was that demon? He became scared from me and flew away, this place looks full of demons, I shall go to my sons. Sita says I will first take more flowers as these many are not enough for the Pooja. Sita goes to pluck flowers. Hanuman comes out of hiding and says, why did mulkasur run away? and look so scared after seeing mata sita?

I have to see what the truth is? Hanuman flies behind mulkasur who flies as a crow into a cave. Hanuman says so he went in this cave, hanuman goes in silently. Mulkasur comes to his form and is with his 3 brothers, hanuman listens what they talk. Mulkasur tells his brothers you idiots, why didn’t you tell me before that the woman in the ashram was sita? Brothers say sita? Mulkasur says yes, she is prabhu ram’s wife. the brothers say but why does that matter? You are very powerful and no one can defeat you. mulkasur says but sita can, brothers say what? Hanuman nods his head and thinks so this is it. mulkasur feels someone is there and says go and see who it is? I feel like someone is here, go fast. The brothers go to find anyone who is there, hanuman hides and becomes very small. The 2 brothers say our brother here can smell anyone who is here, so start your work. The brother who smells starts smelling, hanuman sees a flower and says this flower has a strong smell, I will hide in it.

hanuman hides in the flower. The brother says come on, no one is here. they all go. mulkasur tells them the story, hanuman listens. Mulkasur says after my prayers to brahma dev, I started going to lanka as I wanted to become king ravana’s army commander, then I saw some rishi’s praying for the lord ram, they show the events, mulkasur throws a stone into the fire and the rishi’s get up furious and say you foolish demon, what have you done. Mulkasur says you shall not pray to ram, I am going to lanka so I don’t want to see this. One rishi says you fool, lord ram has killed ravana. Mulkasur is shocked and says what? Rishi says yes, that foolish ravan had a lot of ego so he kidnapped devi sita, lord ram killed him in lanka and ravana’s brotehrs and sons have been killed too, the reason is mata sita, her power even killed the mahabali shatanand, so go away otherwise you will also die. Mulkasur says that witch sita killed shatanand? The rishi becomes angry and says you insulted mata sita, I curse you that you will die in the hands of mata sita only, rishi throws water on mulkasur. Mulkasur is cursed but he kills the rishi angrily.

Then mulkasur ends the story and says sita is the danger, she can kill me, but you will do my work, you 3 will go and kill sita and I will then go to ayodhya and destroy it and control the entire world. Hanuman listens and thinks so he plans to attack ayodhya, I have to do something. Hanuman goes flying and stands on the branch of a huge tree. mulkasur there sends his brothers to kill sita who is in the forest. Hanuman waits at the tree for the demons to come. The demons come but one demon smells and says this is the smell I found in the cave, then he sees up, hanuman with his tail throws away the demon and he flies away far from sita in the forest. The other 2 walk, hanuman then throws the other demon too who goes flying away. Then hanuman throws the last demon with his tail too. He flies to where they have landed and says this place is fine to beat you all. The demons one by one come to hanuman, but hanuman kicks and punches them and they go away further far flying and are hurt. Hanuman says I have thrown them away. The demon says you must have defeated us but mulkasur is in ayodhya and he will not leave anyone. Hanuman is shocked an dhe goes flying to ayodhya.

There mulkasur is standing huge over ayodhya and his shadow covers ayodhya, he says ram! This is your city, you killed my lord ravana, I will not leave anyone this time. Mulkasur walks in the market very huge and the people run away scared. Mulkasur says I will kill everyone. Then he takes his gadha to attack but hanuman comes huge from behind and stops mulkasur, he punches him and mulkasur is thrown away far from ayodhya. Hanuman goes to mulkasur in a field and says you will not hurt anyone. Mulkasur says hanuman I will tell you the last time, join me I will make you the commander and we will rule this world. Hanuman thinks I have to act smart and take him to mata sita somehow without her seeing me so that mata sita kills him. hanuman says you are very powerful and intelligent, but how can I follow a person who cannot do the things I can? Mulkasur says what cant I do? Hanuman says can you go near mata sita?

If you will go then I will join you. mulkasur stammers and says sita? But why her? What is so much in her that I go near her? Hanuman says are you scared of a woman? That she will hurt you? mulkasur says I am not scared of anyone, hanuman says then go to mata sita. Mulkasur says okay, I will go near her and show you. hanuman says mahabali are those who do and not just say. mulkasur says see hanuman now I will go and mulkasur flies to the forest, hanuman flies behind. As they come near, hanuman sees the 3 brother demons back to their strength and they are heading towards sita. The demon brothers say this is our chance to prove ourselves, lets go and kill that sita. They head towards sita. Sita says I feel something evil is here, suddenly a dust storm comes. There mulkasur sees from sky and thinks nice, these brothers are going to sita and will kill her, it means I wont have to go near sita, I will be saved. Hanuman is worried and thinks how do I stop those demons without mata sita seeing me? Mulkasur looks at hanuman and thinks this monkey is suspicious, he is looking at my brothers angrily, I think he will try to stop them, I have to stop this monkey before that happens.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman says mulkasur where are you running away? I will throw you back to mata sita to face the weapon she is yielding, hanuman kicks mulkasur and he is thrown back to the forest.

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