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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd May 2017 on

Mahadev opens his eyes and now smiles. Hanuman is puzzled. Mahadev smiles heartily and says hanuman I am very proud now and impressed from you. Hanuman says bhole baba! Mahadev says hanuman you have stood true on your part and now you are entitled to 2 wishes from me. Hanuman says but bhole baba, you are fighting for virmani, and how will you give me wishes? Mahadev says hanuman! Those who impress me are entitled to what they wish for. Lord ram smiles. Indra dev and vayu dev say hanuman impressed mahadev. Nandi thinks lord shankar is showering wishes on hanuman and smiles. Hanuman says mahadev as I am entitled for 2 wishes, the first wish is that all soldiers of lord ram’s army is dead or injured and pushkar is dead, please give me a suggestion how I shall bring their lives back? Mahadev says hanuman, you are entitled for the wishes then why don’t you ask something for yourself?

Hanuman says mahadev I am the disciple of lord ram, I have everything that I want in lord ram himself so I don’t need anything. Lord Shankar smiles and says okay and tells you used the sanjeevani buti to bring back laxman, use the buti to bring back everyone else too. Hanuman says yes mahadev, thank you. Hanuman then says the 2nd wish now, I want that until I come back after bringing the sanjeevani buti you and your army protect lord ram’s army and pushkar. Lord Shankar smiles and says tahtastu and says he gives wish that he will protect the army and under virmani’s command his army will protect lord ram’s army and pushkar. Virmani is shocked and thinks hanuman is my enemy and he cannot get a wish, if the army comes back then everything I achieved till now will be over, I have to stop this.

Virmani says mahadev no! you came here to fight for me and not protect hanuman and grant him wishes, this is not right. Mahadev says virmani, you dont talk about what is right and wrong, you are my disciple so I came here to fight for me but hanuman is not my enemy, those who impress me, they get wish from me. Virmani says but mahadev, you cannot do this. Mahadev says don’t interfere in what I do virmani. Mahadev then tells hanuman that till he doesn’t come back, he will protect the army and pushkar but after the work is done, they will fight the battle again. Hanuman says pranam bhole baba and goes flying saying jai shree ram. Bharat thinks again hanuman proved he is intelligent, selfless and kind. Parvati is happy and blesses hanuman. Lord ram says mahadev has now given hanuman wishes but later he will fight from virmani’s side again.

There as lord Shankar stands in front of the army protecting them. Virmani thinks I cannot allow the soldiers and pushkar to get back. Virmani then sees flashes of hanuman telling him that he cunningly brought mahadev on his side and now virmani is left alone. Virmani says no! I will destroy the bodies of all the soldiers and pushkar so that they don’t ever come back, even though mahadev is protecting them. Virmani says nani! Vir bhadra and the army of mahadev, you are under my command according to what mahadev said, so nandi destroy the bodies of the soldiers and pushkar and vir bhadra tear them apart and the soldiers, eat them up. Lord Shankar is very angry. Nandi says are you mad virmani? We will not do that. Virmani says but you are under my command as mahadev said, so do as I say. Nandi says mahadev said that we will protect the army under your command and we are mahadev’s disciple, and attacking the bodied means fighting against my god, I will not do that and no one attacks dead living beings in this universe which we will not do. The soldiers say yes we are gods army we will not attack the dead soldiers. Virmani gets angry and says okay, but no one can stop me, not even mahadev as he came here to protect me so he will not attack me. Virmani removes his bow saying om namah shivay.

Parvati smiles and says virmani is foolish because lord Shankar has promised he will protect the army, he wont allow virmani to do anything to them. Virmani is removing arrow when mahadev takes his trishul and attacks on virmani, virmani falls down. Mahadev says virmani you cannot handle my power, only hanuman can and no one else so you are nothing in front of me, you are my disciple so you are safe otherwise I would have killed you already. Virmani tries getting up but cannot and mahadev says virmani you will stay down as a punishment until hanuman comes back so you wont be able to get up. There hanuman gets the sanjeevani buti from the dronagiri mountain as it grants him itself. Hanuman thanks the mountain and goes. He reaches and now using the sanjeevani buti he brings back all soldiers and pushkar. Then hanuman goes and says thank you mahacdev and does pranam. Mahadev smiles and then disappears and comes behind hanuman. Hanuman turns around.

Mahadev says no need of thanks hanuman, now you have to fight me. Virmani gets up and says har har mahadev. Hanuman says but mahadev… mahadev punches hanuman and he goes back, lord Shankar says hanuman you have to fight me now, this is a battle. Hanuman says no mahadev, I am your ansh but now I cannot fight you anymore. Mahadev says there are no emotions in a battle hanuman, fight me don’t be weak and give up, my student never does that. Mahadev says pick your gadha and fight me. Hanuman says no mahadev I cannot. Mahadev brings gadha in front of hanuman but hanuman does not take and says I cannot fight now even if you kill me mahadev. Mahadev says then if that’s what you want, you will face that. Mahadev attacks laser from his trishul which hits hanuman and he is pushed back. Mahadev says now I will kill you. Shatrugan thinks this cannot happen, I will attack the brahma astra on mahadev to save hanuman. Pushkar thinks this is very wrong happening with hanuman ji.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : shatrugan attacks the brahma astra on mahadev. Hanuman sees and stands in front of lord Shankar to protect him. Parvati says the battle has now taken a turn into destruction.

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