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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with shulka in tears and she touches her stomach and cries saying no! hanuman says I have to protect her as she is pregnant even though she is a monster. Hanuman disappears the diya, then with his gadha he flies very fast towards shulka and stands in front of her. All t6he spikes hit him and then fall down and burn and burst. Shulka is shocked and thinks why he is saving her?
In heaven, lord Shankar yells parvati that hanuman saved her because he knows a woman should not be attacked especially pregnant. Parvati says that yes and I hope shulka knows hanuman is good and taking revenge on him wont be the right thing.
There after the spikes, shulka remembers how mahiravana was killed by hanuman. She tells hanuman that monkey even though you saved me, I will not let you live and I will kill you and then kill ram and laxman for what you all have done. Shulka woth her power opens a hole in the ground which goes to hell. She says now I will go to hell and my powers will increase even more and then I will kill you easily. Shulka goes in. hanuman says but why is she doing this and I need to know, what if she goes to ayodhya and attacks the people there, I shall follow her. Hanuman goes in too.
There sita says to lord ram that hanuman has taken time and he should have come by now.
Shulka lands in hell. She laughs and says my power have increased and now I will kill that monkey. As hanuman comes down, hanuman says maybe this is a trap for me and I should go back and complete the task. Hanuman goes up again, shulak sees and says I wont let you go, she puts a spell from which black fog comes and it ties hanuman. Hanuman is tied and says what is this black fog? I have to talk to this monster what problem she has? Hanuman with his powers breaks the bonds and lands down.
He says mata what have we done to you that you are attacking me and want to kill me? Shulka laughs and says so you don’t know, you killed my son’s father mahiravana and I am his wife shulka. Hanuman listens. Shulka says you took a father from his son and my husband and for that I wont leave you as you cheated and killed him. hanuman says no mata, mahiravana cheated and he kidnapped lord ram and brother laxman and then wanted to kill them in their unconscious situation but he was punished for his sins. Shulka says so now I will punish you and ram and laxman by killing you. Shulka claps and claps and claps. Then from the caves huge scorpions come out. Shulka says attack this monkey and kill him. scorpions come and attack hanuman. Hanuman tackles the scorpion with his gadha. There suddenly shulka’s stomach starts paining and now her son is coming out. Shulka says son this is the right time and come out and take revenge for your fathers death. Shulka disappears and goes in a pond and sits inside, she is screaming in pain and says come out son ahiravana and kill that monkey and his lord for killing your father, she screams come out.
There hanuman betas the scorpions with his gadha and then throws them away. The scorpions go in the cave but more come back. Hanuman fights them and blinds each by hitting their eyes, the scorpions go.
Hanuman then hears shulka screaming and he sees her shadow where she is screaming. There shulka screams and says come out son. The son comes out and is in the pond. Shulka says son now you will kill hanuman and ram and laxman. Hanuman sees the shadow of the son and it instantly grow sup. There shulka dies. Hanuman sees and says what a monster he is? And he grew suddenly into a man. The son ahiravana cries and he looks like mahiravana. He says your death will not go futile mother. Ahiravna comes and stands in front of hanuman. He says I have all the powers my father had and I will kill you.

Precap: bharat says brother ram we have to start and hanuman is taking time to come. There ahiravana attacks hanuman as hanuman stand with his gadha ready to fight.

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