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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2017 on

The episode starts with virmani joining his hands and he has tears. He comes to lord Shankar and falls at his legs and cries. Then he takes mahadev’s blessings and touches his head to mahadev’s feet. Virmani says lord! Forgive me, I have made a big mistake. I made the mistake of thinking lord shiv greater than lord ram. Mahadev, I am a very huge fool and disciple, any disciple who thinks lord Shankar is greater than lord ram, that disciple is the mark of foolishness. Forgive me lord. Lord Shankar tells virmani to get up and says there is no stopping for being a disciple, be a bhakt and pray to the gods. Virmani says I understand lord Shankar. Mahadev says I did this battle so that the world would know that for hanuman when it comes to task he can fight his rudra too.

hanuman says and my power to fight has come from lord Shiv and lord ram only. Virmani has tears and says prabhu ram, please take me to live with you, if I get to live with you I will be grateful. Lord ram says maharaj virmani! I will be happy to have the greatest disciple of lord Shankar. Virmani says raghuvanshi shree ram ki jai. Everyone say jai shree ram.

Hanuman now starts crying. Everyone see and lord ram say why are you crying hanuman? Hanuman says to stop this all, lord ram you had to come here yourself, until the pooja would not end you had to stay there. Now you have come yourself, which means my task has failed. Lord Shankar says don’t cry hanuman this is not lord ram. Hanuman says who is it? Lord Shankar says this is the shadow of lord ram. There lord ram sees from the fire in the pooja and smiles. Hanuman says so this is lord ram’s shadow? Jai shree ram, it means my task is not unsuccessful. The song starts ram siya ram. Everyone say jai shree ram. Virmani brings the horse and gives to hanuman. They smile.

Now everyone go ahead with the army and horse. Hanuman shatrugan king suman and pushkar walk as the army walks behind with the horse ahead. As they walk, hanuman says this is the last kingdom and then the ashvamedh yag will be over in the world and lord ram’s rule will be back. Suddenly the horse stops and everyone is shocked. Hanuman sees and says what happened? Then they see the horse is held tied to its legs and then suddenly everyone including all the soldiers are held captive with a spell. In heaven, vayu dev says hanuman who could handle the power of pashupat astra, the brahma astra and lord Shankar himself is also tied captive? How is that possible? Shatrugan says what is this? Even hanuman ji is not able to break these bonds? Suddenly there is a storm of dust. Pushkar says we cannot see anything, who is creating this storm? Hanuman says this storm of dust is being created by soldiers pushkar. Shatrugan says I think we have to fight one more battle before the ashvamedh yag ends. Suddenly they see the army and a king coming in his chariot. The king is very old. Shatrugan says this army is so small, how will the king fight with such a small army? The king gets down. hanuman says who is that? King says I am king surat. The king is waling ahead but is very old so walks with a stick.

Pushkar says the king is so old and how has he held us by his powers? Hanuman says king surat why have you held us captive? Pushkar says it seems your powers are mayavi. King surat says my powers are not mayavi, they have come from a source just like you pray to, hanuman! I am the disciple of lord ram. Hanuman says king surat, if you are the disciple of lord ram why have you held us king with the power of lord ram himself? Why are you stopping us from doing this great work of ashvamedh yag? King surat says I was born even before lord ram was born in this world. Pushkar says that is impossible to believe. Hanuman says how is that possible king? King surat says when I was crowned the king of my kingdom, I with all the kings of different kingdoms used to sit and pray to lord ram and we all are his disciples. But one day when I was praying to lord ram in the temple, yamraj himself came to test me. Yamraj comes behind where king surat is praying, yamraj tuns into a rishi. He then says king surat what kind of disciple are you?

You don’t know the right mantra of lord ram? King surat says I know when the griha is in shiv and lord ram gives his disciples power and you don’t know anything rishi, I think you are not a rishi and are disguised as somebody. Yamraj then smiles and comes in his actual form. King surat then does pranam. Yamraj says ask whatever you want as I am impressed from you. King surat says I want to have the darshan of lord ram at least once in my life before I die yamraj! Yamraj blesses king surat. There king surat tells hanuman that like that, I prayed to lord ram for years and years but lord ram never came for my darshan, in this way I have become very old and I cannot live in this body anymore as it gives me a lot of pain. Hanuman says leave us maharaj surat, your wish will be done. King surat says I am tired of this body and waiting for so much years hanuman! I will leave everyone when lord ram comes here and you can help me do that sankat mochan hanuman.

Hanuman then thinks of lord Shankar when lord ram appeared as a shadow, he then prays and thinks lord ram if its possible please come here as a shadow as you came before and give your great disciple your darshan. Hanuman says the prayer of lord ram, everything starts shining and has the name of lord ram on it. There lord ram sees and smiles. There suddenly lord ram’s shadow appears. King surat sees and falls at his knee and says jai shree ram. Everyone is free of captivity. King surat then becomes young again. He says how did I become young lord ram? Hanuman says if lord ram show himself, even a dead body will come to life. King surat removes his sword and says I accept your rule lord ram. Lord ram says it is because of disciples like you king surat that the ashvamedh yag is successful. Hanuman and everyone smile and walk inside the kingdom with the army and horse.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  lord ram puts the tika on horse as everyone return from the successful ashvamedh yag. There vibhishan comes from the ground in need of help. Hanuman says what happened vibhishan ji? Vibhishan says I need lord ram’s help hanuman.

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