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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with mulkasur thinking from the looks of this monkey it seems he wants to get me killed from sita, I have to stop this monkey. There sita sees the demons and says if anyone tries to do anything like ravana, I will kill them, now I am a mother too. Sita is angry and she takes just a small stick in her hand which comes flying due to the storm. Sita says if I have only lord ram in my heart and no one then when I throw this stick towards the demon, it will turn into a ramban. Hanuman sees and smiles and thinks lord ram turned his stick into brhmastra before and mata turned this one into ramban. The ramban goes towards one demon. Mulkasur sees hanuman and thinks this monkey brought me here by cunningness, I have to run away. Mulkasur turns into a demon form and starts running. hanuman is flying and he sees the ramban, the ramban hits one demon and he dies, sita sees and says now the demons will die, sita goes.

The demons are shocked, the arrow now turns and towards the next brother. The brother says this arrow is coming towards me, the brother attacks a spear on the arrow. The spear is destroyed easily, the demon starts running and says I have to save my life. There hanuman sees mulkasur running and says I have to bring mulkasur in front of the arrow otherwise he may escape, hanuman goes towards mulkasur and hits him, mulkasur is thrown away. Hanuman then hits him with his gadha. There the arrow hits the 2nd brother and he is dead too. The third brother is scared as the arrow comes towards him. he shoots an arrow from his bow but the arrow is destroyed, the brother starts running for his life. There hanuman says mulkasur you cannot run away, hanuman kicks him and he is thrown back to ground. Hanuman thinks before the arrow turns back into a small stick, I shall bring mulkasur in front of the arrow. Hanuman hits mulkasur on the chest, nothing happens to mulkasur. Mulkasur laughs and says you cannot do anything to me monkey.

Hanuman jumps and punches mulkasur on his head and he falls and dies. Mulkasur comes back and laughs. The 3rd brother dies too from the arrow, hanuman says now before the arrow turns back to a twig I shall kill mulksur, hanuman holds mulkasur, mulkasur is scared and says why cant I change into anything? Hanuman pushes mulkasur in front of the arrow, mulkasur thinks If I turn a rock nothing will happen, the arrow hits mulkasur and he falls down and dies. Hanuman smiles and says nothing could stop that arrow. There sita goes into the ashram, hanuman sees sita and says mata will see me, sita turns to see if anyone is there, hanuman hided behind the tree and says prabhu please save me if mata sita sees me then I will be the criminal of not following my given promise. There Valmiki says what happened sita? Sita says I felt like there is hanuman here, Valmiki says no bhumija is that why you took time to come? You were finding hanuman? sita says no I saw some demons coming towards me so I killed them by turning a twig into ramban. Valmiki says demons here? I shall protect this ashram Valmiki uses his holy water and says spell and protects the ashram. Hanuman says rishi Valmiki is there to protect mata sita and she herself is the form of tridevi, so she doesn’t need me, hanuman goes.

The song ram siya ram plays. Hanuman flies to ayodhya and meets lord ram. As the song plays, years pass by and hanuman serves lord ram as there luv and kush grow older and Valmiki writes the Ramayana. After years, lord ram and hanuman are now in the room of lord rams ancestors and lord ram and hanuman pray to king dasharatha. Lord ram says father it has been 12 years since I abandoned sita but even when I go from this room of our ancestors I feel like I still have to do something right and I am not yet totally maryada purshottam. Dashratha appears and lord ram and hanuman say pranam. Dashratha says don’t worry ram, you are the maryada purshottam. Hanuman says even then king dashratha why does my lord feel that he still has to do something?

Lord ram says is any ancestor not yet satisfied? Dashratha says yes my son, our ancestor king maandata is not yet happy, he has been troubled by the one person lavanasur the king of Mathura, that is why king maanadata has not got his place in heaven even when he deserves it. lord ram says what happened? Dashratha tells the story that king maandata was a great king and very king, he was loved by all and he was very brave, he was feared by even indra dev, so one day king maandat went in heaven and challenged lord indra to a battle, but the gods feared and lord indra and agni dev spoke to each other and used intelligence, they said they couldn’t defeat king maandata so they told king maandata that he could conquer heaven only if he had conquered all of earth and they challenged him to defeat lavansur, the king of Mathura. Lavanasur is shown a huge demon and he picks an entire rock and eats elephants.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord ram says I will defeat lavansur and give my ancestor, suryavanshi king maandata his salvation in heaven. Hanuman says prabhu we have to defeat lavanasur now.