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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with sita saying that the ashvmaedh yag has finally ended successfully. Bharat and laxman smile. In heaven parvati says the ashvamedh yag has now ended successfully and it is because of everyone’s contribution to this yag. Lord Shankar says yes devi, hanuman has done his task very precisely and again stood true in lord ram’s faith and all the kings have also accepted the rule of lord ram, and lord ram’s greatness has been declared at a divya level. Parvati smiles.
There nikumbh walks and says let the rule of ram be established, I will do something else.

There hanuman and the army and all kings and everyone come saying jai shree ram, jai shree ram. Laxman and bharat say see brother ram, hanuman has come with everyone. Lord ram sees. As everyone come they stop as lord ram is there and everyone do pranam. Lord ram, rishi vashisht and everyone bless them. Bharat hugs his son pushkar. Hanuman says jai shree ram. Lord ram does the tika of shatrugan hanuman and pushkar. Then he hugs hanuman with love and affection. Everyone see and smile.

In the palace, rishi vashisht does tika of lord ram and puts the crown on his head. Rishi says lord ram you are now the chakravartin samrat of ayodhya. Everyone say prabhu ram ki jai. Lord ram does pranam and then looks at everyone. He then says I the king of ayodhya thank all the kings who have accepted my rule. Lord ram says everyone do not think that this rule is an insult to you but think it as the acceptance of dharma. Virmani smiles and says jai shree ram, everyone say jai shree ram. Then lord ram I thank my brother shatrugan who has done excellent work during the ashvamedh yag in protecting the horse and the army and hanuman and pushkar too. lord ram says I thank my nephew pushkar who has shown exceptional strength and the extraordinary strength the soldiers of ayodhya have shown in fighting demons and various armies. Pushkar says pranam. Lord ram then says now to thank the integral part of my life, what do I say about him? he has always kept me and my task ahead of him and protected everyone at all times, he is my greatest disciple and my best friend, the ashvamedh yag could not be complete without him and I myself am incomplete without him, it is anjan putra mahabali hanuman. virmani is happy and says bhakt hanuman ki jai. Then he says sankatmochan mahabali hanuman ki jai.

Hanuman says lord such respect for such a small disciple, truth is that my power is because of you, it is because of you that I exist. Because you lord ram, I am there, if you are not there even I will not be there. Suddenly the earth of ayodhya starts shaking. everyone are moving. King suman says it feels like it is an earthquake. Rishi vashisht says we did crown you properly ram but still why is this earthquake coming? Hanuman says this is not a natural eartyhquake it is something else, I have to find out the epicenter, I will go out and find it. Lord ram says okay and hanuman goes.

He flies to the epicenter and sees something coming out of it. Laxman and bharat come and say what is it hanuman ji? Hanuman says I don’t know, maybe some demon from hell, hanuman is about to punch the hole when vibhishan comes out and says lord ram! Hanuman says vibhishan ji? Vibhishan says yes sankatmochan hanuman I need the help of lord ram, please take me to him. hanuman sees vibhishan scared and says okay and takes him.

In the palace vibhishan is looking down sad. Hanuman says vibhishan ji tell lord ram what happened? Why don’t you say anything to lord ram? You are his disciple, say anything he will listen to your problem. Vibhishan says what shall a king say who has left his people in danger and run away. Lord ram says what happened vibhishan ji tell me. Vibhishan says lord ram kumbhkaram’s son nikumbh has taken control over lanka, your rule and dharm has gone. Hanuman says what? Nikumbh? Vibhishan says yes. Shatrugan says but hanuman ji killed nikumbh and threw him in deep space. Vibhishan says nikumbh has got a wish that he can never die unless his head I separated from his body. Lord ram says vibhishan you are not a coward, you were intelligent and came here for another kings help, staying there would be foolishness and putting your people’s life at risk. Vibhishan says the story that nikumbhs mother only brought him to lanka. In lanka in flashback, nikumbhs mother comes in palace and vibhishan gets up and says bhabhi shree! Nikumbh comes from behind and vibhishan is shocked. Nikumbh says why are you shocked kaka? Seeing the son of kumbhkaran? Nikumbh removes knife and attacks on vibhishan. Vibhishan dodges and says nikumbh! He says soldiers throw nikumbh in the prison. The soldiers instead attack vibhishan. Vibhishan is shocked as nikumbh laughs and says I am the son of the most powerful warrior of lanka, kumbhkaran. Then he attacks again on vibhishan and the crown comes to nikumbh who wears it and says iniquity will be established again. Vibhishan saves him and runs away in time.

There vibhishan tells the story. Lord ram says don’t worry vibhishan ji, I will come with my brothers and hanuman to kill nikumbh, it seems nikumbh has called his death himself.
There nikumbh tells the army of soldiers that we will not accept the rule of ram. We are demons and we spread iniquity not dharm. It will be the end of dharma and we will rule all the 3 loks and then our sun will rise in this universe. Soldiers says yes we will end dharma and spread iniquity. Suddenly there is darkness and soldiers say what is this darkness? Nikumbh is shocked. Hanuman is flying on his huge size and then lands on lanka. Soldiers say it is the monkey who burnt lanka. The wave of hanuman landing throws the soldiers down. nikumbh is shocked and says hanuman!

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord ram removes a divya arrow and attacks on nikumbh as nikumbh attacks his mayavi shakti. Hanuman says nikumbh give up now as it is lord ram you are fighting who killed your father and ravana.

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