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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman looking at the ram granth and says now the way out will be opened by the ram granth only. As the demon is about to drink water, hanuman inside opens the band on the ram granth and says jai shree ram. Suddenly the jug from demons hand falls down and all demons are shocked. The ram granth starts shining and demons body shines too. All demons are shocked, hanuman inside says jai shree ram and starts taking the name of lord ram. The demon prathmasur also starts taking name of lord ram, the other demons say what has happened to our king and why is he taking our enemies name? prathamasur takes lord ram’s name and says take lord ram’s name you will feel very good, its so nice and prathmasur keeps taking lord ram’s name. the other demons listen and also start saying lord rams name.

hanuman inside is happy and finally he comes out with the ram granth from the stomach. The demons keep on saying lord ram’s name and say it feels nice to dedicate your life to lord ram. Hanuman smiles. All the demons get salvation and disappear. Prathmasur’s soul comes down shining and he says thank you hanuman ji, and you made it possible for us to pray to lord ram and we who have sinned and creatures like us got salvation, I thank you a lot. Prathmasur says jai shree ram and goes saying lord ram’s name. in the sky nikumbh says what happened to those demons? How did their thinking change? I have to act fast now. Nikumbh says wake up my demon brothers and its time for you to act now.

Nikumbh goes to a dwelling where two dangerous demons are praying. Nikumbh says get up brothers wake up now. Both demons get up. Nikumbh says you have to act now. The demons get up to go, nikumbh says wait, at least listen what you have to do. A demons says I am kitraksh, you don’t need to tell me what I have to do. I know what I have to do, other demons says yes even I, vitarmali know what to do. They both go.

In forest, rishi says its time now, I will sacrifice my life and burn myself. Students say no rishi please wait. Suddenly hanuman lands and says rishi wait. Rishi turns back and sees hanuman. hanuman says how can a dedicated lord ram disciple ever fall in trouble? Here is your ram katha granth. Rishi takes and is very happy, he prays to ram granth and says hanuman, do you want to listen to the ram granth? Hanuman is excited and says yes rishi I will love to listen. Rishi sits and opens the ram katha granth and then satrst singing the song and says the ram granth. Hanuman and the students say ram siya ram jai jai ram and dance and pray. In sky, nikumbh says hanuman you stay busy in the ram granth and I will do my work there.

There shatrugan and pushkar are with the horse and army and shatrugan says its time to go ahead now but where is hanuman? pushkar says hanuman ji went into the forest to meditate but he was not there and we cannot go ahead without hanuman ji. Shatrugan thinks pushkar has now understood the importance of hanuman. shatrugan says yes pushkar but staying at one place for too long can be dangerous for the horse. suddenly at a distance kitraksh and vitarmali are standing and vitarmali opens a portal and says now I will take that horse in front of your eyes by using my mayavi horses. From the portal same horse looking like the horse of ashvamedh come out and hundreds of horse run towards shatrugan and pushkar and then they take a turn. Shatrugan says this is some trick of a demon and where is that demon?

Shatrugan says pushkar hold onto our horse otherwise our horse will go too. Pushkar holds onto the horse. all the horse then go back into the portal and vitarmali closes the portal and says I took the horse and they did not even understand it. vitarmali says brother now its your turn, and he goes. Shatrugan says it was a demons trick but our horse is safe. Suddenly the horse disappears. Pushkar and shatrugan are shocked. Shatrugan says we have to do somethinga dn our horse is gone. There kitraksh stands and says now I will show, he starts increasing the temperature of heat by making his eyes red. Shatrugan says soldiers find the horse and search everywhere in the forest, the demon must have not gone far. As they head forward, the heat increase and everyone’s weapon becomes red hot and soldiers throw their spears down. Shatrugan throws his sword and pushkar and shatrugan throw their arrows too. Shatrugan says how did the heat increase so much and this trick is of a demon. Suddenly all the wepons melt and all metal comes together and a huge metallic demon arises from the metal. Shatrugan and everyone is shocked and shatrugan says this is a demon.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman is flying and finding the horse and vitarmali says I have the horse monkey and you wont get it. hanuman says the horse is in danger and this may end the ashva medh yag.

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