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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lavnasur standing huge. There dashratha continues telling what happened next. Indra dev and agni dev said to king maandata that if he defeats king lavnasur of Mathura only then he can come and fight indra dev. King maandata says he promises to come in heaven only after lavnasur is defeated. Maandata goes, there lavnasur is standing tall and he picks a rock on which elephants are there, lavnasur eats it. maandata comes and says you animal eating devil, I have come here to challenge you, its high time you have made people suffer. Lavnasur laughs and says you want to fight me? King maandata says I will be the king of Mathura after defeating you, as dashratha tells the story he says as maandata and lavnasur fought they removed diva arrows.

Lavnasur says even I have a divya arrow maandata, lavnasur removes and it is lord shivs arrow. Maandata thinks how did lord shiv’s arrow come to lavnasur? Fighting the weapon of lord shiv means insulting lord shiv and I will not fight this weapon, I accept death. Lavnasur attacks the arrow on maandata and king maandata smiles and accepts death, the arrow hits maandata and he dies. Dashratha says king maandata died and those whose wishes are left unfulfilled they don’t get a place in heaven. Lord ram says father, I will fight lavnasur and kill him, I will give my ancestor king maandata the salvation he deserves. Dashratha blesses and turns back into statue. Hanuman says we have to kill that demon lavnasur lord ram! Lord ram says yes we have to, hanuman go and bring a meeting in the court.

In the court room, lord ram sits and laxman says brother that demon lavnasur is a man of iniquity and he shall be put to an end. Shatrugana says brother ram, the way you trusted me with carrying out the ashvamedh yag, trust me with fighting lavnasur too! I will defeat him. lord ram says yes and nods his head. Hanuman says lord ram! I request something from you. lord ram says yes hanuman say what you want? Hanuman says I just want that from many years Mathura has been the kingdom ruled by demons and the people have suffered a lot, when lavnasur is killed please make shatrugan brother the king of Mathura. Lord ram says yes. The army now departs for Mathura and the drums and trumpets are played. Shatrugan and a general of army is with him and hanuman flies.

There lavnasur fights with some warriors in his kingdom and kills them after fighting, he takes the strength out of their life and says I will kill everyone just like this and then my demon soldiers! I will be the ruler of trilok. All demon soldiers say lavnasur will rule the world!

There as hanuman and the army near the forest, hanuman sees from up the forest, he says this is the forest where mata sita lives, this is the place where she met rishi Valmiki, hanuman has tears and says it has been so many years I have not met mata and luv and kush must have grown older now, I wish I could meet everyone. Hanuman says is mata remembering me? There sita is cooking food in the hut and she remembers hanuman eating food like a child and smiles and has tears. Sita then suddenly hears the sound of hanuman saying mata. Sita says I felt like hanuman called me, but no its not possible, maybe I am just missing him. there hanuman thinks if the army and everyone is not stooped then everyone will know about mata sita and luv and kush, I have to divert the way of the army. Hanuman goes and stops in front of shatrugan, everyone stop.

There luv and kush are praying a song to lord ram’s statue. They both are finished praying and then hear trumpets and drums, they say what is this sound? It seems to be the sounds of drums and trumpets of an army, kush says we have to stop them as they will disturb the animals in the forest, luv says yes we have to teach them a lesson, luv kush take their bow and arrows and go, sita sees and says where did they go? there hanuman tells shatrugan that the army should go from left side as it is a faster road. General says no hanuman ji, that road is dangerous for the army and this road is safer. Shatrugan says no hanuman ji, that road is mountainous and dangerous for our army. Hanuman says we have to go from here otherwise. Hanuman stops. Shatrugan says otherwise? Hanuman says I mean we have to go from here I am there to protect everyone.

Shatrugan says no hanuman ji! I am the commander and even I get to say, we will go from here and you shall obey me. Hanuman says okay sadly. They go ahead, suddenly arrows come flying and they hit drums and trumpets and it falls down. Shatrugan says who was that? general says yes, someone attacked us, who is it? hanuman comes down and thinks who is it? shatrugan says they targeted our drums which means they don’t want noise, who is it? again arrows come. General says who is that hiding and attacking isn’t that wrong? Now luv and kush jump and come out. Shatrugan sees and thinks they are just kids but so powerful and brave. Shatrguan smiles. Luv and kush say your drums and trumpets create a lot of noise which is disturbing for the animals, you shall not play them and go from here silently. General says go away kids, this is a huge army and people should know an army is heading their way.

Hanuman says kids we have an important work to do, we need to go. luv and kush say no until you will stop playing those drums. Hanuman sees and thinks they are luv and kush, I can see mata sita and lord ram’s face in them, they are so handsome boys. Hanuman smiles. Shatrugan says boys get aside and let us go, we mean no harm to anyone but we have an important work to do. Luv and kush say not at all, we will not let anyone go one step ahead, if you come here we will attack you. hanuman says these kids are rude, they cannot be lord ram’s sons. The general says I will move you from there, luv and kush attack arrows and general is put inside the ground. Sita sees and says if it is true and they are lord rams army then a mess will be created by luv and kush and they will reveal everything.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman tells shatrugan to challenge lavnasur now and according to plan he will come ahead to fight lavnasur. Shatrugan challenges lavnasur and says I will fight you now, I am shatrugana of raghukul lord ram’s brother.

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