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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lavnasur saying raghuvanshi! You will defeat me? We will fight! Lavnasur says I will kill all you raghuvanshi’s and send you to your ancestor maandata. Lavnasur says fighting hand to hand and kushti is right, it is what determines true strength of a person. Lavnasur says, come in this arena we will fight! Shatrugan says I will defeat you lavnasur. Lavnasur and shatrugan go in center and are surrounded by demons cheering for lavnasur. Hanuman thinks now shatrugan brother has named himself the opponent, but I should have gone, shatrugan says only a raghuvanshi shall defeat lavnasur as then it will be true to the cause of king maandata. As they are in center, hanuman sees shatrugan and lavnasur. Lavnasur is under the effect of alcohol and sees many shatrugan in his eyes. He hits in the air and says why isn’t this raghuvanshi getting hurt? Lavnasur hits in air seeing shatrugan there and says why is he not getting hurt? Hanuman thinks if what I thought will work then lavnasur can be defeated easily. Shatrugan then punches lavnasur and pushes him behind. Lavnasur now see shatrugan and hits him back. They both start fighting as they both even dodge each others attacks.

Hanuman thinks shatrugan brother has to defeat lavnasur today, otherwise this demon will torment the world and go to win trilok with his granted powers. Hanuman then sees lavnasur holds shatrugan and throw him on the ground. Shatrugan is hurt but gets up quickly and retaliates and punches lavnasur back, he then dodges and kicks him, lavnasur is pushed behind from the attack. Hanuman thinks that he had learnt bal yudh from rishi parshuram, if he could fight, he could defeat lavnasur but he has to teach shatrugan brother somehow. Hanuman stands opposite shatrugan. Shatrugan fights lavnsur and dodges him. hanuman then says shatrugan brother! See here, and he makes sign with hands. All demons laugh and say see this monkey has gone mad and is dancing.

Hanuman shows shatrugan how to tackle lavnasur and as hanuman shows, shatrugan does and then throws lavnasur down on the ground, all demons are shocked and say how did our maharaj fall down? Lavnasur gets up and tries attacking but shatrugan fights him back, lavnasur then sees hanuman and thinks so this monkey is doing everything and showing this raghuvanshi, first I will kill this raghuvanshi then punish this monkey. Lavnasur gets up and stamps on the ground, the dust flies in the air and hanuman and shatrugan cannot see anything. Lavnasur now starts hitting and punching shatrugan and attacks him, shatrugan is hurt and injured, hanuman cannot see anything and says what is happening? Hanuman thinks if anything happens to brother shatrugan then lord ram’s task will fail and iniquity will win over dharma. There shatrugan falls down and now lavnasur is ready to punch and kill shatrugan. Hanuman thinks what shall I do? I have to save brother shatrugan! Suddenly the sun rises and its morning. Hanuman holds lavnasur’s hands and pushes him behind. Shatrugan gets up and is saved.

Lavnasur says angrily and says see demon soldiers, see these raghuvanshi’s and their servant hanuman, they say they live with dharma in life then is it right for someone else to interrupt in this battle and stop us from fighting? Lavnasur says they live with moral codes, then hanuman what happened now? shatrugan says hanuman ji what have you done? You saved my life by interrupting in between, you have put the crime of iniquity on me, I have failed. Lavnasur says I will kill everyone, you did not abide by the laws of bal yudh. Hanuman says this is not iniquity what I have done, you only see demon. Hanuman says it is sunrise, this battle lasted for the night as it was to fight at night only, now it is sunrise so you cannot fight now. shatrugan and lavnasur see. Lavnasur is angry and shatrugan smiles. Lavnasur says monkey! You have saved this raghuvanshi today but today evening I challenge you again shatrugna to come and fight me, if there is even little strength left in you then fight me otherwise accept defeat today evening. Lavnasur goes.

There hanuman is putting medicine of shatrugan’s injuries. Hanuman says you have been hurt so much because of me, I should have told you about bal yudh before. Shatrugan says no hanuman ji, I have made 2 huge mistakes today, first I did not listen to you that you would go for the fight and second I blamed you for putting crime of iniquity on me. Hanuman says no brother shatrugan we have to think about defeating lavnasur now, I shall go today if you say. shatrugan says no hanuman ji, I have to end this battle by defeating lavnasur myself. Hanuman then thinks and says shatrugan brother you are a quick learner, I will teach you the tactics rishi parshuram taught me, we can defeat lavnasur.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman says these many tactics are enough to defeat lavnasur.

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