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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram saying hanuman, the form of vrikshkapi was you only. Hanuman is surprised. Lord ram says hanuman your form of vrikshkapi was born to kill mahashani and then after the purpose was over vrikshkapi went back leaving bhulok. Lord ram says in the same way even my purpose is over hanuman. hanuman is shocked. lord ram says now it is time for me to go back to vaikunthdam. Hanuman says what? Don’t say that prabhu, I cannot live without you, my life lives in you. lord ram says hanuman, my purpose is over and I have to go. hanuman says then lord, even I will come with you, I cannot live in this world without serving you. lord ram says hanuman, you are rudransh and the ansh of lord Vishnu too. Hanuman says the ansh of lord Vishnu? Lord ram says yes, when all the gods were fed up of ravana and his demons they went to lord Shankar in Kailash mountain. The gods there then asked for the help of lord shiv to defeat ravana and his evil monsters.

Lord Shankar told the gods to go to dev rishi yugal for help and he believed that they would definitely help them as he was the form of lord Vishnu himself. the gods then go to rishi yugal who looks like lord Vishnu and lord ram, they ask lord Vishnu and his brother who look same to help them to defeat ravana and his monsters. Rishi yugal and his brother say don’t worry ravana will be defeated and they gave their tej(brightness of life) to the gods and all the gods provided with their own tej and then took to lord shiv who also gave his tej and created one bright light, this light was provided by vayu dev to maharaj kesari and mata anjana, lord ram says then you were born hanuman, it was you.

lord ram says you are the ansh of all gods together and your purpose is not over yet, you have to protect the world.
hanuman says lord ram, my purpose is to serve you and without your bhakti hanuman is nothing. Lord ram says hanuman, you are mahabali hanuman, you have to stay in this world and protect and keep the rule of dharma and ram rajya for generations ahead. Hanuman says but lord, if you are not there then hanuman cannot be there. Hanuman says I am nothing without you. hanuman cries as lord ram has tears. Lord ram says hanuman you are the sankatmochan and you cannot come with me, you have a purpose and my purpose is over. Hanuman says lord ram if shree ram is not in this world then how many years will I keep dharma without you here, I will never be happy and cannot live without you. the song ram siya ram plays as lord ram tries convincing hanuman but hanuman cannot be convinced. Lord ram says hanuman, now we have to go to ayodhya as it is going to be sunset. Lord ram and hanuman take blessings of the rivers and the sun. hanuman says but prabhu you wont go without telling me, right? Lord ram says I give you a promise hanuman I will not go without meeting you. lord ram says but now we have to go to ayodhya as everyone is waiting. Hanuman says yes prabhu, they both go.

In ayodhya, bharat says brother ram and hanuman have not yet come. Laxman says it must be tough for brother ram to convince hanuman as hanuman lives for brother ram. Lord ram and hanuman come. Laxman says brother has come. Hanuman says to laxman that they went to the rivers today and. Everyone say and what? Hanuman says lord ram told me the story of the rivers and vrikshkapi too. Hanuman says I will go and bring food and water for lord ram as he must be tired. Hanuman goes. Lord ram says I tried a lot to convince hanuman in each possible way but hanuman is very innocent, he knows only my bhakti. Laxman says hanuman ji is brother ram’s greatest disciple and he loves him, he cannot be easily convinced. Bharat says how will you convince hanuman brother ram? Lord ram says bharat you should have seen him, he was crying and had tears in his eyes, I couldn’t say any more after looking at him, hanuman’s heart had broken and I could not break it more.

There hanuman is walking down the passage and says how can lord ram leave me? Hanuman sees luv and kush coming and hides. Hanuman thinks I feel bad for these kids, first their mother left them and now their father too, how sad their kundli has been written. Hanuman then hears them cry and goes to luv and kush. Hanuman says what happened luv kush? Tell me.

There lord ram tells everyone that now we have to tell hanuman everything, and the jal Samadhi in salyu river. There luv and kush tell hanuman that salyu river! Hanuman says what happened in salyu river? Luv says kush we have to tell hanuman ji everything. luv kush say our rajya Abhishek is going to be done at salyu river. Hanuman says then that is a good news. Luv kush say bit it means father ram will no more be king. Hanuman says don’t worry boys, lord ram has thought something and only then taken the decision. Luv and kush cry and says but hanuman ji, after we will be made king, father ram with kaka laxman, kaka bharat and kaka shatrugan have decided to take jal Samadhi in the river. Hanuman is very shocked. he cries and the gadha falls down from hanuman’s hand.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman goes to lord Shankar and falls at his legs. hanuman says bhole baba I have not asked anything from you till now for me, please give me my world which is lord ram. Lord Shankar gets up. In ayodhya, lord Shankar say to lord ram that the one I worshipped always, wouldn’t I come to meet him before he goes for one last time? Hanuman thinks I called bhole baba to stop lord ram but he is letting him go.

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