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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram’s army coming in pushpak viman. A monkey soldier says see pushpak viman, lord ram and his army is coming in that. everyone see and pushpak viman lands. Everyone say pranam prabhu. Kashiraj says shree ram, shree ram. Lord ram looks at laxman and he nods his head. Laxman and shatrugan come ahead with their bows.
In heaven, lord Shankar says devi this will also be an example to the entire world in the future. People will learn that even a god and his disciple are forced to go to battle for dharma.
There angad says look at them, hanuman ji did so much for lord ram and everyone but lord ram and his brothers have come to war against hanuman ji. Hanuman says no angad, wait! This is a situation where a disciple and a god are forced to battle but the gods blessing is always with the disciple.

Laxman says hanuman ji! Now you have to give us kashiraj. Laxman heads towards kashiraj, sugreeva stands in front with the gadha. Laxman says sugreeva ji get aside. Sugreeva says no, you have to fight me. Laxman says so you are against lord ram. Laxman removes his arrow and attacks against sugreeva, sugreeva destroys the arrow. Laxman says attack and shatrugan laxman and his army run towards sugreeva. Sugreeva says attack and his army angad and him run and then the clash. Angad fights shatrugan and laxman fights sugreeva. Hanuman says stop this battle, stop it, hanuman cries and says it is so heart breaking to see a family fight in itself, I cannot let this happen. I have to stop this battle. Hanuman says loudly stop everyone, no one listens.
There sita says I understand that the battle between lord Shankar and hanuman had a lesson to teach but hat is the purpose of this battle devi parvati? Bharat says Bhabhi sita, this battle is between the family itself, no one will win in this battle even if either one loses.

There hanuman stops laxman and sugreeva fighting and their weapons fall down, he becomes huge saying jai shree ram and then stamps the ground. Everyone stop fighting, hanuman becomes normal sized and says stop fighting everyone, I cannot let myself and kashiraj be protected by the fight between both lord ram’s army, we are all one. Hanuman tells laxman that sugreeva and his army is the one who helped lord Ram and you risking their life till lanka and fighting. Hanuman tells sugreeva that it is lord ram’s army, lord ram who helped him get his kingdom by defeating bali. Shatrugan says hanuman ji! We don’t want to fight this battle, laxman says yes, but we are forced to fight because there is no other solution. Sugreeva says yes laxman ji we have to fight for hanuman, even we are forced. Hanuman says no one will fight, now I will die from the hands of lord ram’s arrow so that even my promise is not broken and even lord ram will not have to get behind from his promise. Everyone is shocked. Shatrugan says please hanuman ji! Don’t do this, give us kashiraj. Hanuman says lord ram is suffering the most, but now the battle has to be between a god and his disciple only and not between anyone.

Hanuman says lord ram shoot your arrow on me. Lord ram says hanuman! don’t force me to attack an arrow on you, give me kashiraj, why do you want to die from my hands? Rishi vishwamitra says ram it is time to fulfill your promise, do it now, I want kashiraj’s head in my feet. Lord ram looks down and is not able to pick his bow. Vishwamitra says it seems shree ram that you cannot fulfill your promise, then okay I will break my promise and curse kashiraj, it will break the generation old ritual of raghukul. Vishwamitra is about to take his holy water to curse kashiraj when lord ram says no guru, stop! Rishi stops. Lord ram says I will fulfill my promise. He gets down the pushpak vimaan and takes his bow. Lord ram has tears in his eyes and cries and removes his arrow, then he says hanuman, why do you want to die? You have a chance, give me kashiraj. Hanuman says lord ram, I am bound to my mother’s promise. Hanuman says there is nothing greater than to die in your hands, hanuman tells kashiraj that everything will be fine, remember what I said about lord ram. Kashiraj remembers that hanuman said taking only lord ram’s name would make everything fine. Kashiraj stands on one leg and starts saying ram, ram, ram. Hanuman also prays his hands and says ram, ram. Lord ram says hanuman, please don’t do this. Lord ram puts his bow down and cries. Everyone has tears. There sita says parvati devi, please do something, even I am a mother and today I am stuck between the love of my shree ram and my son hanuman.

There vishwamitra says I am not here to look at emotional talks, shree ram do it otherwise I break my promise. Lord ram picks his bow and arrow and is crying, he does not stand stable and is heart broken, lord ram attacks hi arrow. Hanuman stands smiling and says ram, ram. There sita is crying and says it feels like something wrong is about to happen.
There the arrow finally hits hanuman and everything becomes light and orange fire. Lord ram thinks what have I done? I was forced hanuman, I was bound to my decorum, I am sorry. Vishwamitra says I am happy now, you have saved the ritual of ayodhya, you are the maryada purshottam.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : a demon says to a woman that I am the most powerful demon now, my name will be everywhere, I will not leave anyone.