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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying we should move forward for the ashvamedh yag now. There vidhurmali gets the trishul of lord Shankar and he gets up, the power of the trishul throws away nikumbh. Vidhurmali flies to go to hanuman.
As hanuman and everyone is about to go, in the sky vidhurmali comes and stands with the trishul and storms and tornadoes start. The storm turns into a strong hurricane when vidhurmali comes on ground and puts the trishul on the ground. Hanuman is shocked and says is that the trishul of lord Shankar? Vidhurmali laughs and says yes monkey, I was granted as a wish when I impressed lord Shankar with my prayers. Everyone is shocked.
In heaven lord Shankar is there and parvati says lord your weapon is used for adharma to kill your own son. Lord shankr says parvati it is a test not only for hanuman, but also for us tridev’s(the 3 great gods). There vidhurmali stands and says now hanuman try to save yourself from the trishul of lord Shankar. In heaven lord shankar’s anger is increasing. Parvati thinks lord shankar’s anger is increasing because his weapon is being used for adharma, what will he do now? There vidhurmali attacks the trishul on hanuman and there are hurricanes and tornadoes occurring and volcanoes. In heaven, lord shankar’s anger has no bounds and he gets up from his anger. Parvati gets up too. The weapon heads towards hanuman and vidhurmali laughs.
As lord ram is doing the ashvamedh Pooja, rishi chyavan suddenly sees the trishul heading towards hanuman in the fire. Rishi chyavan is shocked and he gets up. Everyone see in the fire and rishi chyavan says it is lord shankar’s trishul. Lord ram is really shocked and worried. He looks in the fire as hanuman stands and the trishul coming towards hanuman. lord ram is worried and angry. Sita thinks lord ram is angry and wants to save his disciple and son like hanuman. laxman and bharat say that is the trishul of lord Shankar and hanuman is in grave danger.
In the water where lord Vishnu lives is looking at this and narad muni comes and says to lord Vishnu. He says see lord Vishnu, today the gods cannot do anything. Lord Vishnu says even the gods have to give a test and they have the power to grant wishes to their disciples but they cannot take it back. All the gods in heaven are worried with lord brahma looking.
Hanuman says lord Shankar will not let anything happen to me. But I cannot fight the weapon of lord Shankar and disrespect him, I will use only the power of wind to slow down the weapon. Lord Shankar will not let adharm win using his weapon. Hanuman becomes huge saying jai shree ram and then uses his power and creates strong winds in resistance to the trishul. Vidhurmali laughs. Lord shankr’s eyes have become red and nandi and parvati see this. Lord Shankar is so angry that he starts doing his tandav and does tandav in anger which creates electric storms and thunder and creates lightning from lord shankar’s body. Parvati says how will the universe handle the tandav of lord Shankar?
There lord ram looks in the fire and sees hanuman in trouble and is very worried and angry, he remembers all the time hanuman helped him during the war in lanka and him being the greatest disciple and son to him. Lord ram is angry and closes his fists but he cannot get up and leave the ashvamedh yag to help hanuman. sita sees this and thinks please don’t let anything happen to hanuman and lord ram cannot leave the Pooja against his decorum. Rishi chyavan sees lord ram’s anger and thinks lord ram has faced many demons but seeing his son like hanuman, no one must have seen this anger of lord ram before. Rishi vashisht thinks lord ram is helpless, I hope he doesn’t break his decorum and leave the Pooja, we have to calm down his anger.
There as the trishul heads slowly towards hanuman, lord Shankar is angry and doing the tandav and the universe trembles.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman says even if I die today from the trishul, I will not let the ashvamdeh yag fail at any cost. Lord ram is angry and about to get up from the ashvamedh yag to save hanuman.

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