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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman setting all rocks in line. Hanuman says we will learn tactics by using these rocks. Hanuman starts picking one rock at a time and then waves each rock in the air which helps in building up the body. Hanuman does for 3 rocks and then kicks the last rock and breaks it, he says brother shatrugan do as I did. Shatrugan tries and picks the rocks, then he keeps it as hanuman does, shatrugan tries for other rocks but is unable to do. He says I am sorry hanuman ji, I cannot do this. Hanuman says no brother shatrugan, you can do everything, you are a raghuvanshi, you need the blessing of mother earth. Hanuman and shatrugan stand opposite each other and then pray, they put their hands on the ground and touch it on their head. Both take blessings, hanuman then attacks shatrugan, shatrugan defends it. hanuman smiles and does hand combat, shatrugan defends calmly and learns. Hanuman syas now you are ready brother shatrugan.

Shatrugan starts picking the rocks and then does as hanuman did, he masters the tactics and destroys the rocks. Hanuman says brother shatrugan you are ready to defeat that demon lavnasur. Hanuman says now I just have to keep him away from the divya arrow of lord shiv that he owns. Hanuman says I have to do something now, if he gets the arrow he will be more powerful.

In a cave, a rajpurohit is praying to shivling and the shiv astra/divya arrow is kept there. Lavnasur comes there and hanuman is small in size, he follows lavnasur into the cave and hides and watches. Lavnasur looks at the divya arrow and says there is my divya arrow, rajpurohit gets up and says pranam rajan. Hanuman hides under the bell, as lavnasur sees behind if someone is there. Lavnasur thinks why did I feel someone was here? lavnasur rings the bell, hanuman goes and hides near the shivling. Lavnasur says rajpurohit today is my battle with that raghuvanshi. Rajpurohit says yes, if you have to win you have to take the divya arrow with you, it will give you power. Lavnasur says yes I will go andbring water in a pot so that we pray to the arrow and I shall take it. lavnasur goes. Rajpurohit sits to pray. Hanuman thinks if lavnasur takes the arrow he will win, I have to do something. Hanuman starts saying lord ram’s name and says ram, ram, ram. His name makes rajpurohit go into deep meditation and sleep. Hanuman says now rajpurohit is in deep sleep, he will not say anything now. hanuman hears lavnasur coming and thinks if lavnasur takes the arrow, it will be defeat. Hanuman hides rajpurohit behind the shivling and he takes the form of rajpurohit and sits. Lavnasur comes with the pot of water. Rajpurohit gets up and says wait rajan, don’t take the arrow. Lavnasur turns and says why? just now you said take the arrow and now you say don’t take it, what do you mean? Hanuman as rajpurohit says I did say, but I just remembered today is not the right day because if you take the arrow into battle it will become strength less and its strength will not work like it is supposed to but if you keep it here, the strength of the arrow will increase even more. Lavnasur says that is right. Hanuman says and why do you need to use divya arrow to defeat the raghuvanshi? You are so powerful you can defeat him. lavnasur says you are right, I don’t need this arrow now, let it gain more strength so I use it for victory over trilok, I will defeat that weak raghuvanshi. Lavnasur goes.

At evening in the battle field, shatrugan and lavnasur stand and hanuman keeps his hand behind and says see lavnasur, I will not show anything to king shatrugan today. Lavnasur laughs. they both start fighting now, lavnasur attacks shatrugan but shatrugan ducks down and holds lavnasur from behind and throws him down. Lavnasur looks at hanuman and thinks this monkey is not showing anything to him, how did he throw me? Lavnasur gets up and attacks shatrugan angrily, shatrugan does as he learned from hanuman the tactics of balyudh from rishi parshuram, shatrugan throws lavnasur down again. lavnasur is angry and attacks again but is thrown down back. Lavnasur thinks I have to do something. Lavnsur attacks shatrugan and then kicks him on the leg injuring him. hanuman is shocked and thinks this demon cheated. Shatrugan is injured and on ground. Lavnasur is about to punch shatrugan, hanuman think shatrugan brother will die from lavnasur’s attack.

Hanuman intervenes and holds lavnasur’s hand. He stands in front and says you demon, you cheated is that right war for you? lavnasur says you monkey, no one can defeat me. Hanuman says why don’t you fight me instead of brother shatrugan? Then I will show you, I know you are scared from me. Lavnasur says you are just a servant you monkey, don’t make me kill you, I will kill this raghuvanshi. Shatrugan says dare you say that demon! Do you know who he is? He is the greatest disciple of lord ram, he is an important part of lord ram’s life, he is not a servant he is lord ram’s son. Lavnasur looks at hanuman and says monkey I don’t fear anyone, fight me and I will show you what fear is. Hanuman keeps his gadha and then he and lavnasur fight. Hanuman throws away lavnasur with his bal yudh, hanuman beats lavnasur to the ground. Lavnasur thinks this monkey is no normal monkey. Lavnasur now picks a rock and throws on hanuman. hanuman breaks it easily. Lavnasur is shocked. Hanuman now holds lavnasur and beats him to the ground. Lavnasur stands and hanuman punches lavnasur on chest, nothing happens. Then hanuman jumps and punches on lavnasur and he falls down. Lavnasur looks at the sun, it is about to rise, lavnasur thinks I have to defeat everyone now. as the sun rises, lavnasur tells his army to attack! Everyone attack, commander says lord ram’s army to attack and they attack. Lavnasur disappears. Hanuman tells shatrugan that lavnasur must have gone in the cave to bring the shiva astra, I have to go. hanuman goes. Shatrugan fights the demons.

In the cave, lavnasur does the Pooja of the shiva astra and is about to take the arrow. As hanuman goes in he thinks lavnasur should not take the arrow. Hanuman hits lavnasur and throws him down. Lavnasur falls and looks at hanuman, he gets up and says I will take that arrow at any cost, I want that arrow. Lavnasur heads towards the arrow but hanuman now holds lavnasur’s neck and says I will not leave you, just how you want the arrow at any cost I want to complete lord ram’s task at any cost. Hanuman holds lavnasur and takes him out of the cave and takes him back to the battlefield. There shatrugan kills the demon, hanuman brings lavnasur. Hanuman says brother shatrugan now you have to kill him with the divya arrow lord ram gave you. lavnasur sees and becomes huge, he says you cannot do anything to me. Shatrugan removes the arrow and attacks on lavnasur’s head, lavnasur falls down and dies.

There lord ram is in his ancestors room and sees the room shine. Lord ram says my ancestors are happy, shatrugan and hanuman have been successful.
There the shiv astra comes out of the cave itself and heads towards hanuman and shatrugan. Shatrugan and hanuman see and shatrugan says hanuman ji the arrow has lost its master, it is coming towards us, we will die from this arrow. Hanuman prays to lord Shankar and suddenly lord Shankar comes and holds the arrow. Shatrugan and hanuman say pranam. Lord Shankar says hanuman you have freed the world from a monster, and you have freed my arrow which was under his control. Lord Shankar says no here where you fought bal yudh, people will remember you. whenever someone will pray to you before fighting bal yudh they will be blessed by your blessings. Lord Shankar creates a huge statue of hanuman from a mountain and goes. Hanuman says thank you mahadev.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sita tells hanuman my sons have grown up now, it is time for them to know who lord ram is. Hanuman says that is good, they could start from ayodhya and show their talent to lord ram, lord ram will recognize them.

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