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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with sita saying where is son hanuman? lord ram says hanuman has gone to bring back my arrow. Lord ram says for the first time my arrow has not gone in the direction I want and even for the first time it has taken hanuman this much time to complete a task, where is hanuman? everyone is worried and puzzled. There hanuman as a brahman is in the temple singing the song for lord ram. There lord ram hears the beautiful song and says this is sure hanuman, where are you hanuman?

There hanuman finishes with the song and hears lord ram’s song and thinks I was so deep in lord ram’s bhakti that I forgot his task. Hanuman turns and goes. The king gets up after the prayers and says where is the brahman? He must be sure a disciple of lord ram.

Hanuman goes in his normal form and sees the arrow. He then says after listening to the song, even you stopped arrow. Even you want to go to your lord, now come in my hands we will go to lord ram, he is waiting for us. The arrow comes in hanuman’s hand. Hanuman puts it in his waist band. From behind there is a dark shadow that hides in rocks. Hanuman says I think there is something here, then he sees the shadow hiding and jumping from trees. Hanuman says stop, who is it? then he flies on a tall mountain and sees the shadow. Hanuman says I will first catch the shadow and know what the truth is, only then I will go to lord ram. The shadow comes towards hanuman and stops, it then comes in its normal form as a beautiful divya power woman. Hanuman sees and says who are you? why are you following me? The woman says my name is maya, you wont be able to catch me hanuman. hanuman says I will enclose what your truth is.

Maya then creates storms and tornadoes and says now catch me if you can. Maya thinks I have to bring hanuman close to me to do my work, she smiles and goes flying on her cloud. Hanuman says jai shree ram and flies behind her saying I will not leave you today. They both then reach a snowy mountain hill. Maya is in the air and hanuman on ground. He tells his tail Sakha to hold maya but she is turns into a shadow. Hanuman’s tail cannot do anything. Maya says I am maya, you cannot do anything to my maya power. Maya then makes her 5 duplicates and revolves and says now find me hanuman, who am I? hanuman thinks how do I know who maya is now? hanuman then looks at each one properly, he sees one breathing in the cold and says in cold a duplicate will not exhale heat. She is the real maya. Hanuman flies towards her. Maya says how did he recognize me? Maya then with her powers traps hanuman in ice. She says hanuman, you cannot catch me so easily. Hanuman says I will know your truth. Maya says first catch me, then know who I am.

Maya smiles and goes flying. Hanuman says jai shree ram and breaks the ice. He goes flying behind maya. Maya and hanuman stop at a barren land. Maya then smiles. Hanuman says why don’t you tell me who you are? Maya says first catch me. Maya attacks hanuman with mayavi chakras. Hanuman breaks chakras with his gadha. He then says these chakras are very powerful and are damaging my gadha. I have to stop them with my hands. Hanuman holds 2 chakras with his hands, maya says hanuman, don’t release those chakras otherwise they may destroy earth with their power. Hanuman rotates the chakras, maya goes away flying. Hanuman then destroys the chakras with his hands. He flies behind maya and tells her to stop. Maya stops in clouds and then she with her power traps hanuman in a powerful shield. Hanuman says this shield has trapped me?

I have to break it. hanuman says jai shree ram and with lord ram’s arrow he breaks the shield. Maya is shocked. The power of the arrow brings her down on ground and hanuman goes down and quickly with his tail holds maya. Maya smiles. Hanuman says now tell me who you are? Maya says hanuman I am a form of devi parvati. Maya turns into her form of mata maya Shakti. Hanuman release his tail and says pranam mata maya. Why did you bring me here? mata maya Shakti says look around you hanuman. hanuman turns and looks around, mata maya disappears. Hanuman sees the ground and remembers her childhood how he played there with his friends. Hanuman says this is the place I used to play with my friends, suddenly he gets hiccups and says someone is remembering me. There mata anjana and hanuman’s father are there. Mata anjana also gets hiccups and says my son hanuman is remembering me, I hope he comes to meet me before we go to tirth yatra.

In heaven, lord Shankar smiles and says devi maya brought hanuman to his sumeru. Mata parvati says hanuman did wrong leaving maya Shakti without asking why she attacked him and brought him there. Now innocent hanuman doesn’t know what maya Shakti has kept for him, it will be a very dangerous test for hanuman, maybe he wont be able to undergo the test. Lord Shankar smiles.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : a king kashinath comes to hanuman who is in with mata anjana in his house. Kashinath asks for hanuman’s protection. There a man comes to lord ram to ask for his help and kill a man who has cheated him. Lord ram says he promises to do whatever he asks for. Man says he wants kashinath’s head removed from his body. Lord ram promise to do it. hanuman promises to protect kashinath.

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