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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

The episode starts with hanuman’s chest shining and lord ram and sita are in there. Everyone is happy and laxman thinks hanuman said was right and he is great, he is the greatest disciple of brother ram. Laxman says mahabali hanuman ki jai! Everyone say with laxman and laxman tells hanuman, hanuman I believe you now and you are great, your each drop of blood has brothr’s rams name in it, each heart beat beats brother ram’s name and I am surprised by your faith in brother ram. Hanuman smiles. Devi sita has tears in her eyes, in heaven lord Shankar tells parvati, hanuman has given the proof of his faith in shree ram and he will be known for this. There sita says to all the gods in the universe, that gods I pray to you and ask for a blessing that let hanuman’s all sadness, difficulties and sorrow be taken by you and he shall stay happy forever. All the gods listen and everyone give their blessings, brahma dev, lord Shankar, lord Vishnu and all gods in the universe give hanuman the blessing. The blessing comes as light and falls into hanuman’s chest, it shines the chest and hanumans chest I brought back to normal. Hanuman gets up. Lord ram says hanuman what you showed today has brought tears In everyone’s eyes, you showed that your faith is more precious than the pearls and they don’t have any value in front of this. Sita says hanuman, this faith of yours and today’s event will be known to the world till shree ram’s stories are said and you will be known as mahabali hanuman and ram bhakt.
Hanuman smiles. There suddenly in a planet, a monster arises. He says I will not leave ayodhya and I will destroy it. the monster calls all the devils in the universe. They all wake up and say who is that? Who called us? Everyone come to the planet in armies, the monster says I called you and I will be leading you to destroy religion and ayodhya with ram himself. the monster say why? And how will we do it?
Monster says years back when the war between gods and demons was going, lord Vishnu had a trick in mind. He created a messenger from the dust and shine from his hand. He told the messenger to go to the 3 demon brothers who had won over trilok by praying to brahma dev and with their powers were ruling trilok. Lord Vishnu told the messenger to instill in the demon brothers a new dharm known as navin dharm and the plan was forged. The messenger went to all the brothers one by one and told them they could pray to the shiv ling and then stay their life by drinking and enjoying madeera. The brothers then asked how? When the war between the demons and gods is going. The messenger told this is known as navin dharm and with that the gods will allow you to enjoy your life and drink and not do anything. All the demons were convinced and they started drinking and enjoying life and forgot about the war. This way once prithvi devi became the chariot and brahma dev the chariot driver, lord Shankar was the attacker and lord Vishnu became the bow. Using the arrow of destruction, lord brham drove to the trilok, there the demon brothers were busy in drinking but they came out to see lord Shankar and brhma dev coming. Lord Shankar then attacked the arrow of destruction and it destroyed the 3 plantes or trilok with the brothers and the war over demons was finally won. The monster tells everyone that in this way just by making someone believe in a dharm, they were destroyed, even ram had done the same and he made everyone believ in path of righteousness and with the help of the monkeys he killed ravana and his brothers. We will do the same thing and make our dharm and destroy religion and awake iniquity. The other monster armies are convinced.
In ayodhya in the palace. everyone say its time for them to go but their heart and mind doesn’t want to go from ayodhya. Lord ram says I understand and even I don’t want anyone to go from ayodhya but I even cant stop you as you have your kingdoms to tend to and take care of your people and kingdom.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman thinks lord ram is maryada purshottam and he wont stop me too but I shall go as I have to. Lord ram thinks I cannot stop hanuman even if I wanted to.

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