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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman coming to lord ram. Hanuman says lord ram you always sent me to protect everyone, I was always with you everywhere. Hanuman says you also sent me to protect pushkar in the ashvamedh yag. Hanuman says then why didn’t you decide to take me to salyu river for jal Samadhi? Hanuman says how could you and everyone leave hanuman and take jal Samadhi? Hanuman cries and says if you go then even I will go lord ram. Lord ram says no hanuman, you cannot go with me, you still have a purpose. Hanuman cries and says my purpose will be over with you lord ram. Hanuman says you don’t go lord ram, if my purpose isn’t over yet then even your purpose is not over. Hanuman says those children luv and kush lost their mother, now even you will go, who will take care of them? They need their father. Hanuman says I will not let you take jal Samadhi. Lord ram thinks about luv and kush and says hanuman, now my decision is final and I will not let you take jal Samadhi with me. Lord ram says luv and kush will be made king of ayodhya and after that I and laxman, bharat and shatrugan will take jal Samadhi. Lord ram tells laxman bharat and shatrugan to make the preparations and he goes. Hanuman cries, luv and kush come and cry beside hanuman.

Hanuman flies in the mountains and says I cannot let my lord ram go. there lord ram and everyone is ready in the court. Luv and kush come and everyone spray flowers on them. Luv and kush are sad but come up near the throne. Lord ram and rishi vishwamitra get up. Rishi looks at the kids and does their rajya Abhishek and crowns both of them king. Luv kush smiles and take lord ram and rishi’s blessings. Everyone say maharaj luv kush ki jai. Laxman bharat and shatrugan get up. Lord ram says now it is time for me to punish someone. Lord ram says it is my brother laxman, he broke his promise so he has to be given punishment of a death sentence. Lord ram says laxman will take jal Samadhi in the water today. Laxman and all brothers and lord ram smile but everyone else is shocked.

There hanuman reaches kaliash mountain, he falls at lord Shankar and mata parvati’s legs and starts crying. Hanuman says I am in difficulty mata and bhole baba. Hanuman says please help me, till today bhole baba I have not asked anything for myself from you. hanuman cries and says today I ask you for my world, my life that is lord ram, please stop lord ram from going taking jal Samadhi. Lord Shankar gets up and says come on devi parvati we shall go to meet shree ram. Hanuman smiles and says come on lord Shankar, now even luv and kush must have been made king. They go.

There laxman says I accept your order brother ram. Lord ram says this order was from king ram, but as a brother you will always be my shadow laxman, we all brothers cannot be separated. Lord ram says now about us, lord ram says today the preparations shall be made as we all will take jal Samadhi in salyu river. Everyone is shocked. lord ram says I know this is difficult to accept but life shall work as it is written.

Hanuman comes. Luv kush say see hanuman ji has come. They both are happy. Lord Shankar and parvati appear. Everyone say pranam and lord Shankar devi parvati and hanuman go near the throne. Luv kush take blessings of lord Shankar. Lord ram does pranam. Lord Shankar says today the one I worship is going and wouldn’t I come to meet him? lord ram says this is my luck and honor to meet you lord shiv. Hanuman thinks what is bhole baba saying? I called him to stop lord ram. Lord Shankar starts singing a song for lord ram. As lord Shankar sing, others sing too. After the song is over Hanuman says bhole baba I called you here to stop lord ram then why are you not stopping him?

lord Shankar says I have come here to make you understand hanuman, parvati says hanuman this is the life cycle and no one can stop it. lord Shankar says hanuman lord ram is the form of lord Vishnu and his time is over now, he has to go. hanuman says I am a disciple bhole baba, but today I don’t agree with lord ram and bhole baba I don’t agree with you. lord Shankar smiles, he blesses lord ram and everyone else and says now we shall go. lord Shankar and devi parvati go. hanuman looks down. Lord ram says the preparations for jal Samadhi shall be started. Hanuman is sad and looks down.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  hanuman goes to brahma dev and says brahma dev lord ram has sent me to you. hanuman says lord ram said that you have his something he owns which is a…brahma dev says it is a coin which is greater valued and gold than crores of gold coins. Hanuman says yes brahma dev, lord ram said you to give it to me. Brahma dev says hanuman I cannot give it to you.

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