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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman going away. Hanuman goes flying to a valley and he sees some rocks. Hanuman then writes the ram katha on the rocks. The rocks start shining. Hanuman says after lord ram will go, no one should forget his katha. Hanuman says I am lord ram’s disciple but he is leaving me, I also wrote the ram katha, lord ram has forgotten me. Hanuman takes the rocks inside the ocean. Narad muni says it is also sensible for hanuman to go inside the water as the water of the ocean will calm his emotions and give hanuman peace. Hanuman takes the rocks inside the water and says sagar devta please accept these rocks and let the ram katha live in this world forever. Sagar god accepts the rocks and turns it to dust and puts it inside the ocean. Hanuman smiles and says thank you. hanuman then goes out and sits on the beach. Hanuman looks in the sun and sees vision’s of lord ram. Hanuman sees that lord ram is calling hanuman. there lord ram says to laxman that go and find hanuman, call him as I want to meet him.

Narad says hanuman I sitting sad and is angry on lord ram, will he go to meet him? parvati says hanuman is so innocent he will go to meet lord ram.
There hanuman sees and says lord ram is calling me but I will not go. Brother laxman will not be able to find me. Hanuman then sees lord ram’s face in the water and wherever he sees, he sees lord ram. Hanuman says what is happening? I am seeing lord ram everywhere.

There laxman says hanuman is not in the palace. Lord ram says once I call hanuman, he will surely come to me. Lord ram says hanuman come here. there hanuman says even if lord ram calls me I will not go. lord ram says hanuman, come I need to meet you. lord ram says loudly hanuman! there hanuman hears lord ram’s voice, he says lord ram is calling me, yes lord ram I am coming. Hanuman flies as fast as he can and reaches ayodhya in no time. He goes to lord ram and says you called me lord ram?

How couldn’t I come. Lord ram says yes hanuman, I called you to meet you and hug you once last time before I go hanuman. hanuman is shocked and says prabhu I disapprove of this. Lord ram says hanuman, what has to happen will happen. Hanuman says let me come with you then. Hanuman says I couldn’t live for some time without you, how will I live for years without you? lord ram says hanuman, destiny has it written for me to go, you have to stay until your purpose is over. Lord ram says hanuman before I go, I have a task for you. hanuman says yes lord ram. Hanuman says I had a gold coin when we reached lanka, I gave it to brahma dev to keep it safe, can you go and take it from brahma dev and bring it to me. Hanuman thinks what if lord ram sends me and goes. Lord ram says I understand what you are thinking, I will not go unless you come and I give you a promise.

Hanuman smiles and says I will go to brahma dev and bring it here. hanuman goes.
There hanuman is flying into brahma lok and says this lok is so peaceful and beautiful. Hanuman reaches to brahma dev. Hanuman says brahma dev pranam, he does pranam to mata. Brahma dev blesses hanuman. hanuman says brahma dev lord ram has sent me here, he said that you have a gold coin he owns which is…brahma dev says which shines more than a crore gold coins together. Brahma dev says I know hanuman, I have that coin. Brahma dev says I have don’t its Pooja everyday and even devi sita loved the coin. Hanuman says yes dev, lord ram sent me here to take this coin back to him as he wants it. brahma dev says hanuman I cannot give it to you. hanuman says why brahma dev? Brahma dev says I just cannot give you the coin hanuman, it is very dear to me as it belongs to lord ram. Hanuman says brahma dev, I request you to give me the coin as it is lord ram’s order to give me the coin as he needs it. brahma dev says no hanuman, I cannot give it to you. hanuman thinks why is brahma dev doing this?

Narad muni says what is this new plan by brahma dev? There hanuman gets angry and becomes huge saying jai shree ram. Hanuman says brahma dev today you are denying to give that lord’s crime because of whom you have this position of everyone’s father, if you say no to lord ram’s orders then you have to face the consequences. Brahma dev is shocked and says ram bhakt hanuman, calm down. Brahma dev says I will give you the coin. Hanuman becomes normal sized. Brahma dev says I did not have a bad intention, this is true I am the father because of lord ram, but his bhakti is what made me keep the coin to myself, you can take the coin, it is in the ocean of brahma lok. Narad muni says so brahma dev is doing this to make hanuman understand that prabhu bhakti can force you to do things, but there is a time when everything has to be accepted.

Hanuman there says okay and goes inside the ocean to find the coins, there are many gold coins inside the water. Hanuman sees which gold coin must be lord ram’s? hanuman says I will ask brahma dev. Hanuman goes to brahma dev and says brahma dev there are many coins there but which belongs to lord ram? Brahma dev says hanuman, you have to find it yourself, you can search for the coin in the sea and take it to lord ram. Hanuman thinks doesn’t brahma dev want me to take the coin? Hanuman thinks whatever it may be, I will search the coin myself and take it to lord ram.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord ram, laxman, bharat and shatrugan are ready to go inside the river. Lord ram stops and says I cannot live without laxman that is why even I have to go, but as I am going I have realized that I cannot live without hanuman to. Lord ram looks at hanuman and says then how can I go leaving you hanuman?

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