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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman and kashiraj saying ram, ram. They both are suddenly protected by a shield and everyone smile and see they are protected. Lord ram says my hanuman is safe. Rishi vishwamitra is shocked and thinks how did they handle the power of ram’s arrow? Sugreeva says jai shree ram and everyone say jai shee ram. Raktrom bajrajwala
Vishwamitra thinks still ram has to fulfill his promise. Vishwamitra tells lord ram to fire another arrow as he has to fulfill his promise. Lord ram says okay sadly and he fires another arrow. It hits the shield but they are saved. Lord ram is happy. Sugreeva says hanuman is great he is saved by this shield. Vishwamitra is angry and says ram attack more dangerous arrows that you have. Lord ram has tears and says okay and attacks varun astra. Varun dev is worried.

The varun astra is heading towards hanuman and kashiraj opens his eyes and thinks what hanuman said was right, only lord ram’s name is protecting us. Kashiraj closes his eyes and says ram, ram. The arrow hits and again nothing happens as the shield protects hanuman and kashiraj. Vishwamitra is angry. Lord ram keeps attacking more divya arrows but hanuman and kashiraj are protected by the shield. Vishwamitra says this is some maya power hanuman is protected by. Sugreeva says this divya shield has protect hanuman only by taking the name of lord ram. Angad says this is the power of bhakti.

Lord ram says hanuman and kashiraj have been protected by the power of my name. vishwamitra comes in front of lord ram. Lord ram says guru dev, I tried with my arrows but they are protected by the power of my name, lord ram turns his bow into sword and says take this and as I could not fulfill my promise kill me and tear my body with the sword. Vishwamitra takes the sword and throws it towards shatrugan and he holds it. Vishwamitra says raja ram, my king, my student, the power of your name in hanuman and kashiraj has impressed me, my anger had calmed down and I free you of your bond to my promise. Lord ram is happy. Hanuman and kashiraj come. Sugreeva and everyone say great rishi vishwamitra ki jai. Hanuman and everyone say jai shree ram. Lord Shankar and parvatid evi appear. Everyone say pranam mahadev. Lord Shankar says shree ram maya shakti, a form of devi parvati had done all thois as a test with the help of rishi vishwamitra. Devi parvati and I had disagreed on a topic and now she believes that only your name can protect a disciple. Devi parvati says yes, your name has the power of bhakti, you are great shree ram.

There in nikumbh’s planet, his mother bajrajwala is standing in front of logs burning and says my son has died, now what is my use? Even I will die. Suddenly from sky someone lands, it is a demon. Bajrajwala is shocked and says raktrom! You? Raktrom says yes mata. Raktrom then says I came here for nikumbh’s help, my entire kingdom has been destroyed, there where even a god cannot reach under the deep seas, a meteor landed and destroyed my kingdom. Bajrajwala says my son nikumbh has died raktrom! Raktrom is shocked. Bajrajwala says ram killed him and it is everything because of that hanuman and his lord ram. Raktrom says what? I came here for help but get the sad news of nikumbh’s death. Bajrajwala says yes, but I will step into the fire and die, as according to what brahma dev said, when I will step into the fire I will give you all my demon powers, you will become very powerful, destroy that hanuman and his ram. Raktrom says mata! Bajrajwala enters the fire and transfers all her powers into raktrom. Raktrom becomes very powerful. Bajrajwala says my powers will protect you in your shadow and no one will be able to do anything to you. Bajrajwala burns and dies.

There lord ram tells kashiraj that I am impressed by your bhakti in me and I want to give you a wish. Kashiraj has tears and says shree ram, I got to meet you because of hanuman ji, that is the greatest wish I have had. Kashiraj then touches hanuman’s feet and says hanuman ji, you protected me and made me realize the power of lord ram’s name, I am very grateful for that. Hanuman smiles and hugs kashiraj.
There everyone go back in their pushpak viman to ayodhya. Sita says shree ram has come back safe with my son, sita is happy.

There raktrom becomes huge from the power and says now no one will be able to stop me, I will kill everyone and bring back the demon rule in this universe. Let’s see how hanuman stops me now!


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman is pressing lord ram’s legs and sita says today kashiraj and hanuman;s bhakti in you has protected them by your name.