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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The episode starts with hanuman getting huge and nagraj vasu is shocked. He does pranam as he sees lord Shankar in hanuman as hanuman being the form of lord Shankar. Nagraj vasu says lord I had once been in ego and thought I was more powerful than my brother snake but lord Shankar came and asked me to first become his wrist bangle so that this would be proved that I was powerful but when I was turning into a circular bangle on lord shankar’s wrist he became huge and huge and then my ego was broken and I realized my folly. Even this time you have broken my ego and ow I am mistaken and please forgive me. Nagraj vasu falls on his knees and hanuman turns back normal size and holds him and picks him up. He hugs nagraj vasu and says lord you are elder and you cannot fall at my legs. Nagraj vasu does pranam.
There shatanand’s form is there and he attacks the cave entrance but is not able to open it. he says I will kill you sita and everyone too. The woman soldier stands in front of sita to protect her. The form of shatanand tries everything but the cave doesn’t break. Laxman says I will kill this form and he attacks a blue arrow on shatanand and ties him but the form laughs and he pulls laxman and flies into space to bring him on shatanand’s planet.
There shatanand is standing tall and lord ram attack an arrow and shatanand neutralizes the attack. He then attacks 2 dark arrows and the dark shadow is attacked on the entire monkey army which fall down. The entire army falls down. The dark arrows make a black hole which attacks lightning attacks on the rest commanders and everyone.. everyone fall down too. Only lord ram alone is left. Shatanand laughs and says see I wiped out your entire army and your commanders and all your friends. Lord ram is angry and shatanand says now I will also kill you wife sita. Suddenly the other form of shatanand brings laxman too. Lord ram says laxman you here? Laxman then gets angry and removes his dagger and puts it in shatanand’s forms heart. The form disappears. Then laxman runs towards shatanand himself but suddenly from behind a form hits shatanand a gadha on his head. Laxman falls down too. Lord ram takes laxman on his lap and says brother!! Lord ram is very angry and has tears. He gets up and says shatanand now I will use the brahma astra on you. shatanand says if you use brahma astra the universe will be destroyed then what will be the use of your path of righteousness? Shatanand laughs.
There nagraj vasu says to give you the weapon to kill shatanand I need the touch of all the loks you came form hanuman. Hanuman says lord nagraj I came from all the loks and their touch is on my body to, hanuman jumps and the touch turns golden and falls on the ground. Nagraj vasu turns the golden touch and makes the weapon to kill shatanand, he gives it to hanuman and hanuman says now I have to reach and give this weapon to lord ram soon.
There lord ram says but then I will use the Narayan astra and no one can stop me from using it. shatanand thinks if he uses the Narayan astra it will be difficult for me. In heaven lord indra says if lord ram uses Narayan astra, he will have to put all his power into the weapon and that may kill lord ram too and now hanuman has to reach there before lord ram attacks the Narayan astra but it doesn’t seem lord ram will wait now.
There lord ram puts all his power into the weapon and makes the Narayan astra. He attacks it on shatanand, who turns into stone and then a chakra comes and shatanands stone body is busted. Lord ram falls down on a rock unconscious too.
There hanuman comes with the weapon to kill shatanand and he is shocked to see the entire army and lord ram and laxman too. Hanuman says what did this happen? And what happened here? How did everyone fall? Hanuman is sad and says I have come late.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: hanuman looks at shatanand and says now I will kill you with this weapon. Hanuman runs towards shatanand with the weapon.

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