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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th February 2017 Written Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th February 2017 Written Update and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th February 2017 watch Online

The episode starts with laxman saying but brother he is too egoistic and ravana wont teach me politics and rule and he is the person who wanted to kill you and he troubled devi sita. Lord ram says laxman I have defeated ravana for his sins and he is suffering and will soon die but in the entire world ravana is the most knowledgeable person and attaining knowledge from him is your honor as he is very intelligent. Hanuman says yes brother laxman and a teacher is a teacher and ravana is suffering but he has great knowledge of the universe. Laxman goes and stands beside ravana, and says ravana, then he says dashanand teach me politics as my brother ram has sent me to gain knowledge from you. ravana looks away. Laxman is shocked and everyone is but lord ram smiles. Laxman thinks he has so much ego that even now he looks away, laxman says again and says I have to complete the task given to me by my brother. In heaven lord Shankar tells parvati that hanuman is the most faithful disciple of lord ram and he convinced laxman to gain knowledge from ravana as hanuman agrees to lord ram’s path of righteousness. There laxman comes back and tells lord ram that brother you saw I went to ravana to seek knowledge from him but he did not even look at me. Lord ram says dear brother laxman, when you go to a guru, he is the ultimate knowledgeable person and you have to be decent with heart and as ravana is the most knowledgeable, he will never look away from a true student who wants to learn. Hanuman says yes laxman brother and ravana is maha gyani and you shall go near his legs and seek for knowledge. Laxman says how could I step away from my manners and I will go near ravana’s legs.
Laxman goes near ravan’s legs and then does pranam and says he maha gyani ravana, I have come to seek knowledge from you as you are the most knowledgeable person in the universe. Ravana this time looks at laxman, everyone is amazed and lord ram and hanuman smile. Ravana thinks lord ram and hanuman’s souls are so pure and they both convinced laxman to come to me and seek knowledge so easily. Ravana then sees lord shankar’s form standing behind hanuman’s back and lord vishnu’s form standing behind lord ram. Ravana smiles and does pranam and says lord ram is the purest soul in the universe and what couldn’t understand when I was alive, that I understand when I am about to die. Lord ram is treating me with respect as I die and lord ram is the form of lord Vishnu himself. ravana says laxman you have come to me to gain knowledge but lord ram himself is the most knowledgeable entity and he still sent you to me and I don’t know how to ask forgiveness for my sins and I am not worth teaching you anything. Vibhishan says brother I was so eager to see this development in you long ago. Ravana smiles and says to laxman that I will still teach you as lord ram sent you to me. Ravana then teaches laxman everything about politics and laxman listens carefully like a student and smiles then ravana says laxman I could teach you as much as I knew and now lord ram is the one who knows everything. ravana looks at lord ram and sees the form of lord Vishnu and sees form of lord Shankar in hanuman. Then both the forms of lord Vishnu and lord Shankar merge and it becomes a huge sign of OM. Ravana then smiles and says shree ram for the last time and he dies. The diya of ravana’s lifeline there in lanka goes and mandodari sees and screams loudly and says no!! my lord is dead and this cant happen. There on battlefield vibhishan screams brother ravana!! Vibhishan cries and then says now I am an orphan but if brother ravana you would have listened to me before this would not have happened. Everyone is sad.
In heaven, lord Shankar says to parvati if ravana would have known the true soul of lord ram this would not have happened. Lord Shankar says now the story of ravana’s death and his battle with lord ram will prevail for ages and people will be inspired from this story. Like ravana, there are 10 forms in a human too and that is what makes them a human being. The story of ravana will inspire all human forms.
On battlefield lord ram thinks that sorrow becomes less when it is shared with others and I have to support vibhishan in this time as he needs me.
There mandodari is crying and advisor who is mandodari’s father comes. He says this was injustice to ravana and dashanand died with injustice done to him. Ram attacked the arrow in ravana’s navel which is against the rule of the war and hanuman also many times distracted ravana’s attention when he prayed to lord Shankar to protect meghnad and he also disturbed meghnad during his prayers which killed him from laxman’s arrow. Hanuman also very cleverly erased the words from mata shakti’s mantra which ravana was reading and his prayers were disturbed that time too. Mandodari gets up and screams loudly in anger and says I will take revenge for this injustice done to my swami and ram, hanuman and laxman did war with iniquity. Mandodari says my religion of wife will curse ram, laxman and hanuman and everyone on that battlefield will die today from my curse.
There on the battlefield a huge storm comes. In heaven all gods are shocked.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2017 Written Update precap :

mandodari comes on battlefield and says ram, hanuman and laxman you cheated and killed my lord and my curse will kill you all and I have come here to take revenge. Hanuman throws arrow towards mandodari. In heaven, surya dev says to indra dev that hanuman threw arrow towards mandodari which will increase her anger more now.

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