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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with sita thinking that now I will give beda to shree ram to eat, even I will get the happiness of serving my husband. Sita goes and makes the beda with leaf, lord ram opens his eyes and sits up. Sita sits beside lord ram and feeds lord ram the beda. Sita thinks hanuman must be coming. Lord ram then says its surprising hanuman isn’t here as he would always be here even before I called him, let me check. Sita stops lord ram and smiles and says prabhu let it be, now hanuman will come when you will call him. lord ram says why? sita smiles and says hanuman must have understood the pain of a wife so he is waiting outside. Lord ram smiles.

Outside hanuman thinks now mata sita and lord ram are together, what do I do now? suddenly there is nagkanya saying loudly, help I want to meet lord ram. Hanuman thinks who is it now? she will wake up lord ram. Hanuman goes. He meets the nagkanya and says why are you calling for lord ram? Nagkanya says I am nagkanya and my kingdom has been attacked by a monster, I need lord ram’s help. Hanuman says lord ram is with devi sita, I cannot disturb their togetherness now. nagkanya says but I need help. Hanuman says I will help you, come on take me to your kingdom. Nagkanya smiles and takes hanuman.
As they walk far from ayodhya, nagkanya thinks I shall take control of hanuman and make him unconscious and take him to raktrom. Nagkanya turns into the snake and holds hanuman with her tail. Hanuman is shocked, nagkanya with her eyes makes hanuman unconscious. Then she takes him into water to take hanuman to raktrom’s destroyed kingdom.

Raktrom is in his kingdom and says why is nagkanya taking so much time? I am waiting for hanuman! raktrom calls 2 monster fishes vidhutasta and agniasta, one has power of electricity and other has power of fire. Raktrom says bring nagkanya with that monkey, she is taking too much time to bring hanuman. the fishes go.

Nagkanya brings hanuman on the ocean floor and says this monkey is about to open his eyes. Hanuman opens his eyes and says the surrounding in this ocean is so beautiful, but if the nagkanya wanted my help? Why did she bring me like this? Nagkanya thinks the monkey has woken up, I shall make him unconscious again and take him to raktrom. Hanuman says why have you held me by your tail? I don’t want to fight you without a reason. Nagkanya says I will make you unconscious again, nagkanya turns into snake and looks at hanuman and says look in my eyes. Hanuman thinks I shall not look in her eyes, otherwise she will take me into control.

Hanuman looks aside as nagkanya tries to look in his eyes. Hanuman then thinks I have to defeat her by looking through her shadow. Nagkanya says I will release my poison on you. nagkanya releases the poison and comes in her normal form. Hanuman looks from the shadow and punches and reverses the poison on nagkanya. Nagkanya is hurt and shocked. She then with her powers makes whirlpool under the ocean and throws a huge rock in it which is destroyed. Nagkanya says hanuman I will throw you inside it and then you will be destroyed too. Nagkanya throws hanuman inside the whirlpool. Then she says I should block it with a rock so that hanuman stays inside and I will bring raktrom here. nagkanya throws the rock inside. Hanuman destroys the rock by pushing it in the epicenter of the whirlpool, the whirlpool is destroyed. Hanuman stands in front of nagkanya. Nagkanya is shocked and thinks this monkey is very powerful. Hanuman is about to hit nagkanya with his gadha when she says no! please. Hanuman stops. Nagkanya says I have understood you are a divya powered monkey, hanuman. nagkanya does pranam.

There lord ram and sita are walking in the forest. Sita says prabhu this forest is so beautiful with flowers everywhere. Sita then says I want the flowers to make a necklace and where it in my neck. Lord ram smiles and says yes sita, the flower necklace will look beautiful on you sita. Lord ram says I will tell hanuman, sita looks at lord ram. Lord ram says I will gather the flowers for you sita, lord ram takes the basket and gathers flowers. Sita looks at lord ram and smiles and thinks shree ram always take the name of hanuman, I pray to god that lord ram and hanuman shall never be kept away from each other, let this beautiful relation of god and disciple stay forever.

There hanuman tells nagkanya that tell me why you brought me here and where were you taking me? Suddenly agniasta and vidhutasta come. The fishes say monkey we have come to take you, vidhutasta attacks electric on hanuman. hanuman thinks this fish has electric power, I shall defeat him with my gadha. Hanuman throws his gadha on vidhutasta, agniasta comes and says save yourself from fire now. agniasta attacks fire but hanuman reverses the attack and throws away agniasta. Nagkanya is shocked and thinks hanuman is very powerful. Hanuman’s gadha throws away vidhutasta. The fishes come again and hanuman thinks my repeated attacks is bringing them back. Nagkanya now tells hanuman that they shall be destroyed only with them attacking each other. Hanuman thinks why did she help me? The fishes say nagkanya you betrayed raktrom, we shall kill you. hanuman says I shall save nagkanya to know her truth.

There raktrom is annoyed and says where are they 3? Why isn’t hanuman still here?


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : raktrom calls for a huge mayavi octopus and tells him to go and capture hanuman and bring him here. hanuman is held by the octopus but he becomes small and attacks it and saves nagkanya.