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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying lord ram you always lived in my heart and will always keep living inside me. Hanuman sits on one leg and then again tears his chest for the 2nd time. Lord ram and sita are seen inside hanumans chest. Everyone is proud to see this and have tears. The people say jai shree ram, jai hanuman. Lord ram touches hanuman’s chest and makes it normal. Hanuman says lord ram you will stay in my heart and in each drop of my blood in each multiverse and each lifetime. Lord ram takes hanuman up and hugs him. hanuman says prabhu and has tears. Lord ram says I would never have a disciple like you hanuman. Lord ram then looks at the people and does pranam as the people have tears. Lord ram and all brothers look at their mothers and smile. Hanuman has tears and luv kush too. lord ram laxman bharat and shatrugan now get down inside the river and start walking ahead as ram siya ram siya ram jai hanuman song plays as the brothers go deeper inside together. Hanuman cries and is doing pranam. Hanuman cannot bear to see lord ram go. people are crying. Lord ram and all brothers finally go inside the water and disappear as hanuman and everyone see them for the last time. The mothers take luv kush with them as hanuman looks down and waits.

There lord ram laxman bharat and shatrugan reach the door of vaikunth. Lord ram says this is the door f entry to vaikutnh. Laxman says we have reached vaikutnh brother. Lord ram says we have to enter all the doors to get inside. There hanuman says jai jai siya ram and a light from his body comes and shines on the temple. There the doors of vaikunth dham open. Sita comes out and lord ram and all brothers are happy to see sita. Laxman and brothers say pranam bhabhi maa. Lord ram looks at sita dearly and says take your ring from me once again sita, he wears sita the ring and all of them start entering vaikunth together. They all cross all doors and reach vaikunth to lord Vishnu and devi laxmi. They do pranam to lord Vishnu as he blesses them and all of them merge back into lord vishnu’s body. All the gods do pranam for one last time.

There hanuman takes the blessing of lord ram’s footstep on the river bank. Hanuman remembers what lord ram told him everything about his duty. Hanuman says jai shree ram and goes back to ayodhya. In ayodhya, it is dark and there is no light anywhere. Hanuman sees the palace and says once where there was so much light and happiness now it is all gone. Hanuman says lord ram has gone. Hanuman remembers lord ram saying he is leaving luv kush to him and he trust him that he will take care of luv kush and guide them through the years. Hanuman goes inside the palace and sees luv and kush crying. Hanuman makes luv kush get up and hugs them, he says don’t cry boys now you have to make ayodhya glorious by your rule and keep the name of ram nam too in this world. Hanuman teaches luv kush about the rajya dharma, about dharma and everything. As he teaches, next day luv and kush sit on the throne together and then do rajya dharma and rule for years. Time passes and a leap is taken, luv and kush are older now. Hanuman says luv kush, you both have excelled in your duty to rule ayodhya and love for lord ram and mata sita. Hanuman says the promise I gave to lord ram and mata sita is also complete, I have done my duty which means I should go from ayodhya now and start meditating for my lord ram. Hanuman does pranam to everyone and blesses older luv and kush. Hanuman goes.

On a hill, hanuman sits on a rock and starts praying. He prays for years under climates and now lord Vishnu appears in form of lord ram and looks at hanuman and smiles. He becomes lord Vishnu again. Lord Shankar and parvati see, lord Shankar says hanuman has prayed for years under tough climate and so intense praying has made lord Vishnu go there, now it is time for hanuman to become god from disciple, so we have to go devi to guide hanuman. Lord Shankar and parvati go. there lord Vishnu and laxmi appear, lord Shankar and parvati come and brahma dev and devi saraswati come. Hanuman opens his eyes and sees them, he says pranam tridev and tridevi. Lord Vishnu says hanuman you have completed your task and your duty. Lord Shankar says hanuman with intense prayer your task is over and it is time for you to be a god from disciple. Brahma dev says yes hanuman, you will be a god from now. Sita says hanuman you are lord ram’s disciple, you will become a god, the disciple who listens to his god. Lord Vishnu says from now hanuman, your place will be gand madhan mountain and your disciples will come to you to pray to you and to seek your knowledge. Lord Shankar says hanuman now you have to take a new responsibility and a greater one.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman is sitting and praying on gand madhan mountain. Lord Shankar tells parvati that dwaparyug has started now and this will be a new life for hanuman. There hanuman hears someone praying to lord Shankar. Hanuman says who is that? Praying to lord Shankar?