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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with the fishes swimming around hanuman to attack him. hanuman flies upwards the water. Nagkanya says this monkey doesn’t seem one who gets scared and runs, he is up to something. Hanuman swims in the water in circles and zig zag lines. The fishes say what is this monkey? Let him do anything, he wont be able to escape electric and fire. The fishes go to either side and attack, hanuman traps them and they end up attacking each other and are destroyed.
Hanuman comes down on ocean floor. He says now tell me, why did you bring me here?

There lord ram says to sita that I have gathered the flowers and made their jewelry, I will put them on you. sita smiles. Lord ram puts the flower jewelry on sita. Sita is happy and lord ram touches her hand. Sita says lord ram I will be having children and we will be a family. Lord ram says having children is a really good thought sita, you will have children but what do you want from me? Ask for anything sita. Sita says prabhu you remember that chitrapu forest we lived through our exile? Lord ram says yes sita. Sita says I want to go there once and enjoy the fruits, flowers and the beauty of the forest, I want to bath in the river ganga and talk to the animals. Lord ram says yes sita, you tell me when you want to go, I will arrange for the travel. In heaven lord Shankar smiles and ses devi parvati worried, he asks what happened devi? Parvati says what has devi sita said, she wanted to go with lord ram but she ended up saying she wants to go and lord ram agreed for it too. Lord Shankar says that is why what you wish for shall be said in the right way otherwise you end up regretting what you want?

There hanuman asks nagkanya that tell me why did you help me? You first brought me here and then helped me? Nagkanya says my kingdom was attacked by one powerful monster. Nagkanya says I know raktrom, he will send bahubahursur here and he is even more powerful monster. Hanuman says bahubahusur? Nagkanya says yes he is an evil and powerful octopus.
There raktrom tells his mayavi octopus bahubahusur to go and find hanuman and bring him here as he cannot wait anymore and wants to fight hanuman. bahubahusur goes.

Nagkanya tells hanuman that she was with her father in her kingdom naglok. Suddenly the fishes and bahbahusur attacked her kingdom and there came with them, raktrom. Hanuman says raktrom? Nagkanya says yes, my father was angry and he became snake and said he will punish raktrom for attacking his kingdom but raktrom came to my father and killed him in a second. Hanuman says then what happened? Nagkanya says then in our kingdom it is a ritual that one who marries me will get the kingdom of naglok and he will rule it, so raktrom asked me for marriage and said if I didn’t marry him he would kill all the nag and nagin’s in our kingdom. Nagkanya says raktrom gave me a day to decide what I shall do otherwise everyone would be dead. Hanumans says then what happened? What is the relation between you bringing me here and your marriage with raktrom? Nagkanya is about to say when from behind bahubahusur comes and takes his tentacles to hold hanuman. nagkanya is shocked and syas bahbahusur!

anuman sees but is held by bahubahusur’s tentacles. Nagkanya tells hanuman that his tentacles are mayavi and whom he holds, he sucks their power into himself. hanuman becomes small saying jai shree ram and swims around bahubahursur. Bahubahusur says you think you are smart monkey? I will take you to raktrom and you will be killed. Bahbahusur releases poison in the water which starts killing other sea creatures. Nagkanya says he is killing the innocent creatures. Hanuman says I will not let that happen. Hanuman flies around the poison and then with his power of wind he blows it from mouth and reverses the poison on bahubahusur. Nagkanya says hanuman is not only brave but is also intelligent. The octopus is freed from poison. Hanuman is held by bahbahusur’s tentacles.

There lord ram and sita are in their room. sita says I will bring beda for you shree ram. Lord ram sits and sita makes beda and brings it to lord ram but the bell of rajsabha rings. Sita thinks the rajsabha bell had to ring now. lord ram says I have to go dear sita, a king has to tend to his people and handle matters of politics. Lord ram sees beda in sita’s hands and says don’t worry sita I will come back and you feed me then, but now I shall reach the court in time as a king shall be disciplined otherwise even his people will not learn discipline. Lord ram says I shall go and bath in the river and then go in time to the court. Lord ram goes.
There bahubahusur says I will take all your power monkey. Bahubahusur releases poison on hanuman’s face and says raktrom is going to kill you and then he will kill your lord ram. Nagkanya is shocked. Nothing happens to hanuman and nagkanya says hanuman got saved from this dangerous poison of bahubahusur too. Hanuman’s powers are being pulled by bahubahusur and hanuman says I will show you what the power of a disciple of lord ram is. Hanuman tackles the tentacles and flies around the octopus, the tentacles of bahubahusur get stuck in each other. Hanuman says now this octopus will die from his own power as his tentacles will suck his power. The tentacles suck bahubahusur’s powers and he is bursted. Nagkanya is surprised.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : a woman in ayodhya kingdom tells her husband that she is pure as devi sita was. The man says you must be but I am not lord ram to accept you again even when his wife was so many days in lanka. Lord ram walks in his kingdom and listens to all such pain of the people. There hanuman fights raktrom.