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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord ram coming back from the river after bathing, lord ram is heading to the palace. He suddenly listens a couple fighting and some people around them. The man tells his wife that go away woman, I will not let you stay with me. Woman says but I am pure as devi sita is and she proved it to lord ram. Man says lord ram was weak, he did still brought his wife sita back even after she spent so much time in lanka, but I am not weak, I am not shree ram, go away you will not stay with me. The woman cries.
Lord ram walks listening this and heads towards the palace, he is hurt and sad. Lord ram thinks about the time he was in lanka and sita even gave her agni pariksha. Lord ram walks in the court, which is dark and lord ram looks at his palace, he sees everything and the happy time he and sita came back to ayodhya and stepped inside the palace. Lord ram is sad and remembers all the words that man said to his wife and that he thinks lord ram as weak.

There hanuman tells nagkanya what happened then? Nagkanya says she somehow escaped from raktrom and went to the kingdom of her father’s old friend, gandharv sushen. Nagkanya says I asked him how to defeat raktrom and who would help her? He said only lord ram’s great disciple mahabali hanuman could save her. In flashback, there suddenly an arrow kills gandharv sushen too. Raktrom comes and says nagkanya you did not do the right thing by running away. Nagkanya is shocked as her fathers friend dies. Raktrom comes near her and says now more will die if you don’t marry me, nagkanya says okay I will marry you but on one bet. Raktrom says what? Nagkanya says you have to defeat hanuman, only then I will marry you. raktrom is angry and says hanuman! I am anyway going to send him to hell, but even I have one bet you will bring hanuman to me, I will defeat him and then you will marry me.

Hanuman says so that is why you came to me. Nagkanya says yes I am sorry to have brought you here in this way but please save me and my people raktrom killed my father and his friend, he will kill more. Hanuman says it is my dharma to help someone who is in trouble, so I will help you.

There raktrom is angry. The fish vidhutasta comes to raktrom. Raktrom says why have you come like this? And what happened to you? you don’t look good. Raktrom says if you are here for a bad news then you don’t have the right to live, I will kill you. raktrom kills vidhutasta and says now I will go and kill hanuman.

There hanuman tells nagkanya that do not worry, you will not be forced to marry raktrom, from behind raktrom comes on a crocodile and says monkey, I will marry nagkanya after killing you. hanuman says I am the disciple of lord ram, nothing will happen to me. Raktrom says you are not a threat to me because great warriors like ravana, kumbhkaran and nikumbh were killed by ram not you. hanuman says today I will kill you and send you to hell where your brothers are suffering for their sins. Raktrom says then show me your power monkey. Hanuman throws his gadha on raktrom and he is thrown away from his crocodile. Raktrom stands on the ocean floor and says monkey, you will die now.
There lord ram is in the palace and he keeps his crown on the pillow as laxman, shatrugan and bharat watch. They are sad. Lord ram says I never thought about my people, I am their king but I never imagined that my people could even think like this about me. Lord ram says I am weak in the thoughs of my people. Laxman says tell me who it was brother, those who insulted you and Bhabhi sita, I will go and kill him myself.

Lord ram says how many people will you kill laxman? So many people will think like this about me, will you kill them all? Lord ram says after all they are my people, we cannot stop them from thinking what they want. Laxman and bharat say but what they think is wrong brother. Lord ram says we think that what they think is wrong but for them their thinking is right, everyone has an opinion of their own, we cannot change them. Shatrugan says but mata sita did the agni pariksha brother ram, even then why do people have doubt? Lord ram has tears and says the agni pariksha was done in lanka not here in ayodhya, people believe only what they see and not what they hear. Lord ram says I cannot be the king anymore otherwise I have to leave the cause for what the people think this way. Everyone is shocked. Laxman shivers and says does that mean you will leave Bhabhi sita? Lord ram says I have to leave the throne of ayodhya, I cannot be the king, for a person dharma should be great and rajya should be even greater. Lord ram says I cannot leave sita, without sita there is no ram, I am icomplete without sita she is the love of my life.
There raktrom attacks a weapon on hanuman. hanuman throws his gadha. Nagkanya is scared.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanuman tries to hold raktrom but he disappears, hanuman then holds raktrom and throws him on the ocean floor. Raktrom removes his weapons. There lord ram has tears and with a broken heart he tells laxman to take sita to the forest and leave her there.