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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode start with bharat saying what is hanuman doing? Is he going to remove that mountain? Sita is worried.
There hanuman says jai shree ram and he tries removing the mountain. As the mountain shakes, the rocks fall down and hanuman says these rocks may hurt the horse, hanuman uses his strength and removes the mountain and stands tall in front of the mountains. Suddenly the mountain says, now we will kill you and everyone present here, it starts throwing huge rocks at the mountain that hanuman holds. The rocks crash and pieces of rocks fall down. Hanuman says this can hurt the army and the horse will also be in danger. I have to do something.
In heaven, parvati says hanuman and everyone are I trouble but I cannot do anything. Lord Shankar says I was bound by my wish given to vidhurmali, in the same way you are bound by the wish you have given.

There hanuman thinks what to do and then he throws the mountain on the rocks as it will be a danger for the horse. hanuman throws the mountain and it crashes some flying rocks and bursts. The mountain still throws rocks at hanuman, hanuman fights them with his gadha and bursts the rocks flying towards him. Hanuman then bursts some rocks with his hands. Hanuman then gets angry and says jai shree ram and attacks his gadha on the mountain but hanuman is pushed back. Hanuman says I took the name of lord ram and attacked the mountain with my gadha but nothing happened, I think these mountains have some divya power. Hanuman kneels down and then becomes normal sized. Hanuman keeps his gadha down and says parvat digar, we have come here for a dharm task of lord ram and we are not here to harm anyone, if you don’t allow us to pass the king wont know that we are coming with the horse for ashvamedh yag, and the task wont be complete. Please allow us to get inside, I know your job is to protect the kingdom but you cannot come in the path of dharm and let the king decide if he wants to stop the horse as you are not the king.

There as lord ram watches from fire, he smiles. In heaven parvati says hanuman is very intelligent and he will definitely find a way to convince the mountains. Lord Shankar thinks, it wont be easy for hanuman, as it seems. There hanuman is doing pranam, and suddenly the 9 goddesses appear. Hanuman says pranam and says goddesses please allow me to go with the horse. the goddess says we don’t know about that as the king did not inform us about a horse coming here for ashvamedh yag, our job is to protect the kingdom. Hanuman says I respect that, but we are here for a dharm work of lord ram and maybe the king doesn’t know about the horse, he has to know about it. the goddess says we cannot do anything as we cannot allow any army to get inside. Hanuman says okay, not the army only allow me so that I can inform the king. The goddesses say okay and allow hanuman, they then go. The mountain says when you come back, you have to tell us what the king said. Hanuman says okay and the mountains open the path inside the kingdom. Hanuman flies inside.

In the kingdom, nikumbh stands in market and says foolish monkey, you think you will meet the king and make the ashvamedh yag successful? That wont happen. Nikumbh turns disguise and becomes villager and sleeps aside. Hanuman comes and sees the kingdom, everyone is in deep sleep. Hanuman says what happened here? And some mayavi power has made them sleep. I have to wake everyone. Hanuman tries waking a villager with water but he doesn’t get up. Nikumbh is lying there and thinks if no one wakes up, the ashvamedh yag will be unsuccessful. Hanuman tries waking, but suddenly sees a live Bhatti on fire and sees a villager near it, he says the market will be on fire, I have to save her. Hanuman removes the fire using his power of wind and then saves the villager. Hanuman says I have to go and tell the king about this. Hanuman flies to the palace and there he sees mata parvati’s statue and sees the diya is not lit and the Pooja has to be done. Hanuman says no one is here, I have to do the Pooja. Hanuman lights all the diya’s and then starts doing mata parvati’s Pooja. Hanuman then has tears in his eyes and keeps the diya down. He kneels down and says mata, I need your help, please come I need your help, hanuman is in tears. In heaven, lord Shankar says to parvati, see hanuman needs your help.

Hanuman then sees an ant going on parvati’s statue and he says I will remove that ant. Hanuman is going to remove ant when suddenly a voice says do not remove the ant and the ground starts shaking. Hanuman kneels down and says what did I do mata? If I have done any mistake please forgive. Mata parvati appears in the statue. Hanuman says pranam mata. Mata says hanuman! and smiles. Hanuman says mata, I am shocked and everyone here is sleeping and please help me. How do I wake them up? Mata parvati says call me mata again hanuman. hanuman says maa again. mata says my heart melts when my kids call me maa. Hanuman says mata, I was just removing the ant from your statue. Mata says yes hanuman but the ant is also my child and it was coming to my legs for my blessing, after which I will give the ant salvation. Hanuman smiles. Mata says hanuman the mountains that you encountered was wish granted by me to raja suman. Mata says many years ago, when raja suman lost his kingdom, he started praying to me, after years his body had deteriorated but he still prayed for me. I was finally impressed by king suman’s faith and I appeared and granted him the wish that he would win his battles and get his kingdom back and my 9 goddess forms would protect the kingdom from all enemies and not allow anyone inside unless you already inform the mountains that someone will be there. King suman says I need another wish and asks that whatever good he has done, he wants his people to get the saintly result of it and once I die, I get salvation. Mata parvati says your people will get the saintly result of both good and bad you do and you will get salvation, but after years lord ram’s horse will come for ashvamedh yag to the kingdom and he will have to participate in it, then he will get salvation by the good he does for lord ram. King suman thanked mata for it. hanuman then says okay mata I understood but what about here everyone sleeping? Mata says hanuman, I have given you a hint, now its your job to think and then your task will be successful. Mata goes back. Hanuman thinks what hint did mata give? How shall I understand that?


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : hanman punches nikumbh and attacks him. Hanuman is in the market of the kingdom and says Ii cannot live now and I will burn myself alive as I am not successful in my lord ram’s task. Hanuman puts the wood.

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