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Santoshi Maa 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with the man saying this is my address, you can come anytime and meet Rudrakshi Kamini says now Rudrakshi is gone. Dhairya says wait, I have to ask something. The lady says I think I have to show you real proof, Rudrakshi has mark on her back, even I have same work on my back, you can see. Dhairya says what are you doing. Santoshi asks how can you show him, come with me. She checks the lady and Rudrakshi. She sees the mark. Dhairya asks Santoshi what happened. Santoshi says the lady is Rudrakshi’s mum, same mark is there on Rudrakshi’s back. The man asks are you sure now, Rudrakshi is our daughter, can we go. Dhairya says yes. Santoshi says wait a min. Dhairya asks Rudrakshi to take care. She says I will miss you a lot. He hugs her and says even I will miss you.

Santoshi gets a bag and says it has Rudrakshi’s fav things. Dhairya insists the man to keep some money, Rudrakshi should not fall short of anything, I will keep coming to see her. Rudrakshi hugs Santoshi and says I will miss you and the tasty food you make. Santoshi says I will also miss you, come to me when you miss me, I will make your fav things. Rudrakshi hugs Kaka and says I will miss you. Kaka says even I will miss you.

Santoshi requests them to get Rudrakshi sometimes. Santoshi and Dhairya drop Rudrakshi outside. Trishna says finally, Santoshi will be alone. Trishna hugs Kamini and thanks her. She says you are not my real mom, right now, you are the best mom in this whole world. Kamini thanks her and says we had no better way to send that girl. FB shows Kamini taking Trishna with her. The Asurs come on earth and take human avatar. Kamini asks tattoo man to wait. Asurs greet her. Kamini says I did all planning. She gives them notes and says just be confidence, none can stop Rudrakshi from coming to you. She tells her plan. FB ends. Kamini says Rudrakshi troubled us, now she will never return, I have to go and get some items for my Sadhna. She goes. Trishna says that girl is gone, I have to make Santoshi out of here.

Rudrakshi is taken by asurs. Devi Paulmi says this girl is very clever. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to help Rudrakshi. Santoshi Maa says she is on earth and can just get help by those whom she helped, Mahadev will help her. Rudrakshi asks lady why is she not loving her, Dhairya, Santoshi and Kaka loved me more. The man says we are in tension, come home, then we will give you love. She thinks what’s the tension.

Santoshi sees doll and cries thinking of Rudrakshi. Kaka says I know you are missing her. Santoshi sees Rudrakshi’s clothes and says tell Dhairya to give clothes to her, they may have not gone far. Kaka asks Dhairya to call Rudrakshi’s dad. Trishna says she will take it next time. He agrees.

Santoshi says its her fav dress, you got this for her. He thinks and says fine, I will call. Trishna worries and thinks what to do. She says they would have gone far. He says I will try, its Rudrakshi’s fav clothes, she will be glad. He says its wrong number, its of tattoo maker. Santoshi says they cheated and took Rudrakshi, they were not Rudrakshi’s parents, call him again and ask. Dhairya calls back and asks did any woman got tattoo on back done. The man says yes, a woman got tattoo. Dhairya says your doubt was right, we gave Rudrakshi to wrong hands. Santoshi and Dhairya rush to find her. Devi Paulmi says Trishna is weak and could not do anything. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi can do anything. Santoshi Maa says I can’t stop her in her doings. Devi Paulmi says I can easily stop these ordinary humans.

Dhairya says you won’t come along. Santoshi says we have to find Rudrakshi. She sits in the car. Devi Paulmi stops their car. He says car got stuck, don’t know. Narad comes there. Devi Paulmi attends him. Dhairya and Santoshi leave in their car. Gaumata says you got a good way, now Devi Paulmi can’t do anything. Santoshi says we should not go this way, maybe they gave wrong address. He agrees to her. Gaumata says Santoshi and Dhairya agreed on one thing after a long time. Narad makes Devi Paulmi busy in talks. The man asks Rudrakshi to sit quiet and scolds her. She gets shocked and cries. She says I want to go back, drop me to Dhairya. She thinks he can’t be my dad. She sees the man’s Asur face in mirror and gets shocked. She cries.

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