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Santoshi Maa 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju greeting Sanjana. He starts imagining. She says I m staring at you. He asks why. She says I was thinking to make you a model, client’s budget is less, so I was thinking to make you do ad, you look good. He says yes, what’s the ad about. She says underwear. He says yes, I made its jingle. Chedi comes and asks her to see who came to meet her. Sanjana gets glad seeing Cherry and hugs her. Sanju asks who is he. Chedi says he is my brother’s son. Sanju says Cherry is good. Chedi says he is CA.

Chedi tells about his elder brother, and how he got lottery. Sanju hugs Cherry. Cherry asks who is he. Sanjana says he is Sanju, creative head. Chedi asks Sanju to come, let them meet. Sanjana says I missed you a lot. Cherry says I also missed you. Sanju says yes, she is missed by all. He goes. Cherry says this man is useless.

Kashmira shows the tie she got for Sanju. Sanju comes home. Kashmira says I got tie for you. He jokes. She asks him to try tie. She gets the hair on his collar and asks whose hair is it. He says her eyesight is good, its Cherry’s hair. Kashmira asks him not to lie, who is Cherry. He asks are you mad, he is a guy, not girl, he is Sanjana’s cousin brother, he has long hair. I hugged him. She asks are you saying true. He says yes, if I hugged a girl, would I come home this way. She scolds him.

He says I mean I would have got ashamed. She says you are fair, girls would be around. He says you got this tie for me, you make me look good, return this tie and get sack for me. He goes. Mummy says its guy’s hair.

Sanju goes and drinks with Khiloni. He asks him to give poison. He asks why am I so handsome. Khiloni asks what’s problem. Sanju says its good you are dark, if your wife doubted on you, then you would know. Khiloni says girls like me. Sanju jokes. Khiloni asks him not to praise himself. He says Kashmira thinks girls like me and is doubting me. Khiloni gives him an idea. Sanju likes the idea. Its morning, Sanju goes to meet Sanjana.

Sanju imagines and scolds Cherry. Sanjana says Sanju is cute, middle people relate to such face. Cherry says yes, ordinary people can relate, else who can bear his face. Sanju says you are very funny Cherry. Cherry jokes on him. Sanjana says enough now, Cherry I think we should decide on taking Sanju in ad or not. Sanju goes to work.

Kashmira is with her friends. They tease Kashmira. Her friend tells her husband is very husband. Another friend praises her husband. Kashmira says my Sanju is decent and handsome. Sanju turns ugly. Kashmira praises Sanju and laughs. Khiloni gives an ugly look for Sanju and says this makeup won’t go easily, I did not see such an ugly person till now. Sanju says I have seen an ugly man, that’s you.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira screams. Her friends joke on Sanju. Sanju says I just came, you guys sit. They all go. Kashmira scolds Sanju for making fun of her. He argues with her and makes a story how his face got bad by honey bee sting. She asks will you get fine. He says it should get fine, don’t call your friends here for some days. She says I love you a lot, our love will never get less.

Kashmira sees Sanju and screams. He asks did you see bad sleep, you said you love me. She says you were giving me heart attack, turn that side and sleep. He turns. He thinks his plan worked, I look ugly, Kashmira will not say anything, I will go office as handsome and stay ugly at home.


Santoshi Maa 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana asks what happened to your face. Sanju says same honey bee sting story. Cherry jokes on him.

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