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Santoshi Maa 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Daksha why are you doing this, did Trishna pay you money. Kamini asks Trishna to kill Santoshi. Daksha tries to kill Santoshi. She stops as yamraj stops her. She says the one whose death time is not reached, can’t die. Yamraj goes. Kamini asks what are you saying. Daksha shouts go from here. They all go. Daksha faints. Trishna leaves from her body. Santoshi asks what happened to you.

Everyone in Dev sabha talk about Devi Paulmi. Brahmadev says Asur raj broke rules by helping Devi Paulmi, they both failed in the way, so they are put in jail. Devi Santoshi says Devi Paulmi got punished here, what about the things she did on earth. Brahmadev says don’t worry, I will find out what bad things she has done there. Devi Paulmi thinks none can know my doings.

Brahmadev asks soldiers to take them to jail.

Kamini asks Trishna what happened. Trishna says Santoshi’s life is still there, so I could not kill her. I have seen Yamraj, he said Santoshi can’t die, her life is left. Kamini says Santoshi will die. Trishna asks how can she die. Kamini says Santoshi can die by tantra, even if the soul does not get Mukti, the life will be out of body. Trishna says I will do this to kill Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi says Asur raj we will take revenge from Devlok. Narad comes and taunts them. He says your powers are bad, much use of it can be proved fatal for you, even then you crossed limit. She says cheat will be in nature, I will take revenge from Brahmadev. He says sure, but you both are in jail, how will you take revenge. She says I knew you will come here, I wrote this letter for Indra dev, pass it to him. Narad says I can’t do this. Asur Raj says its your duty. Narad nods and takes letter.

Dhairya and Rudrakshi try finding Santoshi. Santoshi wakes up Daksha. Daksha asks what’s this place, how did we come here. Santoshi says you wanted to kill me. Daksha asks why will I kill you, am I mad. Santoshi asks her to free her hands fast. Daksha frees her.

Yamdev tells Santoshi Maa about Santoshi. She says it means Devi Paulmi is troubling my devotees. Kamini chants mantras and says now none can stop Santoshi’s death. Daksha and Santoshi try to find the way out. Santoshi Maa goes to meet Brahmadev. She says Devi Paulmi is troubling my devotees, she did not let me see Santoshi. He asks her not to get angry. He sees Devi Paulmi’s magic and says I have to stop her from doing something wrong.

Santoshi hears Kamini. Daksha shouts for help. Santoshi stops her and asks her to keep quiet. Gaumata worries for Santoshi, while Brahmadev does dhyaan. Dhairya and Rudrakshi call out Santoshi. She hears him and says I knew it, you will come. She shouts to him. She shouts to Dhairya, but he could not hear her. He says maybe she is not here, we should go inspector. Daksha shouts to him. Santoshi makes her sit and goes to look out of window. Dhairya calls her out. He prays to Santoshi Maa for help.

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