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Santoshi Maa 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Narad talking to three Devis. He says I m going to Indra with Mata’s matter, I hope justice happens with Devi Santoshi. He goes. He goes to Indra. He says its first time, you are blamed for partiality. Indra says I decided that by Shani Dev’s rules. Narad says justice doer should use senses, did you think why Mata attacked the Asur, its natural to doubt on you. Indra thinks can my throne fall in problem by this decision.

Rudrakshi tells Kaka that she is fine now and signs him. Dhairya says yes, she is better. He asks Santoshi to serve dinner. Santoshi says ask Pushpa, I m still annoyed. Mangla tells her plan to Paulomika. Dhairya says how shall I explain you. Paulomika asks Santoshi make her sleep. Santoshi goes. Kaka says its good you have Rudrakshi. Dhairya says its all a joke. Kaka says make Santoshi sure that it was fake call. Dhairya says yes you are right. Kaka asks him to think what to do now. Rudrakshi thinks to find some solution. Dhairya asks her to come to room and have food. She says no, I m done. She goes.

Madhuri asks Seshnath to do something. He boasts of himself. Paulomika and Santoshi rest. Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to move aside. Santoshi hears them talking. Devi Paulmi comes to meet Indra. She asks what’s the matter, you look worried. He says yes, I took this decision by your pressurizing, I m getting thoughts now. She says you should be firm on your decision. He says I can lose my throne, I have to reconsider my decision. She thinks if Indra rethinks, test will happen and my truth will come out.

Paulomika wakes up Santoshi saying she heard some sound. They go out to see. They see someone running. Rudrakshi comes between and stops Mangla. Paulomika thinks Rudrakshi failed my plan. Santoshi asks Mangla what was she doing in Dhairya’s room. Mangla says I went to take plate from Dhairya’s room, I felt thieves came home so I ran to get saved. Santoshi ask her to go. Santoshi says its good Rudrakshi came here. Rudrakshi says you would have doubted on dad. Paulomika thinks I will not leave you. Rudrakshi promises Santoshi will sleep in her room.

Its morning, Santoshi prays to Maa. She asks her not to let anything happen, bless us. Rudrakshi prays Santoshi’s prayers are answered. Gaumata says I will tell Maa about Santoshi’s prayers, she will struggle for justice. Pappu stops Sharmili and says I did not know you stay here, you are very beautiful. Guddu comes and hits Pappu. He scolds Pappu. Janardhan asks Guddu to leave Pappu. They argue. Seshnath comes. Guddu says I m ready to get shot for Sharmili. Daksha asks Seshnath to stop Guddu. Janardha threatens Guddi.

Gaumata goes to help Santoshi Maa. She says your love and devotees’ emotions got me here. Santoshi Maa asks her not to worry, you maybe tired, have food. Gaumata thanks her. Santoshi Maa says you should not come here, you can get blamed for being partial. Gaumata tells about Santoshi’s problem. Santoshi Maa asks her not to worry, truth finds its way.

Devi Paulmi says Gaumata broke rules and invited troubles. Kaki asks Santoshi to find out about Kaki’s train. Santoshi goes to ask Dhairya. He sees her gone and thinks when will her anger calm down. He says atleast I realized I love Santoshi a lot, its good we fought. Gaumata says Maa would be finding some way. Devi Paulmi says now none can help Santoshi maa. She sends a snake to Gaumata. Sanke catches her. Devi Paulmi laughs. Gaumata shouts for help. Devi Paulmi thinks Gaumata did not know its wrong to meet Santoshi Maa.

Santoshi checks arrangements. Mangla adds sugar in milk. Rudrakshi says I told you not to add sugar, why did you add. Mangla says its fine, I will get another milk. She keeps the glass near Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi says I don’t like sugary milk. Rudrakshi nods and milk falls. Mangla blames her. Santoshi scolds her. Mangla signs Paulomika and smiles.

Janardhan’s men say policeman has done this intentionally, they have kept less prize money. Seshnath says I will do something big. Kaka gets Kaki home. Dhairya and Santoshi welcome her. Kaka calls Ujwal. Dhairya gets angry.


Santoshi Maa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhairya asks Ujwal to leave. Kaki says then I will not step inside this house. Devi Paulmi laugh.