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Santoshi Maa 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa  13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Santoshi calling out Dhairya. Kamini and Trishna do the yagya. Brahmadev does dhyaan. He says now you can connect to your devotee, all the hindrance got over now. Santoshi Maa sees Santoshi in big trouble. Kamini prepares some magical ring. Dhairya says wait, I will see this side, you check there. Daksha shouts to Dhairya. Dhairrya and Rudrakshi call out Santoshi. She says I think Santoshi was there, we will go back to same place. He says we went there. She says we did not check much. He says fine, but we won’t waste much time. Santoshi sees Dhairya and Rudrakshi coming.

Santoshi shouts to Dhairya. Kamini and Trishna get glad. Dhairya turns to go. Santoshi cries and says don’t go. She shouts his name out. She prays to Santoshi Maa. She asks him to turn and see once.

She says you are so close, and yet so far. Santoshi Maa sits in her lok. She blesses Santoshi.

Santoshi shouts again. Rudrakshi says I heard Santoshi, she is calling us. Dhairya says I did not hear. Santoshi shouts again. He says its Santoshi’s voice, its coming from there. He sees the place locked and tries breaking the door. Kamini says now we will see who saves Santoshi. They hear Dhairya and get shocked.

Kamini says we should leave from here. Trishna refuses and says I will sit here and see Santoshi dying. Kamini asks Trishna to come. Daksha sees the ring coming and shouts to Santoshi. They get shocked. Rudrakshi comes there and stops the ring. Dhairya takes Santoshi away. The ring blasts. They all cough, getting faces blackened. Rudrakshi asks where are you and tries to clear the smoke.

Dhairya asks Santoshi is she fine, how did she come here. Daksha gets up and coughs. He recalls Rudrakshi’s words and says Rudrakshi was right, Daksha got Santoshi here. Daksha says no. Santoshi says Trishna and Kamini did this. Trishna says our plan failed. Kamini says Dhairva moves Santoshi, so fireball struck the wall. They stop Trishna from going to Santoshi. They take Trishna.

Daksha says I don’t know how I came here, Kamini met me, I did not do anything, Santoshi is my daughter, why will I take her life. He says I don’t think you are saying truth. Santoshi says she is saying truth. She tells everything. He says fine, I will forgive her if you say. Inspector comes and says I heard blast sound, are you all fine. Dhairya says yes. Inspector asks them to come. Dhairya says arrest Trishna and Kamini, also Daksha. Daksha says I did not do anything, Santoshi explain them. Rudrakshi says Daksha was made to say this, leave her. He says you doubted on her. She says yes, her doings were not looking right, maybe it was Trishna’s plan. Dhairya says fine, let her go but we will find Trishna and Kamini. Santoshi says we will go home first. He says no, I will take revenge. She insists. He agrees. Inspector says I will meet you in police station. They leave.

Santoshi Maa says today Santoshi got saved, but Devi Paulmi’s representatives will harm her again. Brahmadev says humans are free to choose their idol, I will talk to Mahadev, you have to keep an eye on the evil doings of Devi Paulmi’s people. She says as you say.

Kamini says we can’t go home, Dhairya will come to find us, we will hide here. Kaka waits for Santoshi. Dadi asks about Santoshi. Dhairya gets Santoshi home. Dadi asks Santoshi is she fine. Kaka gets worried seeing them. Seshnath asks why did they come with blackened faces. Kamini asks Trishna what are you thinking. Trishna says I don’t need to hide, I have protection, I know what to do. Dadi says you did not do any call. Santoshi says we got saved from death.

Dhairya tells everything. Santoshi says we are adopting Rudrakshi. Sharmili says she is like you. Dadi says I thought to celebrate happiness and got to know this. Kaka says we will celebrate tomorrow. Seshnath says we did arrangements. Madhuri dances. They all smile.

Dhairya gets inspector to that house and says Trishna and Kamini stay here. They find the tantric ladies. He asks inspector ask them. Lady lies to them. Inspector says we will find out. He scares them of jail, and asks about Trishna and Kamini. Lady says they went from here. Dhairya gets angry. Lady asks them to check house if they have search warrant. Inspector says no need, I m sure you won’t fool laws. Dhairya says they are lying. Police goes. Dhairya looks on.

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