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Santoshi Maa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Ujwal to leave. Santoshi says he is your elder brother, its his house too. They argue. Devi Paulmi says my devotee made them unhappy. Dhairya says Ujwal wont stay here. Ujwal says don’t scold Santoshi for me, I will not live here, I m going, don’t take tension. Kaki says Ujwal won’t go anywhere, like Dhairya is my son, Ujwal is also my son. Dhairya says Ujwal cheats us. Kaki says mum can’t see her child hurt, I will also not stay here. Kaka asks Dhairya to give a chance to Ujwal, won’t you agree to your mum. Dhairya says fine, he can stay here, I m giving him permission just for mum’s sake. Ujwal thanks him. Santoshi does their aarti.

Devi Paulmi says my devotees, Paulomika, Mangla and Ujwal will be troubling Santoshi. She laughs. Santoshi takes care of Kaki. Kaki asks Santoshi who is she. Santoshi says she is Mangla, she helps me in taking care of kids. Rudrakshi meets Kaki. Kaki says she is Santoshi’s shadow. Kaki says Paulomika is like Santoshi’s daughter. Kaki says Santoshi’s heart is very big. Ujwal says yes, even Dhairya’s heart is big. Dhairya goes. Santoshi asks Pushpa to clean Ujwal’s room. Mangla says no, I will clean it.

Brahmadev asks Devis on what topic do they want to talk. They ask him to rethink on Devi Santoshi’s punishment. Devi Paulmi says there is no question of rethinking, Devi Santoshi is getting divya profits. He asks does she have any proof. She asks him to check it himself, Gaumata should be at her place, she broke this rule, I can free her and apologize, I had to do this for some reason. Devi Parvati says you are making his attention move from main topic. Devi Paulmi says Indra has to think of his decision, Shanidev should be present here. Devi Laxmi says Shanidev went out, will Devi Santoshi bear punishment till he comes. Brahmadev says yes, we can’t break rules.

Rudrakshi asks Dhairya why did he talk so angrily. He says she kept Ujwal at home, why is she angry with me. Rudrakshi explains him. Devis meet Santoshi Maa and tell what happened in devsabha. Paulomika calls Devi Paulmi and asks about Ujwal. Devi Paulmi says he will help you, I have sent Mangla for your help as well.

Mangla likes Ujwal’s room. She cleans the room. She thinks he is handsome. Paulomika says my work will get easier now. Kaka says you should have not spoken to Dhairya this way, there are other ways to tell Dhairya. She unpacks her bag. Seshnath and Pappu get scared of Daksha.

Rudrakshi tells Santoshi that Dhairya is already in tension, will you leave anger if he says sorry. Santoshi asks her not to get into this. Rudrakshi asks shall I make Dhairya say sorry, that call was fake, trust me. Paulomika thinks try as much as you can.

Its morning, Santoshi does the aarti. Paulomika goes. Santoshi and Rudrakshi do aarti. Rudrakshi takes care of her. Paulomika goes to Dhairya and asks for Santoshi’s comb. He asks her to take it. Paulomika angers Santoshi by lying about Dhairya. Daksha scolds Dadi and asks her to stay in temple. She worries for Janardhan. Madhuri says he will come. Janardhan is with Seshnath. Seshnath talks to inspector and says he has caught Janardhan. Inspector says he is not a small goon, don’t joke.

Rudrakshi asks Dhairya to say sorry to Santoshi. He asks her to get Santoshi first. Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to come. Paulomika angers Dhairya. Seshnath meets inspector. Inspector says Janardhan has big reward on him. Seshnath says we can make you reach him. Dhairya says I don’t want to talk to her and goes. Rudrakshi asks Paulomika not to do anything now. Paulomika says I will do this till Dhairya and Santoshi hate each other.

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