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Santoshi Maa 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Rudrakshi praying to Santoshi Maa. The car breaks down. The man checks car. Santoshi and Dhairya are on the way. A man passes by and sees Rudrakshi crying. He asks why is this crying so much. The lady lies that she is crying as she wants to reach home soon. The man leaves. The lady takes Rudrakshi out.

Kamini asks why did you spoil all this. Trishna says I tried to stop Dhairya, will he get that girl. Kamini says no, they would have gone away till now. Dhairya asks people about Rudrakshi and shows her pic. The man who passed by identifies her and says the girl is in car, the car broke down, maybe she is still there. Dhairya and Santosho leave. They see the car. Santoshi checks and says Rudrakshi is not here, where did they take her. Dhairya says its not time to cry, they would be nearby. They leave.

Rudrakshi bites the lady’s hand and runs. She runs after Dhairya’s car and shouts out to him. Dhairya says why do I feel someone is calling me. He gets a call from Kaka. Kaka asks about Rudrakshi. Dhairya says we are finding her. Kaka says find her, don’t lose courage. The man catches Rudrakshi and takes her away. Dhairya looks in mirror and does not see anyone. He thinks it was my illusion.

Rudrakshi asks the lady to leave her, why is she troubling her. The Asurs take her inside the jungle. Devi Paulmi says you created hurdle in our way, you will get a lesson. She asks Narad shall I leave if your questions got over, I have to meet Brahmadev. He says great, I was also going there, come, we will talk on way. She says I have to first do my work before meeting Brahmadev.

Dhairya and Santoshi enter the jungle. The man says once our work happens, we can return to our world, we will kill this girl here. Rudrakshi asks them to leave her. The lady catches her. The man says it was Devi Paulmi’s command to kill this girl. He hits on stone and shows the stone breaking. Rudrakshi shouts to Dhairya to save her. The lady says none will come to save you.

Santoshi Maa and Gaumata look on. Gaumata says the asurs are powerful, so Rudrakshi is not able to face them. Santoshi Maa prays to Surya dev.

Dhairya and Santoshi call out Rudrakshi. They hear Rudrakshi. Santoshi Maa asks Suryadev to increase his speed. The man is about to hit Rudrakshi and sun sets. He says how did sun set this time. Devi Paulmi thinks how did sun set at this time. Narad smiles and thinks my work is over. He leaves. Santoshi Maa thanks Suryadev. The lady says Suryadev did partiality with us, Devi Paulmi will never forgive us. Rudrakshi runs.

The Asurs run after her. Rudrakshi reaches Santoshi and Dhairya. The Asurs see them and run. Dhairya says Santoshi take care of her, I will not leave them. Asurs reach the end of cliff. Dhairya says you guys felt you will get saved, I will not leave you. Th Asurs smile and jump down. Dhairya gets shocked. Santoshi and Rudrakshi come there and look down. Santoshi says none can get saved after falling from here, they got punished, we will go home, Rudrakshi is fine thanks to Santoshi Maa.

Asurs take their real avatars. Devi Paulmi says these two Asurs are senseless, now they have no work. She catches them.

Dhairya and Santoshi bring Rudrakshi home. Kaka asks what happened. Dhairya says she is sleeping. Santoshi says I will make her sleep in room. Dhairya says those thieves fell in valley, Rudrakshi is safe. Kamini says I will write her destiny now. Dhairya apologizes to Kaka and says I decided Rudrakshi will not go anywhere, I m going to adopt her, she will stay here with us forever. Kaka says great, I m proud of you. He hugs Dhairya and Santoshi.

Gaumata says Dhairya took decision that pleased everyone. Santoshi Maa smiles. Asurs apologize to Devi Paulmi. Devi Paulmi says fine, it was not your mistake. They leave. She says Dhairya can make plans, but I will punish this girl for her mistakes.

Its morning, Santoshi and Rudrakshi do puja. Lawyer says you and your wife can give application, if court is satisfied, you can get girl legally, you both have to sign, call your wife. Santoshi goes and asks where to sign. Dhairya says wait, and calls Trishna. He says I m going to marry her. Lawyer says then I can’t submit application, suppose if you don’t marry, husband and wife can adopt child. Kaka asks him to tak Santoshi’s sign. Dhairya says I m going to marry Trishna, then I will complete adoption process. Lawyer says fine if you want, I can get you two marry today itself. Kamini says great, I will do arrangements.

Santoshi Maa says Mahadev would have thought something for Rudrakshi. Devi Paulmi says I will get fun to see this marriage. Dhairya says I can’t marry, I m going out for work, keep marriage and adoption papers ready, I will come back and do both things together. Rudrakshi thinks to stop Dhairya. Trishna says you go, I will do shopping with mom. Rudrakshi says I will come along. Kamini says I will find out Rudrakshi’s secrets so that you don’t have any problem after marriage. Trishna smiles.

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