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Santoshi Maa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Kamini and Trishna thinking they got saved. Inspector says even if they are lying, I don’t have search warrant, I can’t do anything. He goes. Kamini says we should leave for some days. Trishna says I won’t go anywhere, I m not scared, I have my baby to take care of me. Gaumata says Trishna has Asur powers, if Santoshi comes in front of her, its impossible for her to get saved, till Brahmadev takes any decision, can we become your protective shield. Santoshi Maa says you thought well, but you can’t do this, just Brahmadev will decide.

Brahmadev and Mahadev meet. Mahadev says Paulmi got punished for her doings, even her people will get punished. Brahmadev says but we can’t delay, they can harm humans. Mahadev says good people know their duties, don’t worry,Strict decisions can be taken on right time, keep patience. Its morning, Seshnath sits to eat. Kaka asks him to do some work. Seshnath gets annoyed and does work. Kaka asks him to fix the cloth well. Daksha and Madhuri enjoy having snacks. Seshnath thinks they are making me work. He asks them to come and work. Kaka asks them to come.

Santoshi sings aarti. Everyone pray. Trishna says its big day for us, someone has to give life in the game of love, let’s see whose life is it. Santoshi finishes aarti and gives prasad to Dhairya. He smiles seeing her. Rudrakshi says now many people have come, we will go out. Dadi says you will stay here with all duties of a wife, I m very happy for you. Sharmili says I will decorate Dhairya’s room and come.

Everyone celebrate. Dadi makes Santoshi sit for rituals. She says I could not do this for your marriage, today I got peace seeing all this. Rudrakshi and everyone apply haldi to Santoshi and dance. Santoshi smiles.

Santoshi Maa says I m thinking about Devi Paulmi also. Trishna says today I will take Santoshi’s life or lose my wife, bless me. Tantric blesses her. Kamini asks Trishna not to go this way, everyone will identify her. She gets a shawl and asks her to wear it. Santoshi’s mehendi is seen. Santoshi is happy. Dadi asks the girls to make Santoshi ready, we just have one hour.

Santoshi and Dhairya’s marriage begins. Daksha goes to get Santoshi. Kaka and Dadi are glad seeing this. Daksha and Madhuri get Santoshi. Dhairya smiles seeing her. He thinks I promise I will give happiness to Santoshi. He compliments Santoshi. They all smile. Pandit does rituals. Trishna comes there and thinks what party are they doing without me. Kamini stays worried for Trishna. She says I hope she does not fall in any problem. Tantric says don’t worry, she is fire, she will burn anyone coming in her way. Gaumata says why did Trishna come in Santoshi’s house. Pandit asks Dhairya and Santoshi to stand for varmala. Santoshi and Dhairya exchange garlands. Jeena jeena…..plays………. Trishna looks on shocked. Sharmili does their ghatbandhan. Trishna thinks Santoshi is taking wedding rounds with my Dhairya, I have to do something fast.

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