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Santoshi Maa 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi and everyone talking about the new show on Lord Krishna coming on And tv. They promote the show. Kaka asks them to come in neighbor’s function. Santoshi and Dhaiyra refuse as they have some work. Kids also refuse to go. Kaka says fine, then we will go. Inspector jokes on Seshnath. Seshnath boasts of his bravery. Inspector asks him to go and catch Janardhan. He thinks to get name and prize if Seshnath really catches Janardhan.

Rudrakshi asks Paulomika if she will come along to Santoshi Maa temple. Paulomika refuses. She thinks and goes with her. Santoshi Maa prays. A crow comes and gives Shanidev’s messages. Shanidev says I m pleased by your tapasya, so I decide to rethink on the decision taken for you. She thanks him. Paulomika stays outside temple and sends Rudrakshi. Pandit asks Rudrakshi for her parents. She says they are at home. She prays. Pandit stops her from taking something in her hand. He says its Kevach fruit, it causes itching in hand, its good I came to give you prasad. Paulomika smiles.

Dhairya says I can’t come along. Kaka says we will go for tilak now. Kaka and Kaki leave. Paulomika tells Santoshi that they went to temple and did prayers. Rudrakshi hides the itching fruit. Santoshi requests Brahmadev to rethink about the matter and gives Shanidev’s consent. He accepts the request. Devi Paulmi thinks Devi Santoshi won’t get any fruitful result. Rudrakshi drops the fruit on Santoshi’s saree and apologizes. FB recalls Paulomika telling her that real relation is known when there is any problem, if we put Dhairya and Santoshi in problem, they will help each other. Rudrakshi thinks to do this to explain Dhairya’s love to Santoshi. She goes.

Seshnath tells inspector that he has got Janardhan in the sack. Inspector gets shocked and says you did good thing, we will see the prize. Santoshi prays that there is no one in Dhairya’s life. She starts getting itching. Rudrakshi looks on and tries to help. She runs to call Dhairya. Dhairya asks Santoshi what happened. Santoshi complains of itching. He says nothing will happen, sit calm. She says its like Kevach itching. Rudrakshi says I heard pandit saying about flour or cowdung application to relief the itching. Dhairya and Rudrakshi help Santoshi.

He asks Rudrakshi to get water and ice. Paulomika sees Dhairya with Santoshi. He asks her to go and see Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi gets ice and water. Kaka and Kaki comee home and ask what happened to Santoshi. Rudrakshi says I did not think mumma will be so troubled, its good to see Papa caring for her. Paulomika thinks when will that happen as I want. Dhairya takes Santoshi.

Rudrakshi stops Paulomika and says mumma’s state got much bad. Paulomika says but what you wanted has happened. Dhairya calls the kids. He takes care of Santoshi.

Paulomika gets angry. Rudrakshi thanks Santoshi maa for bring Santoshi and Dhairya closer. Daksha cries for Janardhan. Guddi asks what shall we do now. Madhuri says we will find some way. Daksha says all ways got shut, police has beaten Janardhan, what will they do with me, jail food is tasteless. Guard says no need to hurt yourself, its not easy to punish Janardhan, come with us, he called you. Daksha goes. Seshnath tells Pappu that they should go and get prize now. He makes excuse.

Dhairya asks servants how did Kevach come. Pushpa says we did not get it. Kaka asks him to calm down. Dhairya says I will find out who got Kevach, I will not leave you all. He goes to Santoshi. Daksha cries on meeting Janardhan. He says I will come out soon. He asks Daksha to manage his work. He asks his men to follow Daksha. He gives his locket to Daksha. She gets glad.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to take rest. She says it may have come by mistake, leave it, you worry for me so much. He says you were annoyed and now you are asking this. She apologises. Rudrakshi smiles. He says you will get forgiveness, just love me. Paulomika thinks to make them fight again. Devi Paulmi says even I m getting anger, once I stop Devi Santoshi, I will help you.


Santoshi Maa 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhairya says I will leave the one who got Kevach home. Paulomika thinks to do something to expose Rudrakshi. Devi Paulmi thinks to do something to stop Devsabha.