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Santoshi Maa 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Rudrakshi says I will talk to Dhairya. Santoshi asks her to come, we will celebrate holi with Santoshi Maa, come, else Dhairya will get angry. They come out. Rudrakshi says when I come back, Kaka you will become horse right. Kaka says sure. Santoshi asks her to take care of Dhairya and herself. Dhairya and Rudrakshi leave. Kamini says I will follow Dhairya.

Trishna asks why. Kamini says I have to get you free of Rudrakshi, she has some powers surely, I want to check her powers. Trishna asks how. Kamini shows graveyard ashes, it burns any Satvik thing, will you like to see. She gets a knife and says this is Satvik knife, which I kept for my safety, now I will show you these ashes power. She pours ashes on knife. Knife burns. Trishna smiles. Kamini says now thinks when these ashes fall on Rudrakshi,what will happen of her. Trishna praises her. She asks how will you get chance to apply this to Rudrakshi. Kamini says I will mix this in holi and make her life colorless.

Amba lights holika. She prays that her enemies die. She does tika to everyone. Raj also goes to Amba. She does tika. He asks why did you not do tika to Mannu. Gunjan says Mannu does not play holi, its been 10 years, get tika. Mannu stops Gunjan and says this is not my stubbornness, its promise I made to myself, I never break my promise. Everyone take rounds around holika. Amba says its your first test tomorrow, arrangements should be good, big people are coming. Ahlawat family is getting Badho bahu too, welcome them well. Raj says sure.

Badho says its our first holi, I will apply some color to elders. She applies colors to elders. Raghuveer blesses Badho and asks her to apply colors to Lucky well. Badho says yes, I will apply many colors. Amba welcomes Ahlawant family. Mohini signs someone. Amba asks everyone to come. Mohini says you are Pavaniya’s guest, they are our enemies, listen, you have to do my work, none should know we know each other, you have to add this bhaang in Pavaniyas’ thandai. Amma ji comes and says I m looking for my bahu. Mohini says I will come along.

Mannu gets late for holi jashan. Mannu says Amba will be angry on me. Raj pours colored water on Mannu. Raj applies color. Mannu stares at him. Raj says its holi. Mannu says you know I don’t play holi. Raj says why are you angry, its holi, what’s your problem. Mannu says I don’t play holi, as 10 years ago, I lost Simran, holi was her fav festival. I don’t want to play.

Raj slips and falls over Mannu. Raj says pillow saved you, did you get hurt. Mannu gets up. Gunjan looks on. Raj says you took revenge. I m going to holi venue.

Rudrakshi talks to Dhairya. He gets Santoshi’s call. He says my meeting did not get over, and she is after me. She says Pavaniyas invited from Gaguwal, you are there, go in the function, Kaka said if you go for sometime, they will be glad. He says fine, I will see.

Rudrakshi asks what happened. He says nothing, a work came, we will go hotel now. Kamini looks on and says I have to follow them.

Raj collides with Lucky and apologizes. He says you are Haryana’s iron man, how did you come to Punjab. Lucky says I came to enjoy with friends. Raj says I m wedding planner by profession, I m working for Pavaniyas. Lucky introduces himself and hugs. He says you will be getting the girl you are waiting for. Raj smiles. Lucky applies him tika and wishes him happy holi. Raj wishes him and thanks.

Lucky and Rana meet Naveen and say it will be fun to play holi. Naveen says yes, this time we will play holi with our wives. Rana introduces his wife Pinky. Lucky does not tell about Komal. Komal feels bad that Lucky did not introduce her to friends. Malti says Badho has relation with problems, if anything happens to him. Raghuveer will not leave me. Dhairya and Rudrakshi reach the party. Kamini follows them. Jagan welcomes Dhairya. Kamini says I won’t get better chance to put ashes on Rudrakshi, this holi day will be last for Rudrakshi. The man announces someone, who is best dancer. Badho raises hand and says I will compete. The man asks her to come. Mouni dances on Kisi ko mera hai nasha….Saara zamana……

Badho dances on the stage with Mouni. Kamini throws the ashes on Rudrakshi. Dhairya dances. Rudrakshi falls down. Dhairya shouts Rudrakshi. Everyone look on. Dhairya shouts for help. Kamini says try Dhairya, but it will be not possible to save this girl. Santoshi Maa opens eyes and asks Gaumata to go on earth. Gaumata leaves. Gaumata comes there and sees Rudrakshi. She gives them to bath Rudrakshi with milk. Amba asks Mannu to get thandai milk fast. Badho helps Mannu and gets milk container. Gaumata stops Dhairya and says just women can make Rudrakshi bath with milk. Santoshi Maa blesses.

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