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Santoshi Maa 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Santoshi and Dhairya getting married. They take the rounds. Santoshi stumbles and Dhairya holds her. Everyone shower flowers on them. Daksha thinks to go, as Kaka made her work a lot. She goes to have food. Dhairya makes her wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor to Santoshi. Trishna thinks Santoshi you took my place, you have to pay for this. Pandit says marriage got completed. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something. Santoshi Maa says till Santoshi calls me, or Brahmadev asks me to do something, I can’t do anything. Everyone bless Santoshi and Dhairya.

Trishna sees Daksha eating food and smiles. She enters Daksha. Gaumata says where did Trishna go. Santoshi Maa says she has much powers. Kamini waits for Trishna. Seshnath goes to Daksha and asks her if she will not bless Santoshi. Madhuri asks Daksha to come and get photo clicked with Santoshi. Rudrakshi gets tensed seeing Daksha, and thinks why do I feel she is someone else not Daksha.

They all take photo. Dhairya says there are many guests here. Daksha says I will kill you Santoshi, you got saved by fire ball, Daksha will be seen in CCTV camera, today no one can save you Santoshi. She goes to see. She sees Dhairya and Santoshi sleeping. Rudrakshi comes in front of her. Daksha says I will not leave anyone coming in my way today. She attacks Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi moves and kicks her. Daksha falls much far. Trishna comes out of Daksha. Everyone come and ask what happened. Rudrakshi tells everything. They get shocked.

Santoshi says maybe there is some misunderstanding. Dhairya says no one will shout or say anything, take her. Dhairya ties Daksha. Daksha wakes up. Dhairya scolds her. Rudrakshi says I have seen someone leaving from her body, there is someone making her do thing. Dhairya says it means she has some disease. Rudrakshi says its Kamini and Trishna’s plan. Dhairya says you are young, you don’t know, she has bipolar disorder, she got mad. Kaka says we should call doctor. Daksha says I have no disease. They all leave. Daksha cries and asks them to free her. Santoshi Maa says I will talk to Brahmadev, I m sure Santoshi will be fine, Rudrakshi is enough to answer Trishna.

Trishna comes to Kamini and says I can’t do anything till Rudrakshi is with Santoshi. Kamini says I will think something. Its morning, Dhairya scolds Daksha and gets her treated by doctor. Daksha says I m not mad, I don’t know about that knife. She shouts. Doctor gives her injection. Daksha cries.

Santoshi Maa says if humans get powers, it will be a disaster. Brahmadev says I agree with you, but I can’t do anything, the blame on Devi Paulmi is there, but she is in prison now, she can’t help anyone. Devi Paulmi says I got helpless, remember this time Asur Raj, this will be like fire in us, I hope Trishna does some miracle. Brahmadev says Devrishi will find something, we will take action on anyone doing crime. Indradev comes there. Devi Laxmi says I think he is coming after knowing about Devi Paulmi.

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