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Santoshi Maa 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying I will stop the devsabha proceedings. Indra asks her why did she come here, won’t she go in devsabha. She says I was going there, but I came to remind something. She makes him wear crown and take other appearance. He says I remember. She says I got a rose from my garden for you, accept it. He says its very beautiful and smells the rose. He gets dizzy. She asks what happened to you, now your sleep won’t break till I make you smell this rose again, till Devi Santoshi gets justice, I will do injustice with her devotees. She laughs.

Pappu asks Seshnath why did we get this rope. Seshnath says inspector is avoiding us, we will stop him. He stops inspector and asks did you catch Janardhan, we caught him, give us our prize. Inspector asks what prize, I caught him, leave from here, else I will make a case on you. He threatens him and goes. Dhairya takes care of Santoshi. He says mind stays cool by applying oil. He says you served me a lot, I can feel good by taking care of you. Paulomika gets angry seeing them. She asks Santoshi to come with her and sleep. He says no, Santoshi will sleep here, go to Rudrakshi.

Everyone wait for Indra. Devi Paulmi says Shanidev gave justice rights to Indra, can’t you wait, don’t you have patience. Devis get angry. Devi Paulmi says if any case is not solved, the case can be repeated later. Devi Parvati says yes, but it will take time. Devi Paulmi asks would rules be broken as per the time, Indra has given punishment to Devi Santoshi, just he should have right to rethink, you stop this proceedings now. Brahmadev agrees and postpones the case.

Kids think of Dhairya and Rudrakshi, and talk. Paulomika suggests to keep a party to celebrate their happiness. Rudrakshi agrees and makes a list. Gaumata says this girl is planning, Rudrakshi is not knowing anything. Paulomika thinks I will party first when uncle beats you and aunty throws you out of house. Gaumata worries.

Its morning, Dhairya sees Santoshi sleeping and smiles. Jabse hai maine…..plays…..She wakes up. They have tea. She asks why did you not sleep all night. He says I could see you well. He cries and says I did not know you love me so much. He says you are very lovely, don’t cry. She asks if that phone lady comes between us. He says none can come between us. He hugs her. Paulomika gets angry.

Rudrakshi gets ready to do puja. Paulomika asks for kevach. Rudrakshi says I have hidden it, why. Paulomika says Dhairya is finding one who got it, if he knows we got it, he will not leave us, go and throw it. Rudrakshi agrees. Santoshi comes and asks what’s happening, you did not had breakfast till now. Rudrakshi says don’t worry, go and rest. Santoshi says I m fine.

She asks Mangla to take care of kids. Mangla lies about Rudrakshi troubling. Santoshi asks Rudrakshi not to do this. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi can’t help her devotees. Kaki tells about Rudrakshi praying all day for Santoshi. Santoshi says I m fine, don’t worry. Rudrakshi feels sorry and cries. She thinks its good mum and dad united. She says I love you a lot and hugs her. Paulomika hugs her and makes a face.

Everyone talk in devsabha. Dev says Devi Paulmi is Indra’s wife, is she pressurising him. Devi Parvati asks will Devi Santoshi bear punishment till Indra comes, I won’t let injustice happen, I feel its some plan, I will ask Mahadev to use his special rights and do justice. Daksha takes Janardhan’s place. Seshnath gets scared and imagines punishment. Madhuri asks Seshnath what did he do, Daksha got Janardhan’s place. Daksha thinks to get much hafta from people. Guddu says they will never change. Sharmili says this is Ramleela ground. Tinu asks Daksha for food. Daksha scolds him. Devi Paulmi makes Indra smell rose and wakes him up. He says how did I get such deep sleep, I had to reach dev court. She says its second day of devsabha today, see your face, how will you go out this way. He says I m resting since two days, how did my face change. She says I have sent you in sleep so that you don’t go devcourt, you were powerless so your face changed. He asks why did you do this, you know the result. She says if you went there, you would have relieved Santoshi Maa of punishment, don’t get angry, remember I have your many secrets, you can lose your throne.

Kaki tells Santoshi that Dhairya served her a lot, I m glad seeing this. Santoshi says yes, so I m making his fav gajar halwa. She plays bhajan. Rudrakshi says I will go and tell Dhairya, he will forgive us. Paulomika stops her and asks her to throw it out. Rudrakshi says its wrong. Paulomika says uncle will get angry, go fast. Rudrakshi goes.

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