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Santoshi Maa 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Asur Raj asking Santoshi Maa to attack on him. She attacks all his multiple images and catches him. She says you can’t get saved. He thinks if I kill her devotees, she will lose. He takes a sword and goes to kill them. She throws the trishul and stops him. He uses his powers and captivates her. He says now you are captive, you can’t do anything. Narad asks devis to do something fast. Devi Paulmi asks how will you win now, accept your failure now. Asur Raj says you will see your devotees getting sacrificed now. She prays to Mahadev and gets free. She gets her trishul and stops Asur Raj. She says there is still time, free my devotees and surrender. She asks devis to permit her to use their powers. All devis bless her. Santoshi Maa attacks Asur Raj. She says I can take angry avatar to protect my devotees, you have much ego. He says I m from Asur lok, you can’t kill me on earth.

He says if you can kill my devotees in mayavi world, I can kill you here, you proved you are a coward, you are helpless being powerful, your place is in Devlok prison. She hits him. He faints. Devi Paulmi says I will take revenge from you. Narad says Mata has got victory over lies. Santoshi Maa wakes up Gaumata. Asur world disappears. Gaumata greets her. Santoshi Maa says don’t worry, I ended Mayavi world, just do one work, make all my devotees reach their place. Gaumata sees them. They all wake up.

Santoshi asks how did you come here. Gaumata says Paulomika met me and I came here, I knew there iss some mayavi trap here, go home. Santoshi asks Paulomika is she fine. Dhairya asks why did you come here. Paulomika says I m fine. Santoshi and Dhairya thank Santoshi Maa. Kranti Maa says forgive me, I got to know Santoshi Maa is powerful, I will also do her puja. Santoshi says it was like a scary dream, we will leave from here. Kranti Maa says I want to rectify my mistake, I removed Santoshi Maa idol from your house, I request you to place her idol again. Santoshi agrees. She thanks Gaumata. They all leave.

Kaka and Kaki worry at home. Dhairya, Santoshi and Paulomika come home. They all get glad and hug. Kaka asks Paulomika where did she go. Dhairya says she came to us and helped. Rudrakshi apologizes. Paulomika hugs her. Santoshi gets the idol of Santoshi Maa. Guddu tells about his oath. Santoshi gets glad. She says I don’t have rakhi for you. Sharmili asks her to tie thread from Maa’s aarti plate. Santoshi agrees and ties the thread as rakhi to Guddu.

Kaka asks Pushpa to call Mangla. Pushpa says she is not in room. Paulomika thinks Mangla has run away. Mangla asks Devi Paulmi where to go now. Asur Raj is brought in Devsabha. Brahmadev asks Santoshi Maa to say. Santoshi Maa complains about Asur Raj. She asks him to punish Asur Raj. Devi Paulmi says sorry, you have to know his side of story too, Santoshi Maa’s devotees went in Asur Raj’s zone without permission, Santoshi Maa also went there, she should be punished, not Asur Raj. Brahmadev says Asur Raj did wrong work, Devi Santoshi has kept peace proposal but he has provoked her for war, Asur Raj will be surely punished, he will be put in prison. Devi Paulmi thinks I will do anything to free Asur Raj.

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