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Santoshi Maa 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 16th February 2017 video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Trishna refusing to have prasad. She thinks to do something of the thread. She asks Pushpa to make something for Dhairya. Madhuri does Seshnath’s aarti. Seshnath tells everyone to visit him at his Samadhi, he will fulfill their wishes if possible. Seshnath enters the Samadhi. Daksha signs Dadi. The people cover up Seshnath. Seshnath sits inside the pit. He opens the phone torch and says where is the cave. He looks for the tunnel. People put flowers on his grave. Sharmili says its my plan, will I not get anything.

Daksha says you keep half the things. Daksha asks devotees to pray, Seshnath went to universe, you all keep doing puja and getting chadava. Seshnath crawls in the cave. He gets shocked seeing a snake. He says Naagdevta why are you following me, I m going my home, I was acting and you came to make my Samadhi program real, my name is also Seshnath, so we are brothers, I will go home and give you milk, sorry to go via your house, next time I won’t do this, fine I will sit here. He gets back. Snake follows. He screams.

Trishna asks Pushpa about Kaka and Santoshi. Pushpa says they went out. Trishna says Santoshi wants to snatch Dhairya, I won’t let this happen. She calls hospital. She goes to Kamini. She asks her to forward hand. Kamini asks what happened. Trishna is unable to cut the thread. She tries again. She cuts the thread. Kamini sits in shock.

She recalls everything. Trishna says come with me, I will explain everything on the way. Santoshi says its good Kaka you have seen Trishna coming home. Trishna and Kamini are on the way. She says Santoshi will do same what she did with you. She tells what Santoshi did. Ward boy asks Santoshi to take permission from doctor and then meet Dhairya. Santoshi and Kaka go.

Trishna asks driver to drive fast. Kaka asks doctor to let them meet Dhairya once. He says I m his father, I just want to see him. Doctor gives them a min. Santoshi thinks one min is enough. Kamini and Trishna reach hospital. They wear burqas and take Dhairya on wheelchair.

Santoshi and Kaka do not find Dhairya in ICU. Doctor asks nurse where did he go. Nurse says he was here. Doctor scolds her. Kaka says we should find him. Trishna and Kamini take Dhairya in the car. Santoshi and Kaka try to find Dhairya. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi went angry. Santoshi Maa says keep an eye on them, I will see after the festival.

Dhairya gets conscious and sees Kamini and Trishna. He sees the evil magic women and asks Trishna where did she get him, who are they. The old lady says we are your well wisher. Kamini says yes. Trishna takes Dhairya.

Seshnath screams and faints. Madhuri and everyone get shocked seeing Seshnath lying on the floor and snake beside. Madhuri says snake has bitten him. She asks Seshnath to get up and cries. Daksha says I think he died. Dadi cries and says see the result of lying. Sharmili says we will take him to hospital. Daksha says how will we take him out, people will beat me, we will take him to doctor at night. Santoshi and Kaka ask people about Dhairya. A man tells them about two women in burqa. Santoshi recalls and says we have seen them, they took Dhairya on wheelchair in front of us.

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