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Santoshi Maa 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Tinu that she will drop him to Santoshi’s house. Paulomika goes to Dhairya and says Rudrakshi is stealing. Dhairya asks her to stop nonsense. Rudrakshi prays and goes out silently. Paulomika asks Dhairya to come and see once. Dhairya stops Rudrakshi and asks her what does she have in hand, show me. Rudrakshi asks Dhairya not to open the box, its kevach. He checks it and gets shocked.

He says I can’t believe it. He shouts to everyone. Everyone come there. Kaki asks why are you scolding her. Dhairya says I did not know she will do such dangerous thing, Rudrakshi got kevach home. They all get shocked, she was going to throw this out.

Paulomika thinks who will save Rudrakshi now. Santoshi asks Rudrakshi did you get this. Rudrakshi nods. She says I got this in temple. Dhairya says I can’t believe you can do this, did you apply kevach to Santoshi. Rudrakshi says yes. He scolds her. Rudrakshi cries and says I have heard a story in temple, that love is known in sorrow, you and mumma had fight, I thought to do something that ends your fight, Paulomika told me to do this. Paulomika lies that she did not say anything. She calls her a liar.

Rudrakshi says I m not lying. He scolds her angrily. Paulomika says I told her that we should get love between you two. Dhairya raises hand on Rudrakshi. Kaka stops him. Dhairya says she should get punishment. Santoshi says we did not expect this from you, why did you do this.

Dhairya says your love is doing all this. Dhairya asks Santoshi to explain her. He says she did all this intentionally. Devi Paulmi says I m proud of your cleverness. Gaumata says Maa had to be here at this time. Dhairya asks Rudrakshi not to show her face now. He asks them not to support her.

Three devis travel somewhere. Narad says its a good moment to see Santoshi Maa and three devis together. Devi Saraswati says we are going to pray to Mahadev. Narad says he is in imp tapp, none knows about him, I feel you have to be in same state. Santoshi Maa says whatever decision Dev court takes will be accepted by me. He says do what you find right, I m always with you. She says I will also go to my hut. Devi Parvati says we have to find some solution.

Rudrakshi thinks what to do to make Dhairya and Santoshi’s anger less. Paulomika smiles and talks to a doll. She comes there. They argue. Paulomika asks her to leave from the house, her parents don’t love her. Rudrakshi answers her and sends her.

Daksha gets glad to get 10 lakhs money. A man gets supari. She asks her men to do as she says. Santoshi recalls Dhairya and Rudrakshi’s words. He asks her what is she thinking. She says I don’t know why Rudrakshi did this. He says we gave her much love, we will not talk to her for few days, she will realize her love. She says she is very young. He keeps his phone and goes. She attends the call.

The lady asks him to reach near the river, else she will die. She gets shocked. Devi Paulmi says Asur powers will enter devllok now. She does the puja. Santoshi Maa sees the thundering. Devi Paulmi says now it will be fun. Daksha counts the money and is happy. She asks Sharmili to massage her legs and shows gun. Sharmili says no, I will do as you say. Madhuri says I will do my work and come.

Kaka says I felt Dhairya changed, he is still same. Santoshi says we should not repeat old mistake, I should not doubt on him, you saw how much he got worried when I got kevach, he was with me all day, I feel something is wrong. He asks what shall we do. Rudrakshi writes an apology letter for Dhairya and Santoshi. She says I will write this in Papa’s room, maybe he reads this and talks to me. Devi Paulmi asks the asurs to go and trouble Santoshi Maa, stay as the plant and I will call you when needed. She sends the Asurs. She says every Devgan has Amrit, I will have it, everyone will want death and not get it, they will be angry to be immortal, I will have a war. Santoshi thinks to find that girl, why she wants to frame Dhairya.

She gets Rudrakshi’s note and smiles. Dhairya comes and asks what’s it. She asks him to read and smile. He tears the letter. She says maybe she did not do this by wrong intention. Paulomika challenges Rudrakshi to get her out of the house. Rudrakshi says the day your truth is out, Dhairya will make you leave.

Santoshi cooks food. Mangla says Dhairya went and said he won’t have dinner. Santoshi asks did he get ready well. Mangla says yes. Santosh asks her to feed kids and goes. Mangla smiles. Santoshi tells Kaka that Dhairya just went. Kaka says we will go, we will tell you after coming back. Kaka and Santoshi follow. Dhairya sees a girl needing help and gives her lift. The girl thanks Dhairya. Santoshi and Kaka see them.


Santoshi Maa 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhairya leaves. The girl waves to him. Kaka gets angry and says he did not change. Devi Paulmi laughs.