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Santoshi Maa 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In todays episode of Santoshi Maa 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will watch : Rudrakshi and Dhairya come home. Rudrakshi meets Santoshi. She asks about Kamini, I have seen her on the way, ask Trishna about her. Dhairya says trip was much good, I got something for Trishna. She likes the bangles and thanks him. Dhairya says how can I forget. Kaka sees Santoshi getting sad. Santoshi gives tea to Trishna and asks about Kamini. Trishna asks why are you asking. Santoshi says I had to give her tea.

The Episode starts with Rudrakshi saying I told you I have seen Kamini on the way. Dhairya asks Trishna where is Kamini. Trishna thinks what to tell Dhairya. Kaka says I did not see her since 2 days, maybe she went to meet her relatives. Dhairya asks Trishna to answer. He shouts on her angrily. He recalls Rudrakshi’s words. Dhairya says Trishna ji, tell me where is Kamini, why is she not coming. Trishna says she will come.

He holds her hand and asks where is Kamini. He thinks something is wrong, else Trishna would not be quiet. The foreign girl asks Seshnath to make her devotee, and take her in his service. Seshnath says fine. Everyone chant Seshnath’s name. Dhairya asks Trishna to say where is Kamini. She says she is here only. He asks why are you not meeting my eyes, is Kamini in Punjab.

She gets shocked.Rudrakshi says why don’t you say truth that Kamini followed us and tried to kill me there. They get shocked. Santoshi asks what are you saying. Rudrakshi tells everything. Santoshi holds Trishna’s hand angrily. Daksha and Madhuri are glad seeing foreign girl, and think to impress her.

Seshnath says someone good looking will be coming in your hair. He shows miraculous radio to connect with Lord. He flirts with her and makes her wear a necklace. Daksha looks on and makes faces. The girl says I really like you so much and want to take you to America. He says I always wanted to go there, will you take me, I will come with you. Madhuri comes and gets angry. She gets sweets for the lady. The lady asks Maadhuri to go.

Santoshi scolds Trishna and holds her hand. She says I will not tolerate if you do anything with Rudrakshi. Trishna and Dhairya ask Santoshi to leave her hand. Santoshi says I will not bear as its about my daughter. Kaka says calm down, Dhairya is asking Trishna. Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to leave her. Santoshi leaves her hand. Trishna thinks to save herself, as she can save Kamini later.

Kamini comes from temple and says I m here. She says I had kept paath so that there should be no problem in marriage, I was in ashram since 2 days. Trishna says Dhairya felt you went to Punjab and attacked Rudrakshi. Kamini asks what, no, see Dhairya, relations based on doubt was very weak, we can break marriage if you want, don’t blame me. He apologizes.

Devi Paulmi laughs seeing Kamini. Gaumata thinks Santoshi Maa will do something. Trishna says Santoshi blames us always. Dhairya asks Santoshi to apologize to Trishna. Kaka asks Santoshi to apologize else Dhairya will send her out. Rudrakshi says for my sake. Santoshi apologizes and goes. Trishna says you have doubted on me and spoke rudely. Dhairya says I m really sorry, come we will discuss marriage arrangements. Rudrakshi thinks how did Kamini manage.

Guddu prays and looks for matchbox. Sharmili and foreign girl talk in kitchen about their plan. Guddu prays that Shaarmili gets some sense. Kaka says sometimes we have to compromise with situation. She says I feel Trishna will snatch Dhairya. Rudrakshi says I tried to explain him a lot not to marry Trishna, but he did not agree, let him marry, you help him in marriage. Santoshi says we will never agree. Kaka says I will not let Dhairya go on wrong path. Gaumata says Rudrakshi should not hurt Santoshi’s heart. Rudrakshi asks how will you stop marriage, Kamini and Trishna are very clever.


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