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Santoshi Maa 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Santoshi Maa you will watch ………. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Trishna to keep things simple. Trishna and Kamini ask the man to keep mandap best one. The man says don’t worry, our event company is best. Trishna asks him not to worry for money. Kaka asks Santoshi not to worry, I will try to stop marriage. The man asks Dhairya to hire photographer. Kamini says no, we don’t want, video recording will not happen. Rudrakshi asks why, everyone takes photos. Trishna says mom…. Kamini says you don’t get into this, come. She takes Trishna. Rudrakshi asks what’s this. Dhairya says its fine, I don’t like all this.

Santoshi says what’s their problem, maybe there is some reason behind this. Everyone chant Daksha’s name. Seshnath asks Madhuri not to tell anything to foreign girl. The girl takes his blessings.

He asks her to sit with him and serve him. Madhuri gets angry.Rudrakshi goes to storeroom and gets some things. Santoshi asks what are you doing. Rudrakshi says its my fav things. Santoshi goes. Brahmadev tells Mahadev about some unpleasant incident in devlok. Mahadev asks him to say what happened. Brahmadev says Narad was roaming in universe and saw impure air. FB shows Narad seeing polluted air and thinking to inform Brahmadev. FB ends. Brahmadev says he informed me, we called Pavandev and asked him to find out.

He says this air can cause epidemic. Mahadev asks him not to worry, whoever has done this will be in front of me soon. Dhairya asks Trishna to invite less people, I can’t postpone meetings. She says I will take care of it myself. She sees Santoshi and says strange, she is here even now. He says she will be out of home, once marriage happens. He goes.

Trishna asks Santoshi why are you sure, your belief on sindoor is going to break. Santoshi says lets see, will my belief break or your misunderstanding. Trishna says it will be good if I erase your sindoor. Santoshi says don’t touch it, its my respect. Santoshi Maa says sindoor has strength, which does not let any woman fail.

Seshnath gets chadava. Madhuri gets annoyed seeing him with the foreign girl. She says if this goes on in front of devotees, everything will be ruined, I will talk to him. Kaka looks for Santoshi. She asks where did you go. He says sorry for trouble, I went to help you, I arranged cameras to stop marriage. Kamini says none can stop your marriage, we will start rasams in morning, get ready. Trishna smiles.

Santoshi asks how will marriage get cancelled by this. Kaka says I paid technician and got camera fixed, we will get proof of marriage and see how Dhairya marries, even if he marries, I will not accept her as bahu, once we get proof, I will send Dhairya to jail, marriage cancel. She goes.

Dhairya and Trishna’s haldi function is celebrated. Kamini applies haldi to Trishna. The ladies dance and sing. Hum vaari jaaen….plays…….. Santoshi cries. Kamini asks Kaka to apply haldi to Dhairya. Kaka says Dhairya married before, I will not support anyone who is ruining Santoshi’s marriage. Dhairya says leave it. Devi Paulmi says now none can stop this marriage.


Santoshi Maa 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pushpa gets haldi and it falls over Santoshi’s face. Pushpa says haldi ended. Santoshi applies haldi to Dhairya and cries.

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