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Santoshi Maa 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini asking a lady to come and do Trishna’s delivery. Trishna lies in pain and screams. She delivers her baby. The girl stands on her feet and goes. Kamini gets the lady there. The girl grows up to 6-8 years age. She covers herself with a cloth and smiles. Kamini wakes up Trishna and sees her baby gone. She asks where did the baby go. Trishna asks her is it a son or daughter. Kamini asks her where is the child. Trishna gets shocked and says don’t know, where is my child.

The lady says did any animal pick the child. Kamini says no, this can’t happen. Trishna shouts for her child. Kamini looks around. She sees a girl drinking milk from a goat. The girl asks are you finding me. Kamini gets shocked. The girl says I m Trishna’s daughter, why are you scared.

Gaumata says Trishna’s daughter is Asur’s queen, you should inform Mahadev about this. Santoshi Maa says he will know this. The girl asks Kamini to come. Trishna asks Kamini where is her child, why did she get this girl. Kamini says this is your daughter. Trishna gets shocked. The lady looks on shocked. Kamini says she has taken birth from your womb, its miracle of Devi Paulmi. The girl hugs Trishna. Lady asks how can any child be grown up, are you both Daayans, I want to see the girl. She holds the girl and gets current shock. Trishna smiles.

Lady asks who am I. Kamini asks her to go back from where she came. Lady leaves. Kaka teaches Rudrakshi. A servant sees them. Trishna’s daughter plays and a stone comes in her way. She throws the stone away. Kamini and Trishna get shocked and smile. Trishna says I think she has come as answer for Rudrakshi. Kamini says right, why don’t we get her admission in Rudrakshi’s school. Trishna says yes but what will we name her.

Kamini says we will name her Paulomika. Trishna likes the name. Asur Raj chants Shiv name. Santoshi takes care of Tinu. Daksha says its good Santoshi got me here soon. Dadi praises Santoshi. Dhairya tells them to stay with them in their house. They all agree. Servant informs Kamini about Santoshi not being at home. Kamini says we got the chance. Trishna smiles.


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Santoshi Maa greets Devis. Devi Laxmi asks why did she come here. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi ended, but we did not see her Asur powers. Devis see Santoshi and her family going to temple, and Trishna going to take revenge. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is in big trouble. Santoshi greets pandit. Trishna says Rudrakshi is not with Santoshi, no one can stop me today. She calls and gets to know Santoshi’s info. She says her death is close now and reaches temple. She gets a knife. Dhairya comes to meet Santoshi. Daksha asks him to sit. He asks for Santoshi. She says she went to temple. He says I will meet her at temple, and gives toys to Tinu. He leaves. Devi Paulmi asks Trishna to do her work soon, before her powers gets hurdle, just kill Santoshi.


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