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Santoshi Maa 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna saying I have to make another plan to kill Santoshi. Yamraj comes and tries to pull her. She says why do I feel someone is pulling me back. She goes. He says I have to take her life, but why am I not able to do this, I have to inform Brahmadev. Santoshi Maa says Yamdud took much time. Brahmadev says we have to wait, if he does not come soon, we have to send Narad. Yamdud comes and says I tried many times, but failed to take her life. Narad comes and greets them. He says sorry to come this way, when I saw Yamdud returning from earth empty handed, I came here, Trishna is not born on earth, how can she die there, its impossible. Brahmadev says its strange. Santoshi Maa says Trishna has realized her powers, if she is not ended, she will trouble more. Brahmadev says its true. Narad says there is just one way, if Trishna is got to devlok, we can stop this.

Santoshi Maa says but how can any human come to devlok. Brahmadev says your worry is fine, Mahadev will find solution for this. She asks shall I go to him and ask solution. He says sure, but he is busy in imp tapp, how will your message reach him. She says I will take help of three devis. He asks her to leave.

Dadi asks Dhairya to stay back for some more days. Guddu says it will be fun. Dhairya says there is much work, my business will suffer. Santoshi asks shall we take Tinu there. Daksha asks her to take Tinu. Santoshi hugs her. Tinu gets glad. Rudrakshi says we will have fun. Kaka asks them to come. Dadi says I worry for you and Dhairya. Santoshi asks Dadi not to worry, none can do anything till Santoshi Maa is blessing her. Dadi asks her to take care. Santoshi hugs them and leaves.

Santoshi and three devis come to break Mahadev’s tapp and inform him. Santoshi Maa says we should do jaap. They all do jaap. Mahadev appears. Devi Parvati asks him to show them a way. They all greet Mahadev. He asks how did they all come. Santoshi Maa says a big problem came in front of devlok. Santoshi Maa tells everything. He says such creatures life is at some place, not body. She thanks him for saying this secret.

Everyone come back home. Madhuri says don’t know what will Trishna do. Rudrakshi asks her not to make Dhairya worry saying this and get food for her. Daksha goes to help Madhuri. Seshnath asks Tinu to come and see rooms. Rudrakshi says I will show my toys.

Kaka says since Trishna came in our life, we could not breath in peace, Dhairya take Santoshi and Rudrakshi out somewhere. Dhairya agrees. Santoshi says till when will we run. Kaka says you have to protect yourself. She says Rudrakshi has school. Dhairya and Kaka insist. Dhairya says we will go hillstation, ask Rudrakshi to select place. She agrees.

Santoshi Maa and three devis greet Brahmadev. He says I hope you succeeded. Devi Parvati tells what Mahadev said. Brahmadev says you just got half solution, how will we know where is Trishna’s life, start the jaap soon. Rudrakshi and Santoshi see the hill stations. Rudrakshi asks the place. He shows her places. They decide to go Mussoorie. Rudrakshi says it will be fun. Someone hears them and goes.

Gaumata says everything is ready. Santoshi Maa sits and does havan. Bijak comes and greets her. He says you called me, command me. She says I know you were Asur before, you have qualities like Pavandev, I need your help. He says it will be my good luck. She asks him to show mysterious places. He says sure and shows her places.

Servant goes to Trishna and Kamini, and informs about Dhairya planning trip. Kamini pays him money. He goes. Kamini says you did not see Mussoorie way, imagine if they are on side and other side is cliff, its tough route and made our work easy. Trishna says yes, it made us reach our destination, I m sure this will be their last journey.


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