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Santoshi Maa 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka saying Dhairya did not change, he should be ashamed. Santoshi says no, you are thinking wrong, something is happening. Mangla says you have seen wrong truth Santoshi and takes her real form. Santoshi Maa prays. Devi Paulmi tries to trouble her. Santoshi Maa gets shocked seeing the trees. She says how can a small plant turn to tree in less time. She tastes the fruit and says such a bitter fruit, how is this possible. Santoshi and Kaka come home. Mangla asks did they go in party, shall I serve food. They refuse and leave.

Mangle says wait for some more days, you will lose sleep and hunger too. Dhairya comes home and refuses to have dinner. He goes to room and asks Santoshi to massage his head. She leaves. He asks where are you going.

Daksha gets call from her client. Sharmili takes care of Daksha. Daksha threatens and asks for bribe. Seha asks Sharmili to keep the nail paint. Sharmili smiles. Janardhan comes to talk. His men greet him. Janardhan scolds Daksha for taking supari to kill a women, I have some ethics, I never raise had on kids and women. Daksha says but I do, I have some different morales. She shows the locket in her neck and says I have passed, leave from here now.

Devi Saraswati says how did such fruit came in devlok. Devi Laxmi says its very bitter. Devi Parvati says I did not know about this plan. She plucks some leaves. Santoshi Maa says we should net vandevi and ask her. They leave. Devi paulmi says I m having happiness seeing her in trouble.

Devi Parvati calls Vandevi and asks her about the fruit. Vandevi says the fruit is not from devlok, its from outside, it can harm the environment here. They get shocked. Devi Paulmi says I m glad, just my web will be everywhere, my rule will work. Narad comes and greets her. She thinks did he hear her. He asks her to see devis roaming outside. She says they have nothing in their life, you can show them the path. He says they are great Devis, I came to know about the tree, trust me, I did not wish to anger you, sorry, I have less time. He goes. She says I want to end Devlok’s pride and laughs.

Mangla asks about Dhairya’s headache. Santoshi asks her to mind her business. Dhairya rests. Santoshi gets the massage oil. He holds her and stops, asking her to do champi. She thinks what’s right, what she has seen. He lies in her lap. She asks shall I ask something. He says yes. She says nothing. He asks her to ask him and lighten heart. She thinks I have to find truth, I can’t hurt him again, I wanted to ask if your headache goes by my touch. He says yes, your hands have magic as well. She thinks is he saying true or not. He sleeps. She looks at him. Mangla gives missed calls on his number. Santoshi answers the calls. It disconnects. She gets angry. Paulomika smiles and says we should have more fun.

Its morning, Rudrakshi wakes up. Paulomika says see what uncle did of your letter. She throws the letter pieces. Rudrakshi cries. She says I will not lose till Papa believes me, I will write another letter.


Santoshi Maa 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudrakshi says I got to know you are jealous of me. Devi Parvati says we will kill this tree. Devi Santoshi comes in front and gets hit by the weapon. She falls down.

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