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Santoshi Maa 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Parvati asking Varundev to save Gaumata’s body. Varundev showers rain. Santoshi Maa gives the soul to Santoshi. Gaumata’s soul gets in her body and greets everyone. Doctor sees Santoshi and gives her oxygen. She gets conscious. She recalls Prabal giving her poison. She asks where am I…. who are you all, Prabal has sent you all here, get away from me. Doctor says we came to help you. She says let me go, my husband will come to save me. Inspector comes and gets shocked seeing her. He asks are you alive, we came to help you, your husband is with us. She asks him to call him. Inspector asks constable to call Dhairya. Doctor says she was in deep coma, sometimes this happens. Inspector says you got alive by your husband’s love and belief, I didn’t see such love and belief in my life. She says it means I had gone from this world, where is my husband. Dhairya comes and gets shocked seeing her. They cry and hug.

He says you got alive, Santoshi Maa heard my prayers. Gaumata chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Santoshi Maa thanks all of them. Seshnath tells the family that Dhairya took Santoshi’s body, police will leave him. They all get shocked seeing Dhairya getting Santoshi home. People chant Santoshi Maa’s name. They all smile seeing Santoshi fine. Everyone hugs Santoshi. Kaka says its your and Dhairya’s belief’s win, we didn’t see such miracle before, thanks to Santoshi Maa. Dadi says you are special to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi says I m here because of Dhairya’s belief. Seshnath apologizes and says I m also Santoshi Maa’s devotee now. They all chant Santoshi Maa’s name.

Devi Paulmi and Asur Raj get sad. She asks till when will you think of Prabal and get upset. He says my son died because of your ego. She says you are blaming me. He says no, but its true you are Indrani, I can’t risk Asur lok for your personal greed. She goes.

Kaka says Dhairya has won Santoshi from death. He asks Paulomika to get crackers, he will also burn it. Devi Paulmi looks on. Narad comes and says I got to know you got disowned from Asur lok. She says I don’t need anyone’s help, I have potential to fail Devi Santoshi alone. He says I don’t know of future, but like Santoshi Maa got Santoshi alive, its proved you can’t fail her. She says I will not leave Santoshi, a human can’t be powerful by devotion.

Santoshi gets ready. Dhairya smiles seeing her. He says you came in my life and changed it. She says much changed in our lives, I remember how we met for the first time, you have slapped me, I got so much hurt, I wished I don’t see such rude man again. He says I didn’t think you will become my life partner, I just used to hate you. She says it was Santoshi Maa’s blessing that I changed your hatred to love, if person keeps contentment in tough time, he finds happiness.
They hug.

Everyone sings the aarti and prays. Santoshi Maa smiles. Everyone showers flowers on Santoshi Maa. They all celebrate diwali. Dhairya hugs Santoshi. He says you completed my life, I would have not understood life without you. Kaki says yes, we didn’t know meaning of Santosh, you taught us to be happy in sorrow. Santoshi asks them to stop praising her now. Dhairya and Santoshi, along with everyone light crackers and wish happy diwali. They all smile. Brahmadev and all devis praise Santoshi Maa. Narad says I have a question, you saved Santoshi, but there are many negative powers on earth. Santoshi Maa says my devotees have devotional power and courage, they can face biggest challenges by walking on right path. She blesses everyone.

The show ends on a happy note.


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