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Santoshi Maa 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Kaka that she does not think Dhairya has someone in his life. Everyone comes for breakfast. Kaka asks Ujwal to come. Ujwal says I have to talk something imp,I want to remarry and settle. Dhairya asks what, you could not handle one wife. Santoshi asks Mangla to go and see work in kitchen. Santoshi says what’s the use to think of past, let Ujwal complete. Ujwal says I fell alone. Dhairya says your bad habits ruined you. Ujwal says you have Santoshi, live my life and see. Kaka says Ujwal is right, everyone needs a partner to share happiness and sorrow. Ujwal says I don’t have any aim, I feel so bad, you all won’t understand this. He goes.

Janardhan washes utensils. Seshnath jokes on him. Janardhan says once my men know you got me arrested, they will not leave you. Seshnath says yes, I did that for prize, I was sure you can escape from prison. Janardhan says I don’t trust you, if you get my locket from Daksha, I will forgive you. Seshnath says I will help you. Janardhan takes the tea for Daksha. Daksha shows off the locket and laughs. She throws tea on Janardhan. She asks them to clap and makes plan to rob veg stalls.

Rudrakshi keeps a letter for Dhairya. Santoshi sees it. She reads it and smiles. Santoshi writes a letter for Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi looks on. Santoshi goes. Rudrakshi takes the letter and smiles. Paulomika laughs seeing tv. Rudrakshi says Santoshi agreed, Dhairya will also agree.

Paulomika scolds her. Rudrakshi says you are jealous of me. Devi Paulmi thinks to see Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi goes. Paulomika switches off the tv and gets angry. Devi Parvati says cutting this tree is the only way. Devi Paulmi says yes, cut it, why are you thinking. Santoshi Maa says tree has life, if you cut it, you will get sin. Devi Parvati says yes, but its harmful. Devi Saraswati asks her to apologize to Vandevi and plant a tree to repent for sin. Devi Parvati throws weapons and cuts the trees. They smile. The trees grow back. They get shocked.

Devi Parvati attempts to cut trees again. She says I will use such Astra by which no tree will grow here for years. Devi Saraswati says don’t do this, earth will lose trees. Devi Laxmi says yes, birds will lose their homes. Devi Parvati says the trees have challenged me, I will cut it. Devi Santoshi thinks Mata’s anger will run everything, I have to do something. Devi Parvati throws the weapon. Santoshi Maa gets in between and gets hurt. They get shocked. Santoshi Maa falls down.

Narad comes there and gets shocked. Brahmadev says bad happened with Devi Santoshi. Devi Paulmi comes. Gaumata cries and asks them to help. Devi Paulmi asks why did she come in between a Devi’s astra, its a crime, will she not get any punishment for this. Devi Parvati says she should have not come in between. Brahmadev says we should think about treating her. Narad says just Amrit jal can cure her before sunrise, it can be brought by Mahadev’s Kamandal, else she will be unconscious till100 years.

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