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Santoshi Maa 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

The Episode starts with Trishna getting conscious. Trishna says why am I here, I should be in marriage mandap. Kamini says Dhairya’s marriage happened. She tells everything. Trishna gets angry. Dhairya comes and sees Trishna crying. He asks her where did Kamini go when I went to punjab. Trishna says mom said she went to do puja for us. Kamini asks why are you asking again. Dhairya says which temple. Kamini says she just got conscious and you are questioning her. He says I m talking to Trishna, not you. Trishna lies about temple. Rudrakshi thinks now you are gone. Dhairya says if you dropped Kamini to temple, what’s this. Kamini gets shocked.

He asks her why did she go punjab. Kamini asks why will I go. He says you are lying. Trishna thinks Kamini is trapped, I have to save myself. She cries and says mom, what did you do, you went to punjab to kill this little girl, I did not think you fell so low, Dhairya I did not know mom did this. Dhairya says stop this drama, you lied to me, you wanted to kill this little girl, who saved my life, its enough now, now you both leave from here. Rudrakshi, Santoshi and Kaka smile.

Trishna asks Dhairya to listen. He asks them to go. Santoshi thinks truth can’t be defeated, thanks Maa. Trishna says think of our relation, I love you a lot. He says if you loved me, you would have not cheated me, I don’t want you in my life and house.

Gaumata says Santoshi’s house will get peace if these two women go, but Dhairya is saying he will make Santoshi leave. Santoshi Maa says don’t worry, Rudrakshi will help. Devi Paulmi says it will be my defeat if my devotee leaves from the house. He asks them to go. Kamini says no, where will we do, give us time till tomorrow. He says fine, you both can stay in outhouse, Trishna get away from my life.

Its morning, Santoshi and Rudrakshi pray. Kamini and Trishna pack bags and talk. Trishna asks why did you go punjab, we could make Rudrakshi leave after marriage. Kamini says don’t worry, I took time from Dhairya, everything will be fine, I have made ashes line outside Dhairya’s room, he will forget everything, none can make us leave from this house.

Dhairya comes and asks did you not leave, get out. Kamini thinks how is Dhairya saying this. Rudrakshi plays and sees the line. She wipes the line and goes. Dhairya asks them to just leave. Rudrakshi taunts Kamini and Trishna. Trishna thinks to do something. She asks Dhairya to listen to her. She apologizes and admits her mistake. She says I will love Rudrakshi and not do anything. Rudrakshi says Santoshi is there to take care of me. Devi Paulmi thinks I have to use Asurraj mantra and save my creation. She prays.

Trishna says I love you a lot. Dhairya says I loved you more than my wife, but your lie ended everything, go from here. She asks him to forgive her. He asks her to move. She gets hurt. Kamini asks Trishna is she fine. She says we shall leave now, get up. Devi Paulmi’s light passes in Trishna’s body. She screams and says I m having stomach ache. She faints. Kamini asks them to call doctor. Dhairya says its their drama to get saved. Kaka checks Trishna and says her pulse is weak, we should call doctor.

Gaumata says Trishna maybe acting to stay in Santoshi’s house. Santoshi Maa says yes, evil powers don’t get free of their nature. Devi Paulmi thinks I will not lose so soon. Seshnath is hurt and annoyed with Madhuri. Guddu says the people are still angry, if you say anything to me and Sharmili, I will call your devotees back. Seshnath scolds him.

Sharmili says I kept kirtan at night. Guddu calls her sensible and asks Seshnath to understand, there will be Santoshi Maa puja, else Sharmili can expose them. Seshnath says stop, we will do what you say. Daksha says yes.

Doctor checks Trishna. She says there is no need to worry, happiness is going to come, congrats, Trishna is pregnant. They all get shocked.

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